The balcony is often seen as a small space for growing & keeping plants. 

But for plant lovers, who cannot control their urge to buy more plants, and are on a constant hunt for more places to accommodate their favorite things. 

This is where a plant stand comes into play. 

Best Plant Stands For Balcony In India  

These plant stands on balcony and helps with three things: 

Plant stands for balcony in india
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  1. Provide a lot more space than what is available.
  2. Helps in organizing plants in a more efficient way.
  3. Make it look more appealing

Today, I will show you the best balcony plant stands available in India.

Best Plant Stands for Balcony in India – Plant Stands for Balcony in India

Green Gardenia Plant Stand For Balcony

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This is one of the most attractive plants stands for balcony in India that comes with a lot of space.

You can place up to 6 pots on this plant stand without any worry of it breaking down. 

It is not very huge in size and doesn’t look intimidating. (Get it from here)

A few qualities that make it the best out there are: 

  • Made of rust-proof material.
  • The legs are curved so it doesn’t harm the floor.
  • Very strong and sturdy. 

Truphe Plant Stand for Balcony in India

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This plant stand from Truphe is among the most popular and used planter stands, and the reason is its built quality. 

True to its word, this outdoor plant stand is extremely well built and comes in a pack of 4 rectangular stands with each one able to hold up to 3 planters and a whopping 40 kgs weight.

The material used is rust-proof as well as corrosion-resistant. (You can get it from here)

It comes with a set of 2 as well, so if your balcony is really small you can go for 2 sets.

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Trustbasket 3-Step Planter Stand

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Trustbasket is a big name in the gardening industry and the only reason why they are so popular is because of the promising products they have on the market.

This plant stands for the balcony (India).

Built with rust-proof material, it can hold up to 12 pots at one time and even the cement pots ( which are very heavy) don’t pose any harm to it, such strong build quality it has. (Get one for your balcony)

It will just change the entire look game for your balcony or anywhere you place it, very easy to assemble and use. 

Kundi 3 tier Plant Stand

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If you are looking for something fancy to keep your plants, then this balcony plant stand from kundi is the best one out there. 

It comes with 3 tiers. 

The topmost can hold only 1 big planter, the middle has space for 3-5 plants depending on the size, and the last one can accommodate up to 8 pots. (Get it from here)

So, you can rest assured that it will accommodate quite a lot of plants on it and make your balcony full of greenery.

Nayab balcony railing plant stand

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Balcony’s railing is one of the least used spaces, but with the help of this balcony railing planter, you will be able to use this space as well. 

It has a space for 3 averaged size pots.

Balcony railing planters are becoming popular in India because by using them you can keep your balcony space free and still be able to add plants to it. ( get this one from here)

And then you can sit in your chair on your balcony, sipping your coffee and enjoying the fresh breeze of plants. 

Wrapping Up 

I hope this guide will help you decide on the best plant stand for your balcony in India.

If you still have any questions regarding the same, then don’t hesitate to ask them through the comment section.

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