Adenium is one of the most attractive flowering succulent plants in India that I have encountered till now.

It is a very tough plant that requires very less but specific type of care.

Today, in this post I will walk you through:

How you can care for an adenium plant in India and enjoy its beautiful flower.

Adenium is a 365 days flowering plant & has a very unique type of caring requirement, and one of those is literally hanging this plant out of its pot. 

If this has got you excited, let’s dive into the post. 

Adenium Care In India – How To Take Care of Desert Rose In India

Adenium Care India

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Right Type of Potting Mix

The most important factor in caring for an adenium plant is to have the right type of potting soil.

This is going to decide the fate of your desert rose plant. 

Adenium cannot tolerate standing water at any cost, and is very prone to root rot in such conditions. 

Potting mix for adenium - adenium care india

For this very reason, it needs a very fast draining soil with ample amount of nutrition as well. (Click on the links to get these products online)

As you can see river sand is used as the major ingredient here, as adenium is a desert plant and is quite accustomed to it.

It helps in draining the soil very easily and allows free passage of air which is vital for adenium care.

Although adenium is a tough plant compared to others when it comes to pests, but fungus is one area where its weakness lies.

So, adding anti-fungal powder is very necessary in potting mix of adenium, as these plants are prone to fungus.

How To Water –  Adenium Care In India

Knowing how to water adenium the correct way will save you from almost any difficulties you will ever face with this plant. 

The most common mistake people make with adenium is overwatering it.

You have to understand that this plant is a desert plant and can live without water for days and won’t have any problem. 

But even the slightest of overwatering will start causing visible problems (stem turning soft, yellowing of leaves, root rot)

Watering Adenium

In order to take proper care of adenium in India, make sure you water it only when the soil becomes dry. 

When the soil starts to develop cracks, it means you have kept your plant out of water for more than required, so give it a nice watering & try not to keep it thirsty for so long.

But never water when the soil is moist.

Remember this quote for Adenium Care In India:

Lesser Watering, Lesser Worries.

While growing an adenium, you are surely going to encounter with root rot at some stage, so check this article on how you can save your adenium from root rot.

Sunlight  – Desert Rose Care India

Adenium loves to get direct sunlight all day long and will do the best under it. 

So, to take care of adenium in India, it is good to place them in a location that gets at least 6 hours of direct sunlight every single day. 

Well, in summers a few regions (northern part) of India, gets very intense heat from sun and if you are from one of those places and discover that your plants leaves are turning brown and crispy from the end.

It means they are getting sun burnt, move them under shade during the afternoon as they cannot handle that much heat. 

Don’t keep your desert rose under shade all the time as it will hamper their growth and won’t let them flower.

How To Choose The Container 

There are 3 important things you need to focus on with respect to the container:

  • Size of the container should not be very big compared to your plant, as bigger the pot more potting soil and watering is needed that results in root rot as this much water is not absorbed by the plant.
  • Keep cleaning the container, if you see algae developing on its bottom part or side of the container, as this prevents proper air circulation and will start to suffocate the root.
  • Always make sure there are enough drainage holes in your container to allow excess water to pass through.

Potting Mix For Adenium Seedlings 

If you follow this guide and take care of your adenium, you will be blessed with its seeds in a horn shaped covering. 

Which is amazing to look at.

Adenium Seeds

And you can easily grow a lot of adenium plants from it. 

Take out the seeds carefully from it, and cover them with a bit of Saaf Fungicide to protect them from fungus.

For this you can easily grow them in 100% coco peat, but you can add a bit of garden soil in it as well. 

Adenium Seedlings In Coco peat

As, you can see in the image above, we are growing adenium seedlings in coco peat only.

For adenium seedlings, you can use the following potting mix:

80% coco peat and 20% garden soil.

Keep the seedlings in shade as they cannot tolerate direct sunlight. 

Adenium Care In Winter

Need to be brought indoors or under shade, cut off water. 

Adenium plants need special care during winters as they go into dormancy (inactive period). 

For this you should cut off their water completely for the most cold month of the year in India (mostly January, but can vary accordingly). 

Move the plant under shade during night, as the frost can cause serious damage to the plant. 

But do provide it full sunlight as usual that is very necessary.

Repotting Adenium – Taking Care of Adenium In India

Desert rose plant needs to be repotted every 1-2 years, and we try to repot it every single year.

But if you want, you can do it every 2 years, but not more than that.

The reason behind repotting adenium every single year is that the soil inside the container loses its nutrition and becomes less fluffy and thus its drainage capacity decreases.

Best time to repot adenium in India
As you can see the old potting soil looks worn out

Which can lead to root rot very easily. 

Also, the size of the adenium also increases and it starts to feel suffocated in its current container.

15 days before repotting, get your adenium plants out of the soil and hang them somewhere high. ( I told you its going to get crazy)

Desert Rose Care India
our adeniums waiting to get repotted


What is the best time to repot adenium in India? 

The best time to repot adenium in India is from late Feb – Early March. We usually repot them around 15th Feb. as winter has already passed in our area (Rajasthan) and the plants start to come back from dormancy. 

Although this totally depends on the part of India you belong from. 

So, generally speaking the best time is when the days start to get a bit warmer and there is no threat of frost whatsoever, that is when you repot your desert rose. 

Best time to prune adenium in India

Summer season is the best time to prune adenium in India as this is the time when adenium is growing actively.


Make sure to never prune them during monsoon and winter season as it won’t heal and ultimately suffer big time. 

Wrapping Up

I tried to cover all the important points on caring for desert roses in India, and hope that it helped you in answering your queries. 

If you still have any questions that I might have forgotten to mention. 

Do comment below and I will try to solve it ASAP.

Also, share this post with your friends and family members as it boosts my confidence to write even more helpful content.

2 thoughts on “Adenium (Desert Rose) Care In India – Everything You Need To Know”

  1. Archana Tyagi

    I just bought adenium plants(4) and read your care tips. Thankyou!
    Just wanted to know should I replant them or let them continue in the pot mix in which they are, it contains a lot of cocopeat.
    Pls answer as I do not know how to care for them

    1. Let them be in the same potting mix for 3-4 days and keep them in shade for this period to allow them to get used to of the surrounding. After this, you should replant them in a fast draining mix as coco peat holds a lot moisture which can cause trouble to your adenium.

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