11 Best Air Purifying Indoor Plants in India

There are many air purifying indoor plants in India that can help purify the air and also add a positive aura to your home.

As the air quality index in India is deteriorating at a high pace. On top of that you will be shocked to know that the air quality inside a house is much worse than outside.

Toxic pollutants are released from paints, floor mats, carpets, curtains, even bedsheets, and many other such things.

All these pollutants result in many types of illness mostly respiratory.

indoor air purifying plants India

List of Best Air Purifying Indoor Plants In India

Spider Plant

Spider Plant - Easy to grow indoor plants in India

This “tough to kill plant” with an exceptional air purifying capacity is surely a top pick.

Spider plants can survive in almost any part of your house & frequent misting will keep them happy.

Adding this funky-looking air-purifying indoor plant to your home is surely going to bring a lot of positive vibes and cleaner air.

Snake Plant

Snake Plant - air purifying indoor plant

An absolutely aesthetic-looking plant that can thrive under low light conditions and is rated as one of the top air-purifying plants for bedroom.

You can keep snake plants in locations that don’t receive direct sunlight and they will keep doing their work.

That’s why I gave them the top position in my low Maintainance indoor plants article.

You can get it from here.

Areca Palm -Indoor Air Purifier Plants India

Areca Palm

One oxygen plant that can take the entire interior game to the next level is Areca Pam.

I don’t know why but I feel very drawn to this plant. Let me know if you feel the same.

They look super vibe and are also easy to maintain.

If you are looking for a tall indoor air purifier plant in India then Areca Palm is for you.

You can get it from here

ZZ plant Indoor Air Purifying Plant in India

ZZ plant - Air purifying indoor plant

Just like its name this plant has a unique look as well & is able to remove toxic pollutants from the air.

All of its leaves happen to grow only on one side of the stem.

“One plant that you can grow and forget about & it will still keep itself intact”.

If you remain very busy and cannot dedicate a lot of time to looking after your plants then the ZZ plant will be a good companion for you.

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Aloe Vera – Healthiest Air Cleaning Plant

With its amazing health benefits, Aloe Vera has to be in the top places for air-purifying indoor plants in India.

It finds various uses in day-to-day life in Indian homes, be it by eating it raw or applying it over the face.

If you also happen to have acne problems, you will surely find Aloe Vera very helpful.

Aloe Vera succulent in potting soil

The one in our house is getting denser and denser day by day without me doing or adding anything to it.

Aloe vera is a type of succulent so it requires a good amount of indirect sunlight otherwise it won’t grow well.

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Money Plant

Money plants are one of the best air-purifying indoor plants that are very easy to grow and care for.

You can grow them in both water and soil.

Money plants in Water

Money plants are creepers so they require support to grow into a vine.

Be very cautious because people around your house will be trying to steal cutting from yours as it is believed to bring prosperity that way.

You can grow its trail along the stairway as well. This plant takes up minimal space.

Peace Lily – Air Purifying Indoor Plant India

Peace Lily is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful air-purifying flowering plants that is also very low maintenance and can handle low light conditions as well.

Peace lily - Most aesthetic indoor flowering plant

This air purifier plant with its extraordinary flowers is surely going to be everyone’s favorite in no time. (You can get it from here)

(Caution – It can cause trouble if ingested so keep it out of reach from children and pets).

Peace Lily Care India

Chinese Evergreen

This cute-looking plant comes in very handy when it comes to purifying the air around the area it is kept.

They do well under shade and should not be exposed to direct sunlight so keeping them on a windowsill will be perfect.

With their big leaves and small height, they are going to draw everyone’s attention to them.

If Chinese Evergreen excites you get one for your home.

Indian Basil/Tulsi 

Undoubtedly the holiest plant in India is Tulsi/Basil plant.

Already popular as an indoor plant tulsi is great when it comes to cleaning the air.

Tulsi Plant Sunlight intake

You can never go wrong when you get a tulsi plant for your home but be sure to check “How to save tulsi plant from dying” after getting it home.

It gets quite tricky with Tulsi at times.

Lucky Bamboo

Super a popular plant due to the “luck factor” it brings to the house it is kept in.

Lucky Bamboo - A cute air cleaning indoor plant

A Lucky Bamboo plant is a great addition to a center table, all you need to make sure of is to change the water frequently and let it sunbathe during the daytime for at least 3 hours.

Other than that this plant will not ask for much attention. You can always add some fancy balls to it to make it look more appealing.

Weeping Fig/Ficus – Indoor Air Purifier Plant India

Famous for its moody behavior this indoor plant is also an exceptional air purifier.

But if not taken care of properly it does justice to its name by shedding leaves vigorously.

Weeping Fig

It needs a fair amount of sunlight and water otherwise you will have to face its tantrums.

The weeping Fig is an extremely gorgeous plant to add to your house.


These were the 11 Amazing Air Purifying Indoor Plants that are seriously going to clean the air inside your house to a great extent.

If you happen to have any queries, do ask them through the comment section and I will be more than happy to solve them.

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