Mogra Plant Care – How to Take Care of Mogra Plant at Home

Mogra plant is one of the most loved plants in India, crowned with beautiful white flowers which oozes out sweet fragrance. 

Once you grow this plant, you surely don’t want to lose it.

Mogra Plant Care? 
Mogra plant care includes providing it a nutrition rich fast draining potting soil, direct bright sunlight. Feed it with enough fertilizer & be very careful to not over water as it will cause root rot and the plant will suffer badly. 

In this guide, I will share all the tips to take care of a this beautiful plant in detail so that you can enjoy its beautiful fragrance.

Mogra Plant Care – How to Take Care of Mogra Plant at Home

Mogra Plant Care

Sunlight Requirement 

The first thing which is very vital for this plant is Sunlight.

So, if you are wondering:

Does Mogra plant need sunlight? 
Mogra plant needs good amount of direct sunlight around 4-5 hours every day

Although during summer, keep it under shade in the afternoon to protect it from the scorching heat

Mogra Plant Water Requirements

Mogra Plant Care

When it comes to caring for mogra plants, watering them properly plays a crucial role. 

It cannot tolerate over watering at any cost and it is one the main reasons where people go wrong with it. 

Water your plant enough so that its soil is moist and before watering it again allow the top layer of the soil to dry out. 

Don’t water when the soil is already moist as it will turn the soil soggy and promote root rot. 

Insert your finger inside the soil to see if it’s dry or not. 

Potting Soil 

It requires requires a growing medium that is rich in nutrition and well draining. 

Well draining medium allows excess water to pass through the drainage holes quickly and saves the plant from getting overwatered. 

As you must have understood by now, that mogra plant cannot sit in standing water. That is why you should always provide it with potting soil that has good drainage capacity. 

On top of that, the potting mix needs to be high in nutrition to provide the plant enough food to stay healthy. 

I highly recommend getting this potting mix

Provide a Support 

Providing trellis support to Mogra

The stems of Arabian Jasmine is not the toughest and have high chances of breaking even in normal wind. 

So for proper mogra care, provide it with a support of trellis, where its branches can rest and be protected. 

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Fertilizing Mogra Plant   

If you are wondering why your Mogra plant is not Growing its biggest reason is not providing it with enough fertilizer. 

Mogra plant is a heavy feeder and you should feed it every 20-25 days during its active growth season (spring & summer) with an organic fertilizer. 

Good fertilizers you can use for this plant:

Banana Peel Fertilizer (You can order it from here)

All Purpose Plant Feed (Get it from here)

Mogra Plant Not Flowering 

Mogra plant is not flowering happens due to 2 main reasons: 

  • Not providing Adequate Sunlight
  • Not Fertilizing

Lack of Sunlight

If your mogra plant doesn’t get the proper amount of sunlight, it will not be able to produce flowers. Even if you do everything else correctly.

You have to understand the fact that to produce flowers it requires a good amount of sunlight.

Not Providing it Fertilizer 

Once the mogra plant starts to come back from dormancy which it will do right after the winter season flies by, start feeding it fertilizer in a gap of 25-30 days. 

Mogra Plant Not Flowering

Till the time it starts to form buds. Stop fertilizing once it starts blooming.

Mogra requires a high amount of nutrition to produce blooms. 

Another thing can be that you might be providing it with the wrong type of fertilizer, if you happen to feed it with nitrogen rich fertilizer it will grow lush green healthy leaves but no flowers and spend all its energy in growing leaves. 

It requires phosphorus to produce flowers, so make sure your fertilizer has a good amount of phosphorus in it rather than nitrogen and potassium.

I highly recommend this fertilizer for the Mogra plant. 

Mogra Plant Care in Winter 

For mogra plant care in Winter, you should only water it when a good portion of the soil gets dry and allow the plant to shed leaves which is a normal process. Never fertilizer it during winters as it won’t be able to take it and will get burnt leaves due to it.

During the winter season you need to be extra careful with your Mogra plant.

Mogra cannot tolerate extreme cold weather, if you live in any of those regions, you should move your plant indoors during night time or at least keep it under shade to protect it from frost and cold winds.

Wrapping Up 

I hope this guide will help you take care of your mogra plant and keep it healthy and thriving. 

If you have any other problem you can always share it in the comment section.