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Garden Troubles is your very own home gardening website in India, where you can learn about different plants. How to grow & care for them and kickstart your home gardening journey with like-minded people. At Garden Troubles, I try to provide you with “to the point” practical guidance & keep the fluff talks at bay.

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We cannot deny the fact that our Earth is suffering and the blame has to be put on us “humans”. Lack of oxygen and natural greens is the new normal, why not try to do our part by adding natural air generator (plants) to our homes. 

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What do you need help with?

Home Gardening in India is still not a widely accepted concept but is slowly gaining trend as people are realizing its worth. The peaceful aura & the positive energy, it radiates all around is a must thing to experience in life. Garden Troubles is here to help every individual who wants to start their home gardening journey but never gets that confidence as they have no one to guide them.

Also, there is a misconception amongst people related to gardening that it is easy, which gets burst as they start with it because it has its unique science and each plant requires different care and requirements. 

Which you need to learn about and Garden Troubles provides you with all that information.

Looking for a guide on a plant that is not yet covered on Garden Troubles, reach out to me via mail or comment it down below any other post.  Help me reach a wider audience and encourage people to start gardening at home.

Why Choose Garden Troubles? 

Comprehensive Solutions: Whether you’re dealing with invasive weeds, pesky bugs, or struggling plants, we have the answers you need to solve any gardening problem.

Expert Advice: Our seasoned gardening experts use their years of experience and knowledge to provide you with practical, actionable advice that gets results.

User-Friendly information: From basic guidelines to advanced gardening techniques, our website provides a plethora of simple information for gardeners of all skill levels.

Community Support: Join our vibrant community of garden enthusiasts to share ideas, get assistance, and celebrate your gardening triumphs

Our Featured Categories: 

Pest Control: Discover efficient ways for keeping common garden pests at bay, including aphids, snails, deer, and rats.

Plant Care: Learn how to nurture healthy, growing plants, including watering regimens, soil preparation, and trimming strategies.

Organic Gardening: Our guide to organic gardening includes natural pest control strategies and sustainable growing techniques.

Seasonal recommendations: Stay ahead of the curve with our seasonal gardening recommendations, which are designed to help you make the most of each stage of your garden’s growth cycle.