Drooping croton leaves mean that your plant is going through a few problems & it might seem that your plant is dying but if you get to know the reason behind it, you can easily revive it.

Croton leaves drooping is a sign of underwatering or overwatering (root rot). Recent position change, lack of humidity or less sunlight can also cause croton leaves to droop. To revive droopy croton leaves give it enough water, provide it ample sunlight and a pot with good drainage. 

Through this article, you will be able to find out the reason behind it and bring your croton back to its healthy state once again.

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Croton Leaves Drooping

6 Causes of Droopy Croton Leaves  

If you are wondering: why do croton leaves droop?

These are the 6 main reasons behind it.

Lack of water – Underwatering

Croton prefers to stay in soil that is kept consistently moist (not soggy and wet).

Underwatering causes the soil to dry out, making it difficult for croton to take enough moisture to keep the plant erect.

This can very well be the reason behind your croton leaves to droop. 

To be sure you need to answer a few question:

Does your plant’s soil dry out frequently? 

If so, you are not providing enough water to your plant and keeping it thirsty most of the time. 

Do you often forget to water it? 

It can happen with most of us, that we forget to water our plants with so much going on in our life. 

If that’s the case then surely underwatering can be one of the main causes behind it.

Root rot  – Overwatering

Are your croton plant leaves drooping near the base and have slightly different colored leaves on top?  

Are the leaves drooping though you keep the soil moist? 

Then most probably root rot is the reason behind it.

Overwatering is one of the main culprits behind messy plants and croton is no different. 

Due to it the roots are not able to breathe properly and cannot take nutrition from the soil and ultimately the plant starts to rot.

Although, croton loves to be in moist soil. 

Not allowing the soil to dry out between watering and constantly keeping it wet will cause root rot and the croton leaves will start to droop.

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Lack of Humidity 

Croton is a tropical plant and requires a humid environment to live to its fullest. 

The region in which you live might not have enough humidity to suffice your croton.

Also, generally during the winter season, air becomes very dry compared to other seasons & makes croton leaves to droop.  

That’s why you will see your croton in bad shape during the winter season.

Have you kept your plant in a location that gets hit by cold air or you live in a region with very less humidity?

You need to check with these things, because they can very well be the reason behind it.

Not Enough sunlight 

Lack of sunlight can also be the cause behind droopy croton leaves.

As this plant requires a good amount of sunlight.

When a croton plant doesn’t get the proper amount of sunlight, its leaves start to elongate and become weak and ultimately droop. 

Does your croton plant have extraordinarily long leaves? 

Then, you know what is causing them to droop leaves.

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Position change 

A recent change in position can also trigger croton plants to droop leaves and even drop leaves.

As they cannot handle transplantation very well.

If that’s the case with your plant, give it proper care and have patience. 

Allow the plant to adjust to its new location and restrict yourself from changing its position very often.

Improper Drainage 

Not having a proper drainage system can also cause the croton leaves to droop. 

Because lack of drainage doesn’t allow excess water to flush out of the pot and the plant remains in stagnant water and rot eventually.

Also, it hampers air circulation which is very necessary for any plant to live, otherwise it starts to suffocate.

Are your plants’ drainage holes blocked or do they even have drainage holes?

Spider Mite Attack

A pest attack can also be the reason behind your croton plants drooping leaves.

Spider mites are often found munching behind the leaves of croton plant.

Have you noticed white web like structure on your plant recently?

Then it can possibly be a spider mite attack, check behind the leaves of your plant and look very carefully as these mites are very small in size.

Wash your plant leaves with pressure sprayer to get rid off them and frequently check behind the leaves to avoid them spreading in large numbers.

How To Revive Drooping Croton – Steps To Fix Droopy Croton

Once you have figured out the reason behind your croton leaves drooping. 

Now, let’s see how you can revive it back to its happy normal state.

Give it a good soak 

If your plant is suffering because of underwatering and you see that the soil has become all dry. 

To revive your droopy croton from this situation.

You will need to give it a proper bath. 

For this take a saucer, fill it with water and keep your plant inside the saucer.

The plant will absorb the required amount of water through the drainage holes, once you see the soil has become moist all the way up to the top. 

The work is done, throw away the water. 

And in future never let your croton plant go without water for a long time. 

Whenever the top 1 inch of the soil gets dry, water it thoroughly so that water seeps out of the drainage holes. 

Allow the Plant to Breathe 

If your plant has been the victim of overwatering and is drooping leaves starting from the bottom. 

You have given it way too much water. 

I can understand this, as a plant parent you don’t want your plant to go thirsty and with croton which loves moist environments so much, it happens a lot. 

To fix your droopy croton from this condition: 

All you have to do is hold its watering till the top 1 inches of the soil becomes dry. 

And your plant will start to come back to its normal state. 

Frequent Misting 

A croton plant requires a humid environment to stay healthy and intact. 

So, if you are from a region that mostly has a dry environment or winter season has just set in.

Frequently mist your plant to revive droopy leaves of croton.

Furthermore, don’t keep your plant in a location that has to face cold wind, because it can dry up the plant even more and it will start to droop. 

Provide Ample Light 

Croton plant requires a good amount of sunlight and if it doesn’t get that, the leaves start to stretch in search of light and get weaker. 

Some croton can handle direct sunlight but not all of them. 

So, it is best to keep it in a location from where it can receive bright indirect sunlight all day long. 

If you want a bit of maroon touch to its foliage, then expose it to direct sunlight for 1-2 hours.

Provide Good Drainage 

If you have grown your croton plant in a pot without good drainage, your plant will suffer big time.

To avoid this, always make sure the container has 3-4 drainage holes at the bottom.

If you have kept a saucer at the bottom of your pot, to collect excess water then make sure to throw away this water immediately and don’t let your plant sit in this. 

Because this will stop the air circulation and also result in overwatering. 

Wrapping Up 

I hope this guide will help you find out the reason behind your droopy croton leaves and revive it back to its normal healthy state.

If your query is still not answered, then do make sure to comment down and I will reach out to you ASAP.

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