How To Grow Money Plant in Water

In this post, I will share all the steps to grow money plants in water and tips to fasten their growth.

Money plants are arguably the easiest plants to grow at home, and the best part about them is, that they can be grown in water, saving you from not having to deal with soil.

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Grow Money Plant in Water – A Detailed Guide

grow money plant in water
Money Plant in Water Bottle

Money plant is one of the most common plants you will find in people’s houses because it can be grown easily in water which saves us from the pain of arranging potting soil & pots. We can easily grow money plants in a water bottle. In the image above you can see how we are utilizing every kind of bottle to grow them.

How to grow money plants in water?

To grow a money plant in water, get a few cuttings from a fully-grown healthy money plant. Cutting should have at least 2-3 healthy leaves on it. Take a container fill it with water and insert the cutting in such a way that only half of the stem is under water and the rest of the part is outside.

Few Important Points related to Cutting

  1. The size of the cuttings should be 4-6 inches.
  2. Make a cut at the bottom part of the cuttings preferably at a 45-degree angle for better absorption of water and nutrients.
  3. Remove all the leaves from the bottom end of the cutting leaving only 2-3 leaves on top.
  4. Insert half of it inside (where the cut is made) the water keeping the other half outside of the water.

After this place the container in a location that gets bright but indirect sunlight, like windowsills or under a green net.

The water needs to be changed every 7-10 days, to maintain enough oxygen level in the water. If you fail to do so, the plant will start to rot.

Also, make sure that the water level inside the bottle is maintained at a certain height. Whenever you feel it has evaporated add some fresh water to it.

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How to Grow Money Plant in Water Faster

To grow money plant in water faster, follow these tips:

  • Add Aloe Vera pulp in water shake it well and then spray it over the leaves of money plant.
  • Feed money plant with seaweed fertilizer (like this one) to grow it faster.
  • Provide it direct light morning sunlight for 2-3 hours, it will certainly make your money plant grow faster.
  • Pruning also helps in faster growth of money plant, use a sharp scissor or pruner and look for nodes that has grown multiple branches and cut a few of them.

Benefits of Money Plant

A good absorber of toxic gases like formaldehyde, xylene, etc. which are commonly found in our homes.

Believed to bring prosperity.

Adds a natural touch to your interior.


I hope you enjoyed the article as much as I did while writing it.

Money plants are a sure beauty and help in providing a positive touch to their surroundings.

By following this simple guide, I am pretty sure you will be able to grow them easily, but if are still having any doubts you can always ask them through the comment section.

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Happy Gardening.