Dhaniya (Coriander) is one of the easiest herbs to grow at home, and doesn’t require a lot of space.

It is used in day to day life in Indian kitchens to add flavor to the curry and these days a lot of dishes are made primarily with dhania.

How to grow Dhaniya at home?

To grow dhania at home, you need a wide container with drainage holes, all purpose potting soil and dhaniya seeds. Sow the seeds and keep the soil moist all the times, container should be kept in indirect sunlight. Within 4-7 days the seeds will germinate and mature in 40-50 days.

How to grow dhaniya at home

In this guide, I will share a step by step guide to grow coriander at home.

Let’s get into it.

How to Grow Dhaniya at Home – Growing Dhania in Pots

Things You Will Need To Grow Dhania in Pots

Coriander Seeds

You can get coriander seeds from local store or you might already have it in your house.

So, the first thing you will want to do is split the coriander seeds into half by gently pressing it.

How to grow dhaniya from seeds

Remember to be gentle & not get carried away and crush it in the process you just need to split it into half and then soak it in water overnight.

This will help in faster germination of seeds.

A Guide On Growing Vegetables in Pots At Home


pots for gardening at home

You can use any type of container be it a pot, grow bags or even old tubs or buckets.

The bigger the container the more seeds you can accommodate so it basically depends on the amount of Coriander seeds you want to sow.

Ideally a “wide but not so deep” container is good for coriander as its root doesn’t go that deep. (the best one in the market)

Make sure to have drainage hole at the bottom for drainage of excess water.

Growing Medium or Soil:

potting soil for gardening

Potting soil with enough amount of nutrition will be good.

Coriander loves sun so use of coco peat will ensure that the medium remains moist for a good amount of time. You can also add cow dung for organic nutrition.

A good potting soil mix for coriander looks like:

Equal part of:

Garden soil
Coco peat (best one in the market)
Vermicompost (best quality)

Growing Dhaniya at Home in Pots

Sowing of Seeds – How to plant dhania seeds

When you are sowing your seeds then make sure to not overcrowd them as they will start to fight for nutrition.

Keep at least a gap of 5-6 inches between them and sow it 0.5 to 1 inch deep into the potting mix (soil).

Growing Dhaniya at Home

After this water the soil gently with the help of garden sprayer (good quality like this one) and make the soil moist.

Now keep the container in location from where it gets medium bright indirect sunlight.

And remember to regularly moist the soil and never let it dry.

The seeds will germinate anywhere between 4-7 days.

Once they germinate you can move it to a brighter location.

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When and How to Harvest Coriander

How long does dhania take to grow?

Dhania takes around 4-5 months to grow from seeds.

Ideal time to harvest coriander is when it grows 5-6 inches in height this is the time when it will have the best taste.

And while harvesting make sure to not pluck it from the soil this will dislodge all the nearby plants as well.

Use sharp scissors for harvesting and cut it a little above the ground.

Pest Control for Coriander

How to protect your coriander plant from pests.

Use neem oil (best one for plants) mixed with a few drops of shampoo and water or as instructed on it.

Pesticides should be sprayed with a gap of 20 days at least.

That’s it.

Over to You:

Share your coriander story in the comment section and problems you faced while growing it and how did you overcome it to help others as well.

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