Champa Flower: How to Grow, Care & Flower Season

The Champa plant is a beautiful flowering plant famous for its unique structure and fragrant flowers. 

The scientific name of Champa is Plumeria Alba and in English, it is known as Frangipani. It is widely grown as a fencing plant due to its branch’s unique cluster-like formation. 

In this guide, you will learn everything about this gorgeous plant. 

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Champa Flower Season 

Champa Plant

The flowering season of Champa starts in March(Spring) and stays till Sept-Oct (Autumn). 

How to grow Champa Plant From Cutting  

To grow the Champa plant from cutting, you just need to follow these simple steps:  

Also, the best time to grow Champa from cutting is the spring season.

Get a healthy cutting (Step 1) 

Take a 6-inch healthy cutting from a Champa plant that is a little greener in color and avoid the ones that are old and brown in color. 

After this remove/cut all the leaves from the cutting with the help of a sharp scissor. 

You will see that the bottom part of the cutting will be dripping some kind of liquid. Now, we need to keep this cutting under shade for 5-7 days. 

But why are we doing this? 

Because this will help the bottom part of the cutting to form a protective layer which will help it from root rot. This is simply the mechanism that happens in a human body as well when we get a cut on our body it automatically starts to heal.

The plant also works in the same way and heals the bottom part and forms a protective layer. 

After 5-7 days, you will notice that it has formed a white layer over it & is now ready to be planted. 

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Prepare Potting Soil & Pot 

Now, take a 4-6 inch pot. Make one hole at the bottom for passage of air and excess water drainage. 

Prepare potting soil for it with the following composition:

  • Coco peat – ⅓
  • Garden Soil – ⅓
  • Sand – ⅓

Fill this potting soil inside the pot leaving 1-2 inches from the top. And then plant the cutting in it and place the pot in a shady area away from direct sunlight for 15-20 days.

Don’t water the cutting for 7-10 days and allow it to from the roots first. 

After 15-20 days, if everything goes well the cutting will start to produce leaves and then you can move it to direct sunlight. 


Champa Flower Plant

Once the plant grows enough leaves, you should then transplant it into a bigger pot of around 8 inches in size as the Champa plant grows quite big. 

For this simply make the same potting soil and fill it in an 8-inch pot and then transplant this cutting into it. 

Keep it in a location where it can receive direct sunlight as it is necessary for its growth and flowering.

Champa Plant Care

Quick Champa plant care table 

SunlightFull sunlight (4-5 hours daily)
Potting SoilFast draining and rich in nature
WateringModerate watering, only water when the top soil dries up
FertilizingFeed it with good fertilizer during its active season (Spring-Summer).


Champa is a sun-loving plant and thus requires to be exposed to direct sunlight for at least 4-5 hours daily.

This not helps in the overall growth of the plant but also helps in flowering. 

If you are wondering, why my Champa plant is not flowering?

One of the main reasons for it can be keeping it deprived of direct sunlight. Another reason can be a lack of potassium and phosphorus-rich fertilizer, which is common when Champa is grown in a potted environment.

Potting Soil  

Champa plant requires fast-draining as well as rich soil to grow healthy and produce blooms. 

For this always make sure to use a lot of sand in the potting mix and add a good fertilizer like this one in the mix.


It requires moderate watering although the watering schedule can fluctuate from season to season. As in summer, it might need to water more than in the winter season. 

So, keep this rule in mind. Before watering it make sure to stick your finger inside the soil and check if it has dried or not. 

If you feel moisture then do not water it otherwise give it a good showering. 


During its active growth season (Summer Season), this plant requires regular fertilization to be able to produce beautiful blooms. 

Avoid adding fertilizer during the afternoon as it can burn the plant, also always water the soil after adding fertilizer for it to release the nutrients and also bring down the temperature. 

Potassium and Phosphorus rich fertilizer will help produce blooms, you can read this informative guide on the best fertilizer for flowering plants in India.  


I hope this simple yet to-the-point guide was able to drive you in the right direction to grow the Champa plant at home and learn its basic care. 

If you need me to explain any point in more detail, you can comment down below.

And, I will be more than happy to help you.