11 Creeper Plants in India [Fastest Growing]

Looking for creeper plants in India

I can sense that you are a plant lover who wants to use every single space of your house to add a touch of nature to it.  

In this article, you will come around fastest growing creeper plants for wall, balcony and indoors. 

Creeper Plants India

Here is a list of the fastest growing creeper plants in India:

Madhumalti/Rangoon Creeper 

Madhumalti - creeper plant in india

Growing Madhumalti in your house is going to fill you with a delightful experience since it has a mildly sweet aroma to enjoy & pinkish-red blossoms to admire.

They are simple to grow and are an excellent choice for the front portion of your house. So that everyone is greeted with a pleasant aroma.

Without a doubt it is one of the best flowering creeper plants in India.

Curtain Creeper Plant  

Curtain plants are one of the most popular wall creeper plants in India. It is also known as Parda bel which is a literal translation of its English name. They are widely grown as a wall cover and have little to no care requirements. 

Bougainvillea – Best Creeper Plant in India

creeper plants india

Bougainvillea is a beautiful flowering creeper plant that is commonly found growing beside roads in India.

It’s a sturdy plant that can withstand harsh weather and has lovely pink blossoms that feel like paper when touched. 

It is very easy to grow it from cuttings.

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Aparajita  – Creeper Plant in India

Aparajita flower - Creeper Plant in India

Aparajita or Clitoria ternatea bears dashing blue-colored flowers and is one of the popular choices for flowering creeper plants in India. It has medicinal benefits as well and grows well in a potted environment.  

You are surely going to love this plant and its amazing blooms.

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Mogra Plant

Mogra plants are well-known for their lovely white blossoms and fragrant scent. If you want a plant that has both gorgeous flowers and a scent, they are a terrific choice for your house. 

You can enjoy reading newspapers or doing yoga beside this plant. 

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Krishna Kamal – Flowering Creeper Plant in India

Krishna Kamal flowering creeper plant

Krishna Kamal plant has one of the mystical purple-colored flowers that look like Rakhi. It can be grown in pots easily and requires moderate care. 

Looking for a plant that has exceptionally beautiful flowers Krishna Kamal is what you should go for. 

You will be frequently complemented by people visiting your house & laying their eyes on this particular plant. 

Turtle Vine Plant 

Turtle Vine Plant is a perfect creeper plant for balconies in India which can be grown easily in hanging baskets and along the fences & is quite famous for its foliage. It is a succulent plant that requires indirect bright sunlight and a careful watering routine.

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Money plant 

Money plant

Money plant is among the most popular indoor plants in India known for attracting money wherever it is grown.

Well, this fact is quite debatable but one fact about this plant remains true it provides oxygen 24 hours and is a great addition to any home. Requires little care and should be kept away from direct sunlight.  

This popular creeper plant is perfect for Balcony that doesn’t get harsh direct sunlight.

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Bleeding heart vine plant 

Yet another creeper plant with white & a touch of contrasting red color at its bottom. These plants are quite bushy in nature & have dark green leaves. 

Bengal clock vine 

Bengal clock vine is absolutely beautiful with blue-colored flowers that look extremely soul-touching when grow in clusters. These plants creep in a clockwise direction only that is the reason behind their name. 

English Ivy

English ivy is a popular houseplant that is often utilized for decorative purposes.  It has very unique shaped leaves that are the main reason behind its popularity. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q.1 Which are the fastest growing creeper plants in India? 

Answer: These are the fastest-growing creeper plants in India
Money plant
Curtain Creeper 

Q.2 How do you make creepers grow faster? 

Answer. The key to growing creepers faster is to provide them with the ideal condition which is to keep the soil moist and the surroundings free from food-eating weeds.  


I hope this guide has helped you with enough options to get the perfect creeper plant for your house.

If you still have any doubts do ask them in the comment section or any general gardening-related question you might be facing. 

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