5 Best Compost Bins For Home In India – Home Composting Made Easy

Compost bin makes the process of composting at home so easy and fun.

Usually people shy away from composting, owing to the fact that it is seen as something that includes foul smell, worms, lots of bugs, messy looking matter & what not.

But, if done correctly, that is not the case certainly.

And this is where compost bins for home come into play.

Best compost Bins in India

You can start composting right on your terrace, balcony or even a small space that can accomodate the compost bin and get organic nutritious matter at your home.

There are many good composting bins in India, which will make your journey hassle free.

So, let’s look at 5 of the best home composter India.

Top 5 Compost Bins For Home In India – Home Composting Made Easy

Types of compost bin

1. Trust Bin By Trust Basket – Top Composting Bin India

If I call it the best compost bin in India, it won’t be wrong.

Trust basket has been a leader in providing top quality gardening products in India, and this home composting bin is no less.

It works on the Bokashi method, which is anaerobic composting method.

In which the composter bin needs to be kept air tight for the process to take place, so there is no fear of foul smell and bugs.

You can simply fill your organic waste, add compost maker powder (included with it) and close the lid.

That’s how simple it is.

So, if you were worried about the odor while composting in your apartment balcony or neighbors in general.

You have got a perfect product for you. (Get it from Here)

It comes with a user manual, which is very easy to follow.

2. Daily Dump Gobble Junior –  Compost Bin For Home India

This home composter is a special one from Daily Dump, and comes with 3 buckets. 

These 3 buckets need to be placed on top of each other.

Out of which one has no holes at the bottom, and should always be placed the last.

And the other two needs to be replaced one by one, whenever one of them gets completely filled.

This compost bin works on aerobic methods, so you need to add the organic waste inside the bucket placed on the top and stir the waste every 2 days.

So that there is proper flow of oxygen and compost breaks down easily.

It comes with compost maker powder, so whenever you add biodegradable waste make sure to sprinkle this powder over all of it.

Comes with a step by step user manual. (Get one for your home today)

Good for a family of 3-5 members.

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3. BIO DROPS Bucket – Best Home Composter India 

This composting bin from Bio Drops is of premium quality made with unbreakable plastic and one of the most durable one in the list.

It also works on the Bokashi method, so you won’t have to worry about pungent smell, worms, or any such thing.  

This home composter bin has a capacity of 30 liter, which is enough for a family of 4 members.

Because of its elegant look, this one is perfect for composting in apartment balcony in India. (Get one for your apartment )

It comes with a bokashi compost maker, detailed instruction manual, so using it won’t be a problem.

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4. Biocare India – Composting Bins India

This compost bin from Biocare India is the most complete one.

Works on aerobic methods, so you need to stir the mixture from time to time for better results.

It comes with 2 compost buckets of 35 L which is more than enough for most of the families out there. 

  • 2 waste composter, 2 odor remover, 2 activator, 2 coco peat.
  • 1 reusable gloves, hand stirrer to mix the waste easily.

Its waste composter powder is so strong that it converts kitchen waste into compost in just a matter of 30 days.

Comes with an odor remover as well, so if yours start to smell then you just sprinkle it. (Perfect for any family, get it from here)

The best part is, it has a manual on its bucket for what type of things you can & cannot add into it.

5. GreenTech Life Smart Bin Air/Compost Bin

The last on the list of best compost bins in India is from GreenTech which comes with sets of 2 and 3 buckets.

So, you can choose the one that suits your family size.

This home composter bin works on the Bokashi method & comes with a lot of other useful things as well.

Which includes:

  • 3 Kg of Compost Maker Powder
  • A Pair Of Rubber Gloves
  • 4 Curing bags – Once the waste has developed white substance over it, it is called pickled waste, which is then needed to be mixed with soil and coco peat to finally convert into compost. 

These bags help in storing all of it together and getting the final result. (You can get it from here)

Final Words

I hope this article has helped you find the right compost bin for your home.

Always read the manual and be very careful of the things you can add inside the composting bins as it can make or break the process.

Be patient and if you fail once don’t worry, find out the reason behind it & give it an another shot