Today, you are going to learn about the plants that repel mosquitoes away.

Whenever I picture mosquitoes the first thing which come to my mind is irritating and then the stinging feeling they leave.

Its hard to sleep during nights when they keep hovering around your ears, I feel like catching a live mosquito and do the same to it. (Am I losing it?)

And the worst part is their bite can often lead to dangerous diseases like malaria, dengue and what not.

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But you cannot rub chemically rich creams on your skin and expect it to not have any side effects.

Then what…

Is there any permanent solution to it?

As you cannot spray insecticide every single day and inhale it yourself as well.

What if I tell you there is an organic way to deal with these blood sucking monsters?

If this sounds interesting to you then keep reading…

Today, I am going to introduce you to “Kickass Plants That Repel Mosquitoes Away”

But one important thing, which you should be clear about these plants is that, it’s not the plant that shoo away mosquitoes it’s the oil that oozes out of the leaves of these plants when they are crushed.

So, in order to use their mosquito repelling quality, you will need to crush a few leaves.

Now, let’s look at these amazing plants.

9 Mosquito Repellent Plants To Save Yourself From Blood Sucking Monster

Lemongrass (Citronella Plant)

Lemongrass - Best plants that repel mosquitoes

Filled with numerous health benefits lemongrass has also been found to have insect repellant effects.

When its leaves are crushed, pleasantly smelling oil oozes out of it which can be then applied over the exposed skin and it will keep mosquitoes away from you.

If you look at the ingredients of any mosquito repellent skin cream or candle, there are high chances you will find citronella in it.

But these are often made with mixing other chemicals in it which can be harmful for our body.

So, growing Lemongrass in your home garden will make sure you are repelling mosquitoes away organically.

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Lavender – Pleasant Smelling Plant That Repel Mosquitoes

Indoor Mosquito Repellent Plant

One of the most sought-after fragrance in the world is of Lavender, that is used in making many perfumes.


The same smell which is soothing, relaxing and calming for us is not tolerated by mosquitoes.

And they keep themselves as far as possible from the smell of this plant. (that is what you want, don’t you?)

Which makes lavender one of the best plants that repels mosquitoes away.

Who wouldn’t like these beautiful looking and smelling plants in their home?

Get one for yourself today.

Peppermint – Mosquito Repellent Plant

This exceptional herb is widely used by gardeners to keep ants away (another threat to gardening) but very few know that it can be used to keep these constant buzzers at bay as well.

Peppermint - Plant that repel mosquitoes

I just love the smell of peppermint but that’s too much for mosquitoes & they certainly can’t stand it and I love this.

So, for me it’s a win-win situation.

Also, if you have peppermint plant in your garden, you can use it for cooking purpose as well.

In India, it is widely used during summer time as it keeps our body temperature under control.  

If you are too busy to care for these plants or looking for more efficient ways to deal with these blood sucking monsters then you can check out these electric mosquito trappers and live a life mosquito free.

Basil (Tulsi) – Holiest Plants That Repel Mosquitoes

As soon as you come near this plant you will get a powerful hit of scent in your nose.

Basil is considered a holy plant in India, & is used quite often to reduce cough and cold.

Tips to take care of tulsi plant

But this plant also has the ability to repel mosquitoes away.

For this all you have to do is take 4-6 leaves and then rub them well in your hand and apply over your bare skin.

And that’s it.

If you are having cough and cold then you can chew 2-3 leaves as well.

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Rosemary is wildly known for its woody fragrance that is why it is loved by many gardeners.

Rosemary - Plants That Repel Mosquitoes

But you will be glad to know that this smell is capable of shooing not only mosquitoes away but other insects as well which you might find frightening or irritating.

Rosemary is indeed a great indoor mosquito repellent plant which will do the work effectively.

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Neem Plant

Whenever the number of mosquitoes in our home increases to an extent where nothing else works, the next thing I do is get some fresh neem leaves.

Neem Plant that repels mosquitos

Don’t get the dried ones otherwise they will burn very swiftly and won’t contain the oil which repels mosquitoes.

Get the greener looking leaves and take an old utensil or earthen bowl and burn them.

In no time, you will see a lot of smoke coming out of it.

Grab the utensil and go to every corner of your home and keep that bowl in a place such that the smoke gets evenly spread.

And that will be it.

There will be no mosquitoes in sight and you can do your work freely.

Having a neem plant (a natural insecticide) in or around your house is surely going to help you in many ways.

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Lemon Balm

Lemon Balm is another herb that keeps mosquitoes away.

Already used for many other health problems like reducing stress, anxiety and indigestion this miraculous herb can also be used to keep mosquitoes at bay.

Lemon Balm - Shoo Away Mosquitoes

It has a lemony scent but is a part of mint family, so you get the scent of both a bit, but the lemon one overpowers a bit.

Get this plant in your home garden and say bye-bye to mosquitoes.

It is very easy to grow and goes wild after a certain period so always grow them in container to keep them restricted to a certain location.

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Surprisingly enough this beautiful flowering plants is able to repel mosquitoes to a great extent.

Marigold plants leaves when rubbed releases “Pyrethrum” which is used in many insect repellents, so you get the point.


This small cute looking plant will be your guard against those blood suckers.

Marigold is surely one of the best indoor mosquito repellent plant that you can find.

Get these small balls of happiness home today.

Garlic (Lehsun)   

Garlic is a medicinal herb, which finds various use in Indian kitchens.


It is something whose smell is liked by a few and some feels differently.

But one thing which is constant is that its smell surely repels mosquitoes away.

This method can be too extreme for few people, but to use its mosquito repelling quality, cut few garlic into small pieces and put them in those places which you think might be the entry point of mosquitoes.

Over To You:

I hope these 9 amazing mosquito repellent plants will help you live a stress free life and save you from life threatening diseases.

If you have any other ideas or tricks to shoo away mosquitoes and would like to share it with us, then make sure to comment it down below.


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