Rose Plant Care in India – The Ultimate Tips

Rose plants are an absolute beauty, but caring after them can be a bit tricky and you can often find them struggling to survive.  

But not anymore…

Rose Plant Care in India 

For proper rose plant care in India, provide it with full sunlight and water it only when the top of the soil gets dry, strictly avoid overwatering & provide it with a good amount of fertilizer in its active season and apply neem oil every month to protect it from pests.

In this article, I will share everything on how you can care for a rose plant in India and keep them healthy and full of bloom.

Table of Content 

Sunlight Requirement

Potting Soil for Rose 

How to water Rose plant



Protecting From Pests

Rose Plant Care in Summer India

Rose Plant Care in Winter in India 

Rose Plant Care in India
Our beautiful rose plants in pots

Sunlight Requirement of Rose Plant

The first care tip for the Rose plant is to provide it with full sunlight which is around 5-6 hours of direct sunlight. 

Rose plant thrives best under direct sunlight and will bloom exceptionally well in this condition. 

But during the summer season when the sunlight is very harsh, you should place them in partial shade or only provide it with morning sunlight only, otherwise, the plant can get sunburnt. 

Potting Soil For Rose

Rose needs soil that is rich in nutrition with fast-draining capacity and good water retention quality.  

This means its potting soil needs to have a good amount of compost (fertilizer) and should be able to flush out excess water swiftly and still be able to hold enough moisture. 

For this you can make your own potting soil at home by following ingredients: 

If you don’t want to make your own potting soil, you can get this pre-made potting soil that is specifically made for flowering plants like roses. 

How to Water Rose plant 

Not knowing how to water a rose plant the right way is one of the major reasons behind people losing this beautiful plant. 

Although, a rose plant needs a lot of water but overwatering it causes root rot which is fatal for it. 

That is why never overwater your rose plant, and wait for the top few inches of the soil to dry out between watering. 

If you keep the soil always wet it will promote root rot and the plant will suffer badly.  

Your aim should be to keep the soil always moist.

When to water a rose plant? 

The best time to water a rose plant is in the morning water directly over the soil and not splash water all over the plant and its leaves. 

If you spill water over its leaves the water stays there & promotes fungal growth and other pest attacks. 

For this you should always use a pointed watering can (like this one) to avoid this.

On top of that, you should always water your rose plant in the morning so that even if you accidentally spill water over its leaves it can evaporate swiftly. 

But if you water it during night time, it will not get ample time to dry out and your plant will suffer.  

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Fertilizing – Rose Plant Care in India

The Rose plant is a heavy feeder and requires a good amount of nutrition during its active growing.

Rose flower season in India is Spring, Summer & Fall Season. 

During this period, you should provide your rose plant with good quality fertilizer every 25-30 days to get gorgeous blooms. 

You can make your own compost from kitchen waste at home and feed it with that.

Or you can provide it with this fertilizer which is specifically made for rose plants. 

Whichever fertilizer you choose, don’t keep it deprived of it during the active season. 

And, remember one important thing, never apply fertilizer in the presence of direct sunlight as it can burn the plant. 

Always apply it after the sunset or very early morning and water immediately.


Pruning simply means cutting off dead branches, leaves, and flowers. 

To keep your rose plant healthy, you should regularly prune it and discard any dead leaves and branches as this promotes new and healthy growth. 

During its blooming season, when you see that any flower has started to fade, you should cut it with the help of a pruner, don’t use your bare hands as rose plants have pointy thorns and you can get injured. 

In the winter season, when the rose plant goes into dormancy (inactive period) do not prune it as it won’t be able to heal and grow. 

Protecting Rose Plant From Pest

Rose plant is often attacked by pests and fungus, so to protect it from pests.

You can spray neem oil over its leaves every 30-35 days to keep that pest at bay.

Also, don’t apply neem oil very frequently as it can burn the leaves after one-time application wait for at least 15 days for it to do the work.

Rose Plant Care in Summer in India 

To take care of a rose plant in summer in India, keep it under partial shade/green net as the sunlight is too intense, cover it with mulch to retain moisture, and increase the watering frequency. 

Provide it with fertilizer and keep pruning it to keep it in good shape. 

Even though your plant doesn’t show any sign of flowering, keep fertilizing it as it will have enough nutrition for blooming in its flowering season. 

Rose Plant Care in Winter in India  

During the winter season, the rose plant goes into dormancy, so you need to cut back watering and allow the soil to dry out for a good portion before watering it again

Don’t fertilize and prune it during winters as it won’t be able to take it well.

Keep your rose plant under shade during nighttime to protect it from frost and cold winds. 

Provide your rose plant as much direct sunlight as you can provide in winters. 

Wrapping Up 

I hope this guide will help you keep your rose plant healthy and happy in Indian weather. 

Rose plants are anyways a tough plants but a slight change in their care routine can turn things upside down in no time, so you should be very careful while growing them. 

If you still have any doubts, do not hesitate to ask them in the comment section.

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    1. I have just recently added this beautiful plant in my garden and yet to experiment with it. Be connected as I will be sharing its detailed care guide after caring for it a few days.

      But for now, just provide it good amount of sunlight, water it moderately.

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