Why Garden Troubles Came Into Existence

The Beginning

Sudeep Giri – I am the one behind this website. 

GardenTroubles is where I share my personal experience with gardening and doing experiments with indoor plants.

Enjoy your stay here and be a part of my quest to make indoor gardening worry free

Keep Reading to know how gardening made me grateful.

The year is 2020, life is going pretty normal and then suddenly march comes and Covid-19 explodes all over the World and India is no different. The whole country was forced to lockdown and a person like me who loved to travel “so frequently” was trapped inside.

First few days were normal and I was hoping that if this lockdown is followed efficiently it will disappear within a month. (Gosh! I was so very wrong.)

As we all know, the graph seemed to go higher and higher everyday. 

Situation was getting out of control and people were losing their mind, and I was no different. 

Netflix and chill was not helping anymore and I was tired of watching YouTube recommending me videos from 9 years back.

It was getting on my nerves and I knew I had to find something real to get my mental peace back to normal. 

Time I discovered Gardening

different plants to grow at home in india
Terrace Garden Ideas

I am lucky enough that my uncle’s house is next to mine.

He has retired from Railway Job and used to spend 60% of his time doing gardening on his terrace and 20% of the time attending seminars and workshops on it. ( You can see the image of terrace garden in the image above)

He even participated in a workshop where he had to pick the most creative things from his garden and boy did people love it.

But I didn’t use to understand what was so attractive and addictive about Gardening that he would spend half of his day on the terrace.

All this was before lockdown, once lockdown happened. The time spent on the terrace rose to 90%.

I could see him on the terrace regardless of the time. 

So, one day I thought. I don’t have anything to do, lets go and see what exactly it is about Gardening that is so tempting.

I am not saying that I had never been to his terrace garden, I have been there numerous time but with a different mindset. This time I went there to learn about it.

The Realization

Desert Rose Care India
Potting mix for adenium - adenium care india

My thinking about growing plants was not very complex but now when I think of it. I laugh so hard on myself.

I used to think, growing plants cant be a tough task.

What do you want – Seed, a pot filled with soil and just water regularly. That’s it. 

After a few time the plants will start to rise and give us either beautiful flowers or healthy vegetables.

I was so very wrong. ( Seeing those adeniums hanging for the first time had me think on it again)

One thing that shocked me was the soil inside the pot that had so many different things mixed together. Potting soil is not just about normal soil.

And that soil (growing medium) was made differently for different plants. Some needed fast draining soil, some not so porous. 

A few plants need more sun and had to placed in such a way, other had to be put under a shade. 

Watering was not so easy as it seemed. You just can’t water all the plants the same way or they will die.

I was so intrigued about all this science that goes behind growing a small plant.

This Is Why Garden Troubles Is Here

This was enough to get me started and I started to get my hands dirty.

One thing that stood out for me was the connection that gets developed between the plant and you.

When you sow a seed and the day first leaves comes of it, I can’t express how much joy it brings with it. It felt like a part of me and I wanted to take care of it with all I got.

One day, My uncle gave us an Aloe Vera plant and I knew that they love sunlight so I used to keep it outside.

But the temperature had risen again suddenly and the leaves of Aloe Vera plant started to turn yellowish in color that made me so sad.

I thought I was overwatering them, so I made sure it wasn’t overwatered and keep a check on it for a few days but there was no improvement.

So, I asked my Uncle for the possible reason. 

He told me that it has got sunburnt, just keep it inside or under shade when the sunlight gets too harsh. I followed his advice and within 3-4 days, the green color had restored.

That day I thought I am lucky that I can go out and just ask my Uncle for any Query but not everyone is so lucky.

That is why I created Garden Troubles, to solve any gardening related problem and tips related to it.

I hope I can help a few people out there.


How Gardening Helped Me Become Grateful

The day I realized the fact that growing these small little plants from a seed requires so much of science and patience.

It made me Grateful towards the farmer who are doing this work at such a large scale and putting so much of hard work into it and still they have to suffer this much. I never took their work as something very proud worthy but now I can proudly say they are the strongest wheel of any country.

If they stop the country stop.

Gardening is one thing I wish every parent make their kids get into so that they can understand the importance of food so they think twice before wasting it.

That's Pretty Much It - Adios

Thank You for reading it till here.

I wish you all the best for your life.

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