Ajwain plant is an exceptional herb that finds its varied uses in Indian households. 

It is mostly used for adding flavors to dishes. So…

How to grow Ajwain Plant? 

To grow Ajwain plants, you need a good sized pot, a rich potting mix and a place that gets partial sunlight or is in shade. It can be grown from either cutting or seeds.  

How to grow ajwain plant
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In this article, you will learn the steps to grow it from both the methods. 

Also, how you need to care for the Ajwain plant once it grows. 

Let’s first see:

How to grow ajwain plant from seeds? 

Grow ajwain plant from seeds
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Best time to grow ajwain plant from seeds is the spring season.  

First buy quality seeds from your local nursery store or online portals. 

Then take a seedling tray or wide pot.

Fill it with a rich potting mix (like this one). 

After this, plant the seeds inside this potting soil about ¼ inches deep. 

Make sure to have some gap between each seed and not cluster them, otherwise they won’t be able to germinate. 

Once you plant the seeds, then sprinkle it lightly with water. 

And keep the pot in a shaded area away from direct sunlight. 

Keep sprinkling water to keep the soil moist. 

After 7-15 days the seeds will start to germinate and within 4-5 weeks they will be ready to be transplanted to a bigger pot. 

For the final pot, use an 8-12 inch pot

Again fill it with potting soil and then carefully take out the saplings and plant it in this new pot.

This is how you can grow ajwain plant from seeds easily

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How to grow Ajwain plant from cuttings

To grow ajwain plant from cutting, you need a few healthy cuttings of 4-5 inches that are tender in nature. Remove all the leaves from the cutting except two leaves from the top. 

Then take a 4-6 inch pot and fill it with rich potting soil. 

And then simply plant these cuttings inside it. 

Water it regularly and keep it in partial sunlight. 

It will start to form roots within a month. 

Once it gets big you can transplant it into a bigger pot of 8-12 inches in size.

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After 7-8 weeks, you can start harvesting its leaves and seeds for your needs. 

Pluck the leaves before they develop hair. 

You can easily handpick them.

Ajwain Plant Care 

Ajwain plant care includes rich aerated potting soil, sunlight requirements, watering practices and fertilizing. 

Potting Soil 

The Ajwain plant grows best in rich soil that has good aeration (loose in nature), and draining capacity. 

So, always use a good potting soil (like this one) or prepare your own by adding a good amount of coco peat, manure in it. 

Sunlight Requirements 

The Ajwain plant needs ample sunlight to grow. But direct sunlight for a prolonged time can damage its leaves. 

So, it is best to keep it in a location that gets partial sunlight for a good amount of time. 

Watering Rule  

Ajwain is a water loving plant and will need regular watering during its growing period.

But make sure to never overwater the plant as it can start causing troubles like root rot. 

Watering it moderately but regularly is the key to be successful with this plant. 

Pot With Drainage Holes 

This one is an important point, any pot that you use to grow ajwain plant must have 4-5 drainage holes at the bottom. 

This serves 2 purposes: 

Firstly it flushes out excess water from the pot if you accidentally over water it. 

Secondly it allows the flow of air to the root which is important for it to grow. 


The Ajwain plant is not a heavy feeder and will do good with light fertilization. 

You can add NPK (19:19:19) fertilizer to it for its all round growth during its growing period (Spring season).

You can also add cow dung manure to keep the soil healthy and full of helpful microorganisms. 


I hope with the help of this simple guide, you will be able to grow ajwain plant at your home and enjoy it.

Ajwain plants have lots of health benefits apart from the distinct flavors it brings.

If you still have any doubts regarding any point.

Then do make sure to comment down and I will reach out to you as soon as possible.

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