4 Best Garden Sprayer India (2L) – Affordable & Good Quality

Garden Sprayer makes our gardening journey smoother or I can say much easier.
It takes away the effort of continuously pumping the sprayer, instead all we have to do is just fill pressure inside the bottle and its all set.

If you have been gardening for any amount of time: 

You must be aware about the effort that you need to put, in order to maintain your garden.

Be it removing weeds, looking for pest attacks, regularly applying fertilizer, pruning etc.

But the biggest chunk goes in watering your plants and for that you need the best garden sprayer.

Many new gardeners start with a normal pipe to water their plants and learn quickly that:
This way they are doing “more damage than good”.

And you cannot apply fertilizer, pesticides etc. with a normal household pipe.

That is where a pressure water sprayer for plants comes into play.

It makes gardening so easy, fun and accurate:

This is how a garden sprayer works:

How a garden sprayer works

Push the knob on the top in downward direction to create pressure inside the garden sprayer and then with the help of a trigger you can release water easily without doing much. Some of the good quality garden spray bottles come with adjustable nozzles where you can set it to mist or spray water with force.

4 Best Garden Sprayer India

ECO 365 Garden Sprayer
Kisan Kraft KK PS-2000
Clazkit Ps 2000 Water Sprayer
House Of Quirk

I personally have 3 Garden Sprayer . Two of them are 2 liter in quantity and one is 8 liter.
Out of which:

Garden Sprayer Bottle India

I use one of the “2 liter” garden spray bottle for –
Pre – moistening potting soil, watering newly sown seeds (very important to use spray bottles here) as they are very delicate, misting seedlings, and spraying over mealybugs and aphids with force in early stages, so that they don’t spread.

I use the other one for spraying pesticides, insecticides and fertilizers.

Pressure Spray Bottle 8 ltr

The 8 litre sprayer is used mainly when a lot of plants are due for fertilization or if there is a big pest attack. You can even use it for killing weeds and humidifying a large area of your garden.

In this article I will share the 4 best garden sprayer India in the 2 liter range only.

So, lets see the best quality garden pressure spray bottle available in India.

4 Best Garden Sprayer India – Affordable & Good Quality 

ECO 365 – Premium Quality Garden Sprayer In India


If you are looking for something premium then I can’t suggest anything better than this ECO 365 Garden Sprayer.

Its material quality is so good that it is shatter proof, so even if it accidentally falls down it won’t break.

Handle grip is also of good quality and anti skid.

This is one problem I face while watering as my hands get too sweaty but that won’t be the problem with this one. 

Its nozzle is adjustable, so you can do both misting and pressure watering & comes with 2.2 liter capacity. 

This is the best from the lot and I highly recommend anyone buying a water sprayer for plants to go for this one. 

Kisan Kraft – Best Garden Sprayer India  


One of the most popular water spray bottles for plants that I can recommend to you is Kisan Kraft KK PS-2000.

Why I love this one is simply because of its tough built and good quality material.

It has a capacity of 2 litre and comes with a knob on the top for applying pressure inside the bottle.

Its handle has a good hand grip that won’t hurt your hands even if you have to use it for a longer period of time.

Nozzle is adjustable, so you can use it to mist plants or even shoo away mealy bugs by applying high pressure water over them.

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Clazkit PS 2000 – Best Garden Pressure Spray Bottle India


Another great product in the list is Clazkit Ps 2000 Water Sprayer.

Easy to use and handle this comes with 2 liter capacity.

The best part about this sprayer is that you would only need 7-8 pumps to start using it, which is quite competitive.

This particular sprayer can be used single handedly as you can lock it once desired flow of water is attained.

It is affordable, good quality and durable. 

House Of Quirk – Garden Sprayer  


The last one in the list of 2 ltr capacity garden sprayer is from House Of Quirk.

This brand’s water sprayer has also earned a good reputation in the market because of its material quality which is very tough and durable.

Water pressure is easily adjustable by turning the nozzle.

It has a measuring table on its outer body which also makes it easier to fill the bottle.

If you are looking for a lightweight yet tough water sprayer this one should be in your top list. 

Different Uses of Garden Water Sprayer

  • Pre moistening the soil before sowing seeds
  • Apply fertilizer, insecticide, pesticide & herbicide.
  • Misting plants like money plant, spider plant etc…
  • Removing insects with fast flow of water (jet flow)
  • Lightly watering newly planted seeds as well as seedlings
  • Humidifying entire garden area

How To Correctly Use Garden Sprayer

These points will help increase the lifespan of your spray bottle so follow them with utmost care.

  1. Never fill pressure to an extent that the bottle explodes. If you keep on filling pressure inside it beyond its limit, the bottle won’t be able to hold it for a long time and burst.
    If you see that the bottle starts to swell, immediately stop pushing the knob.
  2. Whenever you mix water and pesticide or fertilizer. Make sure there are no lumps in the mixture. As it will get stuck in the nozzle and ultimately block it. Always stir the mixture well and remove any lumps.
  3. Don’t add liquid more than its quantity. ( if its quantity says 2 liter fill only up to 1.8 liter to be on the safe side)
  4. Although the quality of these products are top notch, still don’t keep your water sprayer in direct sun.

Benefits of Using Garden Pressure Spray Bottle  

If you are still thinking about why you should be buying a pressure sprayer for gardening, let me tell you a few benefits of it.

Less physical work required

As there is lots of spraying water, insecticide, pesticide & fertilizer involved in gardening.

You cannot use a normal water sprayer in which you have to continuously pump to spray water.

As it would be a very strenuous task and your hands will certainly pain.

Waters evenly 

Using a water sprayer makes sure that the water is spread evenly over the soil.

Which in turns help in better absorption of water by the soil.

Controlled force 

While using a pressure sprayer, the flow of water is always under your control.

You can either mist, increase or decrease the flow.

Which is neither possible with a watering can or normal pipe.

This is a great advantage of using a water sprayer.

Doesn’t damage the plant and its root system

If you use a normal pipe or any other container to water newly sown seeds or seedlings.

There are high chances that it can disrupt the whole system.

Instead when you use a pressure sprayer that is not the case as you always have the option to mist the soil which has very little effect over the seeds and seedling and they remain unharmed.

Final Words:

I hope this article helped you in choosing the best garden sprayer in India for your gardening.

Garden water sprayer is must for everyone who is doing home gardening at any scale.

If not then do let me know, what type of sprayer are you looking for.