Syngonium Plant Care India – Complete Guide

Syngonium is a popular indoor plant armed with arrowhead shaped leaves that makes people intrigued in it and is also the reason behind its other famous name arrowhead. 

This tropical plant has its own set of care requirements.

Syngonium plant care India?  

Syngonium plant care in India, includes exposing it to medium to bright indirect sunlight, frequent misting to create a humid environment. A potting soil that can hold moisture for a long time but should be able to drain excess water swiftly. Feeding it with light fertilizer during the summer season. 

I bought a small Syngonium plant from a nursery a long time back which has now turned into a gigantic plant. How I cared for it is what I am going to share with you today.

Syngonium Plant Care
The Journey

Syngonium/Arrowhead Plant Care India – A Quick Overview

SunlightMedium To Bright Indirect
Soil PhSlightly acidic
Potting SoilRich & fast Draining
RepottingEvery Year or Every Alternate Year
WateringKeep the soil moist

Table of Content 

Sunlight Requirements  



Potting Soil

Dusting Leaves 



Syngonium Plant Care India

Sunlight Requirement – Syngonium Plant Care India

The first thing which you need to take care of while caring for your syngonium is to never expose it to direct sunlight as this will 99% of the time burn the beautiful leaves of your arrowhead. 

Syngonium is a tropical plant and grows in the shade of other plants in its native environment. 

Does Syngonium need sunlight? 

Yes, it does need sunlight but it prefers medium to bright indirect sunlight, and can even survive in low light conditions. But the best is to put it in a well lit location, away from direct sun. 

I keep my Syngonium under a UV protected green net (like this one) all time of the year.

Watering Needs 

Syngonium prefers to stay in a moist environment, so never let it dry out completely and try to keep the soil moist at all times. 

But this doesn’t mean you can overwater it. As it will certainly push your plant in bad condition. 

So, how do you make sure you are watering it according to its need? 

Whenever you water it, flood it with water so much that water comes out of the drainage holes. 

And then before watering it again, touch the soil if it feels moist, skip watering and wait for the upper layer of the soil to dry out a bit. 

As this allows the soil to breathe. 

Once you find out the top layer of the soil has dried a bit, you can again water it the same way. 

Misting Syngonium Plant Care India

As you must be aware that Syngonium is a tropical plant, it prefers a humid environment. 

To provide it the same, you should regularly mist your plant to provide it the ideal condition and this will keep your plant in great shape.

How a pressure sprayer works

I will recommend a garden sprayer (a good one like this on amazon) to mist your plant to make the process smooth.

The more humidity you can provide it, the more you will see it smiling back at you. 

Potting Soil 

It prefers a potting soil that has a good amount of nutrition & moisture retention capacity and should be able to flush out excess water swiftly. 

As Syngonium doesn’t like standing water.

To prepare Potting mix for Syngonium, you can use the following ingredients: 

Mix these well and leave for some time to allow them to blend together. 

Or if you want to ditch the process of doing all this, I will recommend you get this potting mix for your Syngonium. 

Dusting Leaves 

Misting is an important part of caring for syngonium, but if the leaves are all covered with dust they won’t be able to absorb the humidity through the leaves. 

And it will be a waste. 

So, regularly dust the leaves of your plant. 

Take a piece of cloth (cotton), soak it in a little bit of water and wipe the leaves gently without hurting them. 

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Fertilizing (Syngonium Care India)

Spring to Summer is the active period of the arrowhead plant when it grows and this is the time when you can and should feed it with a little bit of fertilizer. 

For this you can choose a good quality vermicompost ( this one) or a seaweed fertilizer (a good one like this). 

But don’t over fertilize it as it can burn the leaves of the plant. 

If you see that the leaves which are nearer to the soil are turning brown, water the soil immediately to flush out the excess fertilizer from the soil. 


Syngonium is a fast grower and will outgrow enough every alternate year that it needs to be up-potted. 

Up potting simply means repotting into a one size bigger container. 

Also, when you repot, you should use fresh potting soil as the old one will not have enough nutrients, water retention and drainage capacity left. 

Wrapping Up 

These were the main points which you need to take care of while growing a syngonium indoors. 

I have tried to cover all the topics which I could have thought of but if you still have any doubts do let me know through the comment section.