If you are a city dweller and want to create your own garden then there are high chances you are in shortage of space. 

Unfortunately, living in a skyscraper apartment comes with a price of limited space.

And your biggest bet in this condition is a balcony garden.

But someone who have had no experience with gardening might have a few questions like:

  • How do you create a garden in balcony?
  • What can you grow in a balcony garden?
  • What are the things you will require?

Hold your thoughts as:
Today, I am going to share everything that you will need and should know:

To make a beautiful balcony garden from scratch.

Balcony Gardening in full swing

Balcony Gardening for Absolute Beginners


Balcony gardening is an art because the amount of space you have is very less as compared to any other type of gardening, be it backyard gardening or terrace gardening.

So, balcony gardening for beginners is going to be both challenging and fun.

As, you will learn so many things in the process.

Now, let me tell you all the secrets to it one by one.

How To Take Care Of Tulsi/Basil

What is Your Motive Behind Balcony Garden?

This is the step zero because,

Once you decide the purpose of your balcony garden it will be easier for you to pick the plants you should be growing in your garden.

Working In Green Space
Make Your Home Office A Green One.

Your reason can be anything:

  • Are you tired of looking at the same monotonous lifeless buildings?
  • Do you want to create a kitchen garden in your balcony?
  • Or… you want to create a green space to do your exercise or Yoga to get more of carbon dioxide free air in your system?
  • Or is it just going to be the place where you have your rocking chair and your favorite book in your hand.

As, I told in the home gardening tips post earlier, that vegetable garden attracts more pests than flower garden, so if you just want to create a space for relaxation and doing some exercise.

You should bring more of flower plants than vegetables to avoid unnecessary encounter with pests.

Similarly, if you want to get some fresh air then you should get plants like areca palm, money plant, and Aloe Vera to purify the air.

Make A Rough Design of your Balcony Garden

Planning your balcony garden is very crucial.

I don’t want you to end up with a disarranged mess of plants on your balcony.

Have a rough idea of how you want your balcony garden to look like.

In what location will you place the pots? What size of pots are you going to get?

Different size containers
Different size of containers

Keep in mind to arrange it in such a way that you have enough space to reach out to every single plants you have, as you will require for watering and caring for it.

Overcrowding will suffocate plants and also few plants might miss out on sunlight.

So, just make sure you have a rough idea in your mind rather than arranging them randomly.

Less Space Go Vertical

Plant stand for vertical gardening
Vertical Plant Stands

When there is scarcity of space, the best option is to go vertical, in this way you can make use of the space optimally.

There are so many plant hangers and stands that makes it very easy for vertical gardening.

Climber and creeper plants are best for this type of gardening as you can guide them along it.

How Much Sunlight Will Your Balcony Garden Get?

The most important thing you will need to grow anything on your balcony garden is sunlight.

Check out, how much sunlight does your balcony gets?

Because it is also going to affect what you will be able to grow in your garden.

As, some plants require full sun (6-8 hours) and some thrives with less of it.

But to even get started, your balcony should get at least 2-4 hours of direct sunlight.

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Drainage System

If you are thinking to create a garden in your balcony then there is going to be a lot of water involved.

Make sure there is a proper drainage system.

Because if the water stays stagnant it will have quite a few consequences.

Also, be aware of any rules in your flats regarding it.

Things You Will Need For Balcony Gardening

Now, I will touch upon the things you will need to get started with your balcony garden.

Basic Gardening Tools

 Potting Soil

The growing medium or soil in which you are going to plant the seeds or saplings.

The soil used for container gardening is a bit different than the normal garden soil.

As, it is specifically made for containers.

Because of space restrictions these are made a bit fluffy in nature by adding coco peat to let the roots breathe properly.

You can get readymade potting soil from any nearby nursery or online stores.


Just like humans’ plants also needs nutrition in order to grow big healthy.

If you have access to Cow dung it works like a charm for the plants.

Otherwise, you can get this as well online easily.

Be aware that different plant has different needs.

Fertilizer are usually labelled as NPK which stands for Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium.

Some might want more of nitrogen than phosphorus and vice versa.


For containers you can go with pots, grow bags or recycled tubs and buckets.

Go as creative as you can.

I have seen people grow plants in old suitcase as well.

For Balcony Garden, hanging pots are also a good option.

Basic Gardening Tools

Traditional gardening involves a lot of tools but you will require only a few basic tools for balcony gardening.

Like – Gloves, Watering Can, Pruner or scissor and Trowel.

Please don’t use normal water pipe to water your plants or else your garden will turn into a mess.

Plants Perfect for Balcony Gardening

Flower balcony garden
Flower Balcony Garden

Areca Palm

Money Plant

Spider plant


Snake Plant

Aloe Vera

Vegetables You Can Grow on Balcony

Leafy vegetables are somewhat easy to grow as a beginner as they don’t require much space and care.

But with proper dedication & care, you can pretty much grow anything.





Lady Finger etc.

Basic Steps for Growing Plants from Seeds

Generally, you will grow vegetables plant from seeds only and flower plants are usually brought as a sapling.

So, if you are interested in growing vegetables, I wanted to share the basic steps with you.

Steps for growing plants from seeds
Over To You:

I hope this article helped you in making your mind to make a garden in your balcony and was able to answer your questions related to it.

If there are any more questions that you need to ask, make sure to ask them through the comment section.

Also, share it with your family and friends and motivate them to have a garden as well.

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