Cocopeat has turned out to be a game changer for people who had no access to soil and space to have their own little garden.

Now with the help of cocopeat you can easily start gardening on terrace, balcony & even a little bit of space outside your house can be turned into a beautiful green zone.

But do you need to buy this magical product from nurseries or online all the time?

No!!! that’s the best part of it.

You can easily make this at home and today we are going to learn exactly that:

How to make Coco Peat at Home in India – Step by Step

I am guessing that you already know what cocopeat is but for those of you who don’t know. 

It is actually just the dust (burada) that comes out of the coconut’s outer husk and fiber.

Adenium Seedlings Growing In Cocopeat
Seedlings Growing In Coco Peat

But what is so special about Coco Peat that it is gaining so much of popularity and made gardening at home so easy.

Why Should You Even Bother To Make Coco Peat At Home?

Light in Weight
Coco peat is very light in weight compared to soil. If you were to use only normal garden soil, it would put a lot of weight on the structure it was put on which is not good. It is also easy to change the location of containers as there are lighter in weight.

Gives Space to Breathe
Another quality of coco peat is that, it is very fluffy in nature and allows the root to breathe and grow freely, which is very vital for container gardening, as the plants are grown in confined spaces.

Better Water Retention Capacity
One of the major quality of coco peat is that it has a very good water retention capacity.
Which means that once you water it, it will hold the moisture for a longer time and you won’t have to water the plants again and again.

You remember the coconut you buy to offer for prayer in temples the shopkeeper removes the outer covering and gives the harder shell to you which has water in it.

Coconut hard shell
The outer cover that has been removed is what you need

Remember right!!!

Yes, that outer covering is what you need to make your own cocopeat at home.

Making coco peat at home

That fibrous part of coconut which you don’t give attention to is what you need.

And the best part about India is that you can easily get it from those shopkeepers because they end up throwing it and also you can ask the priest of the temple and they will give loads of it to you.

And the more obvious way is to buy the whole coconut.

Whichever suits you the best go for it. The main part here is to have that upper fibrous part of coconut.

Now once you have got the outer covering of coconut the real work starts.

Now there are two ways to make coco peat at home:

  • First one is very fast, less effort but a bit risky.
  • Second one is comparatively slow and requires more effort but has no risk

Let’s start with the first one:

How to make coco peat at home fast

In this method all you have to do is cut the fibrous part into smaller pieces with the help of scissor or whatever equipment you may use.

And put it inside the mixer and just mix it.

How long do you need to mix it?

Till the fibers has turned into powdery form. When you feel that it cannot get any smaller than that. That is when you stop.

Take this powdery substance in a container.

Remove the fiber particle if you see any.

But still it is not usable.

So, in order to make it usable you need to add water into it.

When you add water into it you will see that it won’t absorb water instantly so you need to leave this mixture in water for some time.

After a while you see that it will start to absorb water and its color will turn into dark brown from light brown.

When it absorbs all the water now it can be used for gardening.

Coco Peat With Sapling

But you must be wondering what was the risk here?

The risk was of using mixer or blender. Because in this process the mixer gets so hot and there are slight chances that it may stop working.

The chances are quite slim but it is a possibility.

But don’t worry if you don’t want to take the risk

I have got another option for you:

How to make cocopeat at home without using mixer or blender:

Now obviously, you don’t want to take the risk of getting your mixer burn out, so let’s look at an easier alternative to it.

For this – Follow these simple steps.

Spread a clean cloth on the floor, get the husk of coconut remove the fibrous part out of it.

Just by doing this process you will see that there will be a good amount of coco peat on the cloth.

Once you remove the fibrous part.

Then take one piece of husk and beat it with the help of hammer and it will shed cocopeat.

Now just repeat this process with all the pieces of husk you have.

Once you feel you have got everything out of the husk.

The next process is same.

Keep the coco peat inside a container and then pour water into and leave it till it absorbs all the water.

If you are unable to find coconut husk, don’t worry there are many good companies that are selling premium quality coco peat at reasonable rates.

Here is a list of best of them:


So, these were the 2 ways by which you can make coco peat at home.

If you have any doubt do let me know through the comment section.

And if you end up making coco peat using this guide. Share the experience with us as well.

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