12 Red Leaf Indoor Plants in India [Most Beautiful]

There is a thing about plants with red leaves.

Even if there are hundreds of plants out there, your eyes will be drawn towards the red colored ones.

The best part about red leaf plants is that, they go well against both light and bright colored walls. And…

I guess, you are also trying to add these bold looking plants to your current lot.

So, let’s see the best options you have.

12 Red Leaf Plants in India [Breathtakingly Beautiful]


One of the most popular red leaf plants on the planet is Poinsettia.

And there is no wonder, why it is so…

Poinsettia - Stunning Red Leaf Plant

Its dark reddish leaves surely attract most of the eyeballs towards it.

If you only have space or budget to add only 1 red leaf plant then I would recommend you to go with Poinsettia.

Is poinsettia poisonous?

Sadly, it is and can cause vomiting if ingested so keep it out of reach of children and pets.

This plant is not pet friendly.

Fittonia – Unique Red Leaf Plant in India

Fittonia is often known as Nerve Plant and when you get one you will surely get to know why it is called so.


Its green colored leaves ran over by red veins like structure looks so astonishing.

Fittonia loves fast draining soil which needs to be kept moist, also let the soil dry between watering.

Fittonia is neither toxic to cats nor dogs.

AnthuriumJaw Dropping Plant With Red Leaves in India

It is undoubtedly one of the most attractive red leaf plants out there.

Anthurium - most amazing plant with red leaves

With a horn like thing piercing through its leaves.

Anthurium is sought after by many plant lovers because of its unique shape and color.

It is a great indoor plant with red leaves.


Don’t go by it looks, this plant is poisonous to both human and pets.

So, if you have cats or dogs at home, you should resist yourself from buying it or keep it out of reach from both of them.

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With a splash of red colored leaves, outlined by green border, Coleus has got everything to take your heart away.

Coleus - Beautiful red leaf plant

This plant is a perfect companion to anyone who is looking for a red leaf plant that can thrive well in shade.

Sadly, Coleus is also not pet friendly and can cause serious problem if ingested.

So, be very careful of that while considering it.

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BromeliadRed Leaf Plant That Looks Like On Fire

If you have been looking for the easiest to care plant with red leaves then Bromeliad is your partner.

Bromeliad - plant on fire

This plant looks like it is on fire, with the top part of its leaves going all red and hot.

You just can’t go wrong with Bromeliad.

Also, this plant is pet friendly, so your cats and dogs are safe in its presence.


Croton is a hardy plant that doesn’t require much of maintenance and looks amazing anywhere you put it.

Croton - red leaf houseplant

The shades of red, with a touch of green that it provides looks so rustic and mind-blowing.

It is one of the easiest to grow houseplant with red leaves which has super amazing air purifying property as well.

Crotons are toxic if ingested, so keep it somewhere where children and pets cannot reach.

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Red Amarnath (Healthy)

The superfood from India, which is gaining a lot of popularity these days, has a unique red braid like thing over its green leaf which looks super amazing.

Amarnath plant

If you want to add a red leaf plant that has health benefits as well, then Amarnath should be on the top of your list.

Rex Begonia

Another great plant with red leaves is Rex Begonia, which grows well in indirect bright sunlight.

They love fast draining soil and should be kept moist to stay healthy.

Rex Begonia

It is very popular among gardening lovers for their spectacular leaves.

Rex Begonia is toxic to both cats and dogs, so if you have any of those in your house,

then sadly…

You will have to either skip it or keep it in a place which is inaccessible by your pets and children.

TI Plant ( Red Leaf Plant in India)

Ti plant can add a bold look to a well-lit room.

Ti Plant

Perfect for containers, it loves to get flooded with water until water seeps out of the drainage holes and given gap between watering until the top soil gets dry.

Keep it in a spot where it receives direct sunlight and during times when the sunlight is too harsh, it requires bright but indirect sunlight to keep thriving.

Even TI plant is dangerous for pets and children if ingested, so be cautious of that.

Polka Dot Red Splash  

Are you into polka dots, why not get this stunning looking plant with dots of bright red over green colored leaves?

This plant is fast growing and can be grown easily in both direct sunlight and shade.

Polka Dot Red Splash

Although, its color enhances in shade and fades under light.

Polka dot plants are considered non toxic to pets but if consumed in large quantities, it can cause a bit of problem.

CaladiumHeart Shaped Red Leaf Plant

This plant with heart shaped leaves is going to stay in your heart forever with splashes of color all over its leaves.


Due to the shape of its leaves, it is popularly known as Angel Wings.

These plants grow well under shade and direct sunlight can cause trouble.

Which makes this plant perfect for people who doesn’t have proper source of sunlight.

Note: Caladium is toxic and should not be kept in range of pets and children.

Chinese Evergreen – Aglaonema

Aglaonema is one hell of a beautiful plant. They look dashing wherever they are placed.

Chinese Evergreen

Chinese evergreen is widely popular as houseplants because of their low maintenance and adaptability to low light conditions.

They are perfect for office desk and small rooms that gets filtered lights.

Although, this plant is toxic to both human and animals. So having it in close proximity of children and pets is not a good idea.

Final Words

Which plant did you like the most and is considering to bring home?

What are the things that makes you like a plant and consider it?

  • Is it the look?
  • or ease of maintenance?
  • or pet friendly?

Do share your thoughts.