If you are wondering?
How to grow green chillies at home or how to grow green chilli plant at home in India,
then you are absolutely at the right place.

Green chillies are an inseparable part of Indian Kitchen & is one of the biggest reasons why Indian food is known all over the world.

So, having a fresh supply of green chillies at home will give you the power to never go out of that spiciness factor.

Also, it very easy to grow green chillies at home.

Without wasting any more time. Let’s dive into the action.

chilly plant

How To Grow Green Chillies At Home – The Easiest Way

Growing Green Chillies At Home – Quick Look At Steps Involved

  • Getting good quality seeds
  • Filling the seedling tray with potting soil
  • Sprinkling seeds and waiting for them to germinate
  • After they germinate
  • Repotting them to a bigger pot
  • Moving them to a sunnier spot and keep check of their water thirst.
  • Adding fertilizer time to time
  • And waiting for chillies to come out.
  • Harvesting them as required

Best Time To Grow Green Chillies / Green Chili Growing Season

Chili plant loves warm weather and grows under full sunlight.

So, the best time to grow green chillies starts a bit early summer once the winter has gone past.

In India, you can start sowing green chillies in late February when there is no danger of frost left.

How to Grow Green Chillies in Pots – Step by Step

Getting Good Quality Seeds

Chilli seeds

You can either buy good quality seeds or get from already available overripe chilli at home.

For later, you just have to slit open it into two parts and collect it seeds.

Preparing the Seedling Tray

Once you have got the seeds. Now is the time to prepare the seedling tray. 

Chili plant can handle repotting very well and should be germinated in seedling tray rather growing them directly in the container.

chilly seeds in seedling tray

Fill the seedling tray with compost rich potting mix and sow 2-3 seeds in each cell.

Cover them with a very thin layer of potting mix & water them gently with water sprayer.

(Pro tip: You can use Egg tray as seedling tray, if you don’t have one)

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Placing the Seedling Tray

During the germination period, put the seedling tray in a location that receives bright indirect sunlight.

As direct sunlight will be too much for this tender age.

Windowsill that receives sunlight are perfect for this.

Keep watering it whenever the soil feels dry, never overwater.

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Germination Time of Chilli Seeds

Chilly seeds takes about 1-2 weeks (7- 12 days) for germination if everything goes well.

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Repotting Them to Final Container

Once the seeds have germinated and grown their first true leaves (size 3-4 cm) now is the time to move them to the final container.

Take out the seedlings very carefully from the seedling tray and grow only 1-2 plant per pot otherwise there will be too much competition for food and none of them will grow well.

What should be the size of Pots for Growing Green Chillies?

You should grow green chillies in a 10–12-inch pot or grow bag with proper drainage holes in it.

Fill the pot with nutrient rich potting soil and transfer the seedling in it.

Chili plant doesn’t like to stand in water so a quick draining soil will be a good fit for it.

Once you are done, water it thoroughly and place it in a location that receives good amount of sunlight as chilly plant requires at least 6 hours of sunlight every day.

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How to Water Green Chili Plant

As it loves to stand under sunlight, the water evaporates very quickly so you may need to water it at regular intervals.

grow chillies in pots
properly watered chilly plant

Before watering it, just make sure to check that the soil isn’t wet, if its wet then you shouldn’t water it as it will cause the soil to get saggy and may cause root rot.

Chilly plant can withstand dry conditions effectively so only water it when the top few inches feel dry.  

How long does it take for Chili plant to bear Fruits?

Depending on the varieties and other factors like weather, watering and fertilization it takes around 2-4 months for chilli plant to start producing fruits.

Once it starts flowering it takes around 3-7 days to start bearing chilly.

Fertilizing Green Chili Plant  

Once the plant starts flowering, now is the time when it requires the most amount of nutrients. As, it is ready to produce chillies.

Feed it with cow dung, tea leftovers or organic fertilizer that is made for producing fruits after every 20 days for proper growth.

How To Grow Chilli Plants Faster

If you are trying your hand at gardening for the first time it can be very frustrating to wait for such a long time for the fruit to bear.

So, what can you do to grow chilli plant faster?

There are quite a few things that can make grow chilli plants faster than usual.

The first one starts from speeding up the germination process:

Usually, the germination period for chilli seeds is around 9 – 14 days.

But before sowing, if you soak the seeds in warm water overnight the hard outer covering of the chilli seeds gets softer and germinates faster than usual.

The second thing will be giving it proper amount of sunlight:

Chilli plant is one of the most sun loving plant, so if you can provide it more of direct sun than what you are providing it right now it will grow comparatively faster.

The last thing you can do to speed up chilli plant growth is:

By providing it with lots of compost. Keep adding Potassium rich compost in it time to time it helps in producing more fruits as well as protect it from colder nights.

Over to You:

I hope this guide will help you grow your own chilli plant at home successfully and enjoy tasty home grown chillies.

If you still face any problem do make sure to comment it down below and I will try to help you as soon as possible.

Be sure that you don’t start with a chilly plant if the weather is cold or there is a chance that cold weather might come back, wait for the days to get a bit warmer and start with it then.

Happy Gardening.


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