I have seen a transition from 2 plant pots to having a lush green garden on our terrace with more than 50+ variety of plants.

During this process I have faced many challenges and today I will share tips to avoid & overcome them so that you can have a smooth journey.

Terrace Gardening Tips involve growing plants suitable for local climate, analyzing the sunlight pattern, making sure the water drains quickly, starting small and then gradually adding more plants, know the basic gardening techniques & be aware that every plant has different requirements.

This article will help you avoid all the possible roadblocks and inform you about the work involved in maintaining a terrace garden.

Terrace Gardening Tips For Beginners – The Ultimate Guide

Terrace Gardening tips

Deciding The Spot For Placing Plants – Terrace Garden Tips

Deciding the spot on your terrace for placing plants is the first terrace gardening tip that you need to work upon.

You shouldn’t start putting your plants impulsively rather be aware of the sunlight pattern & sunlight requirement of the specific plant you are growing.

Schedule a day and keep a note of sunlight pattern on your terrace during morning, afternoon and evening to decide the best spot.

Once you have noted it, place the plants accordingly, as few plants prefer staying under direct sunlight all day long like Bougainvillea, Aparajita, tomatoes and others prefer to get only light morning sunlight and then prefer to stay under shade like Aloe vera, Jade plant etc…

Few plants prefers only indirect sunlight like Syngonium, Snake Plant & Peace Lily.

So they must be placed strategically according to their sunlight needs.

Bring plants according to local climate

Only grow plants that can thrive in your local climate, this is probably the biggest terrace gardening tips I can share with you.

Because what happens in this digital era is that people get influenced by seeing photos of people showing off their beautiful plants and now they are all charged up to bring the same plant for their garden.

But, before that you should check, whether that plant will be able to survive in your region or not.

Otherwise, all your excitement & work will go in vain.

If you want to grow vegetables, then check with your local gardening website which vegetables grows in your region and only start with them.

Starting Small – Terrace Gardening Tips For Beginners

Start with a few plants in the beginning, and try to understand how things work.

What kind of soil a plant needs, what role does sunlight and watering plays. How to and when to fertilize a plant.

Once you start to get comfortable with the process then gradually add more plants.

Don’t bring in a lot of plants in the beginning as you won’t be able to take care of them and ultimately start loosing them.

How to use & choose a container

Containers (Pots or Grow Bags) are an inseparable part of terrace gardening as you will be using them to grow plants, there are a few important things you should know about using & choosing a container.

Whatever type of container you choose, you need to make drainage holes at the bottom, this allows excess water to pass and proper air circulation inside the soil, which is very necessary for plants growth and health.

Another thing you should be aware about before choosing a container is that the heavier the container you choose the more weight it is going to put on your terrace and also it will be more difficult to relocate them from one position to another.

So, I will recommend you to go with either plastic pots or UV treated grow bags (like this one) and not grow plants in cement pots.

You can use saucer for your pots, as it restricts direct contact of water with the structure and protect it from getting problem of water leakage.

Learn the art of watering plants

Watering Adenium

Learning the art of watering is one of the most crucial and important skill that you will need to keep your plants alive and healthy.

First thing first,

Never use a normal pipe or mug to water your plants as the force of water is too much for plants and displaces the soil and ends up messing the roots, always use a watering can and water directly over the soil and not on the plant.

Because the plant takes majority of the water from roots and not leaves.

Other terrace gardening tip is to not overwater your plant.

I can totally relate to this, because we feel very connected to our plants and don’t want them to stay thirsty.

And tend to water them more than their requirement, overwatering can cause yellowing of leaves, root rot etc.

So, be aware of the plant that you are growing and its water requirements otherwise you will end up killing it.

It is always a good practice to allow a few inches of the soil to dry out between watering, because if you keep the soil wet all the time, the roots are not able to breathe and starts to suffocate.

Basic Gardening Technique – Terrace Garden Tips

To keep your terrace garden in shape, you will need to know about a few basic gardening technique.


Pruning is the process of removing any dead branches, to promote new and healthy growth.

You can use a pruner or sharp knife for the same.


Once a plant grows big enough for the current container, it need to be replanted into a bigger pot as the roots start to suffocate.


Deadheading means removing dead or fading flowers to allow new flowers the chance to grow.

Learn to make Potting Soil

Every plant needs different growing medium and you cannot grow each plant in same type of potting soil.

Some plants prefer very fast draining soil like adeniums, other prefers soil that can retain moisture for a long time like Syngonium.

Once you start to understand what kind of soil a particular plant prefers.

You should start to learn to make your own potting soil at home as this will be more economical and will provide a better environment to your plant.

Kitchen Waste is Gold

Once you start gardening on your terrace, you will be in a constant need of fertilizer to feed your plants.

And surprisingly enough, you can easily make compost at home from kitchen waste like vegetables peels, tea leftovers etc.

This will help you economically but more importantly you are helping in reducing carbon footprint by composting waste at home and not filling the landfills.

Once you start with this process there is no going back.

Installing a Green Net – Terrace Gardening Tips For Beginners

I recommend you investing in a good quality green net (like this one) as there are many plants which likes to stay under shade all day.

Like Snake plant, Peace Lily, ZZ and many more.

Also, having a green net protect your plants from harsh afternoon sunlight that can burn the leaves of most of the plants.

It also protect plants from frost, sudden rain and keep your terrace colder.

Have a water source nearby

Your terrace garden is going to need a lot of water once it starts to get big.

But how will you get the water for your garden?

Make sure to have a water source on your terrace otherwise it will become very tough for you to carry water from any other place all the way up to your terrace.

Also consider rain water harvesting if there is scarcity of water in your area.

What to grow – The big question?

This is an important part of planning a terrace garden that, what are you actually going to grow in your terrace garden? (check out the these amazing terrace garden plants we personally have)

Okay, so before I give you a cliché answer that you can grow anything you want.

I want to tell you one important thing here that vegetable plants are the number one cause of attracting mealy bugs and insects that mess up the things badly.

So, if you cannot dedicate much time fighting these pests then don’t invest more in vegetable plants only grow 1-2 vegetable plant at a time and go after flowering plants. (365 days flowering plants in India)

Also, be aware that every plant has its own specific season in which it can be grown, check that before buying any seeds.

You can check this amazing article on how to grow vegetables in pots at home if vegetable is what you want to go with.

Over To You

This were the tips for terrace gardening that will help you in maintaining your terrace garden.

I hope this article provided you some value.

If you have any other query make sure to ask it in the comment section.

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