Craze for Terrace Gardening is going up as people are becoming more and more aware of the pollution levels as well as the use of chemicals in agriculture industry.

But, before starting a terrace garden, you must know these terrace garden tips to avoid mistakes that beginners usually tend to make and to have the most beautiful rooftop garden.

These tips will help you big time, because what happens is that a lot of people start making a rooftop garden without planning and then things start to get messy till the point you have to start from scratch.

Which you don’t want for sure…!!!

So, today in this post I will tell you all the things that you need to plan or should have in your mind while planning your terrace garden.

Terrace Garden tips - arranging the garden

Amazing Terrace Garden Tips For Beginners [To Get Started]

Space and Sunlight: Essential Tips For Terrace Gardening

This is the first step you need to take care of in order for planning a terrace garden.

Most people will tell you to use a certain part of your terrace (which is a good advice) so that the rest can be used for sitting and enjoying in your beautiful garden.

but you shouldn’t choose it vaguely.

Now, you must be thinking – okay then… how to choose the perfect spot?

sunlight spot for garden

You should choose that part of your terrace which gets the most amount of sunlight because that is what your garden will need the most.

The portion which gets the morning light as well as sunlight for at least 4 hours is the best one to consider for the plants.

If not morning sunlight, then any portion which gets around 4-6 hours of sunlight is the best one to consider.

Rest of the part then can be converted into a peaceful spot for reading newspaper or doing yoga or just relaxing with a few chairs and table or maybe a garden swing.

Schedule a day and keep a note of sunlight pattern on your terrace during morning, afternoon and evening to decide the best spot.

Waterproofing – Most Crucial Terrace Garden Tips

This one is a very crucial part while planning a terrace garden and most of the people are unaware of this danger.

See when you are having a garden on your terrace then there is going to be a lot of water involved and the ceiling is going to soak most of it if not properly waterproofed which will lead to damping and ultimately leakage of water.

And trust me it is not a good thing for your house in long term and certainly it doesn’t look good and also smells of moisture which you don’t want obviously.

But how do you prepare your terrace for this?

So, there are quite a few things you can do:

tips for terrace garden making terrace garden waterproof
  • Most safe but expensive: Get your terrace waterproofed by professionals.
  • Second is comparatively way cheap but not that safe:
    You can buy a tarpaulin sheet and spread it over your terrace.
  • Not so safe and requires a bit of work but cheapest:
    Get saucers for your containers (pots or grow bags) so that whenever water drains from container it is stored in these saucers and you just have to throw it away regularly.
  • And the last one is to use a stand for your container so that they are never in direct contact with the surface.

Handle Weight

Now once you have done both of the above step make sure to consider whether your roof will be able to hold the weight of plants, soil and the pots involved.

Generally, in India the houses are quite tough and can handle such weight but you should not take it for granted.

If the house is old, you may consider talking to a professional to avoid any mishappening.

Even if it is old or not, there are quite a few things you can do to significantly reduce the weight:

Use UV treated grow bags instead of pots. They weigh way lesser than pots and are UV treated so they are able to handle sunlight for quite a time.

Next choice can be plastic pots.

Avoid using big tubs and bucket, first thing is they put a lot of weight, second is they are very hard to be relocated and the third thing is they take away the charm of your garden. ( That’s a pro terrace garden tip right there)

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Water source

Watering can

Your terrace garden is going to need a lot of water once it starts to get big and you develop love for gardening. Then there is no going back.

But how will you water your garden.

Make sure to have a water source near your garden and also consider rain water harvesting if there is scarcity of water.

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Watering – Important Terrace Garden Tips

This is where most of the new gardener fails which is while watering their plants.

Overwatering is one of the most common mistake that beginner gardeners often make.

I can totally relate to this, because we feel very connected to the plants and don’t want them to stay thirsty.

But, you must know that every plant require different amount of water and quite a few of them thrives well without water for a long period of time.

So, be aware of the plant that you are growing and its water requirements otherwise you will end up killing it.

Getting A ShadeLife Saving Tips For Terrace Gardening

We all know how the global warming is playing with our environment and most of the states in India have to face harsh summers.

Where the mercury rises above 35 degree Celsius easily.

In such conditions, we don’t even want to step out of the house so how can our plants survive outside.

If they are kept under such harsh sunlight then there is a high chance they will burn or if not, they will dry out of water and you will have to continuously water them in short intervals which will be quite hectic.

So, what should you do to save your precious garden from sunlight?

Just get a green shade which will reduce its impact and keep the temperature under check.

Also, a green shade will come handy during monsoon where there is a chance that your plants will get overwatered due to rain.

Net for birds/animals Handy Tips For Terrace Gardening

Install a bird net around your terrace to avoid the attacks of Birds or animals (Monkeys to be specific).

Birds loves to feed on free food and your garden will be that place so once your garden starts to grow big then consider installing a net around it because it will start to come in notice of birds and monkeys (if there are any in your area).

What to Grow – The Big Question?

This is also an important part of planning a terrace garden that, what are you actually going to grow in your terrace garden?

Okay, so before I give you a cliché answer that you can grow anything you want.

I want to tell you one important thing here that vegetable plants are the number one cause of attracting mealy bugs and insects that mess up the things badly.

So, if you cannot dedicate much time for your garden then don’t invest more in vegetable plants only grow 1-2 vegetable plant at a time and go for more of flower plants instead.

Also, be aware that every plant has its own specific season in which it can be grown, check that before buying any seeds.

You can check this amazing article on how to grow vegetables in pots at home if vegetable is what you want to go with.

Map Out the Area

So, this is the part where you make a clear understanding of how you are going to place the containers.

Will the small containers go first or the big ones?

Which plants will be placed close to each other’s?

You can do it according to the color of the plants in order to make your garden more beautiful.

This is one part that will come into existence after you have brought a few plants so just make sure you don’t randomly start putting them out.

But have a proper planning to it as well.

Over To You

This were the 9 tips for terrace gardening that will help you while creating your terrace garden.

I hope this article provided with you some value.

If you have any other query make sure to ask it in the comment section.


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