Don’t you think it would be awesome to have “365 days flowering plants” in your garden in India?

I had always dreamt of having a home garden that never runs out of flowers.


To make it a reality,

I grow many types of flowering plants that bloom all year round in India in my terrace garden in pots.

If this is something that excites you…

Then keep reading this post till the end, as I am going to share the most amazing 12 months flowering plants in India which you can easily grow in pots.

(These are not just any random plants, we personally have these plants on our terrace garden.)

Best 365 Days Flowering Plants In India [That Can Be Grow In Pots]

Spider Lily 

Spider Lily

Spider lily is one of the most attractive 365 days flowering plants you can grow in India. 

It got its name due to the shape of its flower, which resembles that of a spider.

If you have this plant in your home garden, its flower will surely stand out from the rest due to their funky appearance. 


bougainvillea - permanent flowering plant growing in pot

Bougainvillea is one of the toughest plants out there. 

You might have encountered this plant on highways or dividers in India soaking in sun all day long. Still keeping its flower game on.

Its flowers feel like paper to touch and are extremely gorgeous.

Growing them in pots is no fuss plus they look super amazing.

Amaryllis Lily 

Beautiful all year flowering plants india

Amaryllis Lily is a gorgeous permanent flowering plant which you can grow at home.

Its big red colored flowers are surely going to make you fall for it.

If you provide it with good fertilizer and care for it the right way this plant will never disappoint you.

A must have all year flowering plant for Indian home gardens.

Rose – Most Beautiful Flower

Rose - 365 days flowering plants in india

No doubt Rose is one of the most alluring flowers in the world, but what makes it special is its ability to flower all year long

When growing roses in India, go for the local (desi) rose that is better adapted to the climatic condition of India.

Rose is a tough plant that can withstand the hot summers of India, for making your plant bushy and keep pruning the dead branches from time to time.

Hibiscus (Gudhal Ka Phool) 

Hibiscus flower

Hibiscus is one of the easiest flowering plants to grow which will keep showering you with its beautiful bloom 12 months long in India.

It grows quite long and requires a nutrient rich soil to grow healthy and produce bloom.

Hibiscus likes to stay under sunlight and loves to be watered on a daily basis.

But make sure to not overwater it, as it can cause troubles.

Peace lily 

Most aesthetic 12 months long flowering plant

Peace lilies are one of my favorite flowering plants, because of their extraordinarily gorgeous flower.

On top of that this plant grows well under shade.

So, if you usually face a problem of not getting enough sunlight in your area & not able to grow plants, peace lily will do just fine.

This plant has almost no maintenance, just provide it with good quality seaweed fertilizer before its flowering period and keep watering it whenever the soil gets dry. 



Frankly speaking, the first time I saw this plant was literally a jaw dropping moment for me. 

Its unique shape was what attracted me towards it.

A plant with such interesting looks & topped with beautiful flowers that blooms all year round in India is a must have for your garden.

I haven’t seen any other perennial plant which blooms so boldly even during the winter season.


Rajnigandha flower under green net

If you are looking for a 365 days flowering plant in India, which oozes out soothing fragrance all around it,  then you should get a Rajnigandha plant for yourself. 

Rajnigandha plant care is almost minimal and you only need to know a few basic things for it.

One single flower stalk emerges with 5-6 buds on it, that blooms rapidly and dies back.

Keep pruning its leaves for getting more flower stalks and provide it with good fertilizer.

Check this easy guide on growing rajnigandha in pots which I wrote.

Portulaca ( 9 o’clock Flower Plant)  

Portulaca flower plant

Portulaca flower plant looks like a natural bouquet, with a lot of flowers coming out of this small height ground covering plant.

One interesting fact about this plant is that its buds bloom at a particular time in the morning, usually around 9 o’clock.

That is why it is also known as a 9 o’clock plant as well.

If you want to attract butterflies in your garden, portulaca is the one to go for.

I have written a complete guide on growing 9 o’clock flower plant, check it out.

Aparajita/Butterfly Pea 

Aparajita - 365 days flowering plant india

Another beautiful flower in this list is Aparajita or Butterfly Pea.

It is a creeper that loves to get its fair share of sunlight and is quite easy to grow.

If you take care of your aparajita plant the right way, it will bless you with its blue colored flowers all year long in India.


Its name “Sadabahar” literally means evergreen.

Packed with pink & white colored flowers with contrasting dark green colored leaves, this plant will keep your garden blooming all year long.

One interesting thing that you will encounter with this plant is that the size of the flowers in winter will get smaller compared to summers.

Learn to grow Sadabahar Plant At Home with this simple guide I wrote.

Rain Lily 

Rain lily - 365 days flowering plants in india in pots

Rain lilies are perfect for people who want a lot of bloom from a single plant, that too, without spending much time on its care.

It usually blooms after a good splash of rain and clusters of flowers emerge from this low growing plant.

You can grow them easily in a wide pot.

Euphorbia Milii 

Crown of thorns

It is an attractive plant covered with thorns all over its body and topped with a crown of beautiful red flowers.

That is why it is also popularly known as Crown of thorns.

It is a tough plant considering the climatic conditions in India which loves to get direct sunlight and very less watering.



This sweet little ball of happiness is always going to be a great addition to your home garden.

It will flower all year long in your garden and is also known to stop the attack of pests.

So, it’s a win win situation for you. 

Florist Kalanchoe 

Florist kalanchoe - 12 months flowering plants in india

Florist kalanchoe is a gorgeous red flowering succulent plant that you can easily grow in pots. 

Being a succulent, it has very low maintenance and watering requirements. 

Remember to provide it with a good amount of sunlight and water only when the soil gets dry.

Rangoon Creeper (Madhumalti) 

Madhumalti flower plant is a widely used ornamental plant in India which flowers profusely during the summer season.

It is a low maintenance easy to grow flower plant which keeps blooming all year long. 

You can grow it along the fence or guide it around your main door & its pinkish red flowers will beautify it and also fill the nearby surrounding with its sweet fragrance.


I hope this article has helped you find out the best all year long flowering plant in India.

Growing them in your garden keeps your garden always full of bloom and you can enjoy its beauty whole year.

If you liked this article then do share it with your family and friends and ask them to grow these 12 months flowering plant.

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