Do You Want to Know the Secret of Growing Succulent at Home?

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Everyone wants these cute little juicy looking plants for their home or their office desk to give it a nice little positive touch.

But the problem is,

Not everyone knows how to grow succulents at home in India? But that won’t be the problem with you anymore.

By the time you read this article till the very end.

You will have all the secrets to growing succulents like a pro.

How to Grow Succulents in India – The Step by step process.

jade plant

A little story before we move forward.

This goes way back in time, so one day out of curiosity I asked my uncle who happen to be a gardening expert and the source of all the knowledge on GardenTroubles that, do we need seeds to grow succulents?

He said no.

So, I confirmed again but what if I want to grow it from the scratch, he said yes then you can start growing it from the seeds but it may take months or even years depending on the variety of the succulent to germinate which is not a reasonable thing to do.

And he added that when you can grow them so easily and fast from cuttings why would you ever grow it from seeds.

The time period was enough for me to not even think of growing succulent from seeds, so what is the best way to grow them.

Let’s talk about that.

Growing Succulents From Cutting

You will be surprised to know that if you cut a few leaves from the succulent plant and let them completely dry. Within a few days they will start to grow roots and show you the signs of life which can then be transformed into a fully fledged plant.

You don’t have to put them in a potting soil or water them.

Just give them the space to dry out completely.

After a few days, the leave will start to turn brownish and you will now be able to see some roots coming out of it.

Once you see the roots, now is the time to move it into a container and add potting soil to it.

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Things You Will Require For Growing Succulents At Home


Okay so in order to grow succulent, you need to know that Succulent are desert plants which loves sunlight.

If you have any spot in your house which gets around 3-4 hours of sunlight will be the perfect spot for it.

Sunbathing Succulent

But remember that when you have just bought it from the nursery or online, give it some time to adjust to the condition and keep it under shade for a few days.

Because there it might be probably kept under green shade or something.

Keep it outside in light sunlight early morning and evening.

After sometimes when it is adjusted to the new condition you can keep it under direct sunlight…

but still the harsh afternoon sunlight in summer is never good for it.

So yes, Sunlight is important for the growth of succulent.

Container/ Pot for Growing Succulents

pots for gardening at home

Succulents are the best for creative people because you can literally put them in any type of pots or containers and they will be good to go.

It is actually one of those plants which will survive even if the container has no drainage holes.

So, if you are one of those who never liked the idea of making holes in your pot. You got the green light.

But make sure you put some pebbles first in the container so that the roots don’t come in direct contact with water and starts to rot.

Go crazy with the pebbles and make your pot look as beautiful as you can.

How to Prepare Potting Soil For Succulents

Succulent love fast draining soil to grow, this is the most important thing you need to take care of while growing succulents.

So adding perlite is a must, which ensures that the soil drains fast and there is enough space for aeration.

Avoid using vermiculite, because vermiculite helps in retaining water and keep the soil moist which is something you don’t want with succulents.

So, a good potting soil for succulent is:

  • 50 % all-purpose potting soil (used for indoor plants)
  • 30% coarse sand
  • 10-15% perlite

Another thing is, succulents are desert plant so they don’t need that much of fertilizer.

You can feed them with fertilizer once in a month in liquid form.

Take around 200 – 250gm compost soak it in 1-liter water overnight, the next day all the nutrients will get dissolved in the water. Now you can feed this water to your succulent and they will be good to go.

Watering Succulent

watering plants

This is where most of the people lose the battle with succulents.

I have seen a lot of comments by people all over the internet that I bought a little succulent few day back and it is not growing or it has started to rot etc.

Well 90-95% of the time it is because of over watering.

You need to get this thing clear these plants are desert plant.

You just can’t water them like every other plant in your garden.

Make sure before watering it you check that the soil has got dry if it has moisture don’t water it.

But when you water it you need to flood it with water.

Succulents love water but don’t want to stay in it longer.

One important thing you need to be aware of while watering succulents is that never pour water over its leaves.

Because if you do so, then the water will get stuck on its leaves because of its shape and boom the next day you will see fungus living comfortably there and suddenly they will be everywhere.

So, whenever you water it, make sure to water the roots and never on the leaves. Also never spray on your succulents.

Pest Control for Succulent

If you ever see those fungus and you know you have messed it up.

Don’t worry these fungi can be easily taken care of.

Just buy neem oil and dilute it with water add 1-2 drops of detergent and spray it on the parts that are infected.

Never spray neem oil when the sun is out as it might burn your plants, evening is the best time to do it and also don’t go crazy with it just spray a little amount.


This is how you grow succulents; it might look like there a lot of things to care but actually succulents are one the less maintenance plant out there.

You only need to water them once in a week, they don’t require much fertilizer. Sunlight doesn’t harm them.

What else can you ask for???

Get your succulent baby and just remember these points.


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