Turtle Vine Plant Care & Propagation [Detailed Guide]

The turtle vine plant is a beautiful trailing succulent plant, often seen as a hanging plant

It is also known as Creeping Inch Plant and Bolivian Jew & is one of the most popular creeper plants in India.

How to Take Care of Turtle Vine Plant?

For proper Turtle Vine plant care, keep it in a location that receives a good amount of indirect sunlight. Water it enough to keep the soil moist & its potting soil should have good drainage capacity.

It is known to be a worry-free plant which even first-time gardeners can grow without facing many problems. In this post, you will learn every little thing in detail.

A Guide to Turtle Vine Plant Care 

Turtle Vine Plant Care


The Turtle Vine plant is a type of succulent so it prefers bright but indirect sunlight. So, always keep it in a bright location. 

Keeping it deprived of sunlight will stunt its growth. 

Although don’t expose it to harsh direct sunlight, as it will burn the leaves.

The best place to keep it is where it can get direct morning sunlight and then stays under the shade the rest of the day.

Water ( Evergreen Turtle Vine Plant)

The most important point in taking care of a turtle vine plant is knowing how to water it. 

If you overwater this plant, it has a high chance of getting root rot which is fatal for this plant. 

So always remember to use a container that has enough drainage holes so that the excess water can flush out.

And also don’t flood it with water, only water enough to make the soil moist. 

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Potting Mix 

Make sure to provide it with a growing medium which has good drainage capacity. 

If the garden soil you have is very sticky and holds water, then you should not be using that for this plant.

If you are not sure about it, go for a good-quality succulent mix like this one


Plants also need a dose of supplements to grow big and stay healthy. 

For this, you should provide your turtle vine plant with either vermicompost or liquid fertilizer to keep it growing big. 

Anyways never overdo it.

If your plant isn’t growing even after feeding fertilizer then look for any other signs like root rot or check whether you have kept your plant away from sunlight.  

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Pest Attack

If you ever see your Turtle Vine plant getting attacked by pests, immediately wash them off with the help of a pressure sprayer. 

Or if that doesn’t work, use a neem spray and apply it in a gap of 20 days until the pests are gone. 

Turtle Vine Plant Propagation  

Turtle Vine Plant

To grow Turtle vine plants, you need to cut healthy cuttings of around 4-5 inches in length.  Prepare a succulent potting mix, which is usually:

  • Sand 30%
  • Garden soil 30%
  • Coco peat 20%
  • Vermicompost 20%. 

Or you can get this good quality pre made succulent potting mix.

Now you need to fill this potting mix in a 6-inch container with drainage holes at the bottom. 

The last step is very simple, so all you have to do now is put the cuttings on top of the potting mix (no need to insert it). 

  • After this simply water the cuttings lightly so as to make the soil moist. 
  • And keep the pot in a location where it can get bright but indirect sunlight.
  • Water the soil regularly to keep the soil moist most of the time. 
  • Within 2 months it will grow big enough.

This is how easily you can grow Turtle Vine plants

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does Turtle Vine Plant Need Sunlight?
A. Yes, it does need good amount of sunlight. Make sure to keep it in a place where it receives bright but indirect sunlight.

Q. Is Turtle vine an indoor plant?
A. Yes, it is an excellent indoor plant that doesn’t require much care and is easy to grow.

Q. Should I mist my turtle vine?
A. If you happen to see its leaves turning brown then you can mist to provide it a humid environment. This will help it get back to its previous healthy state.

Over To You

I hope this simple yet detailed guide on Turtle Vine Plant was able to help you get your questions answered.

But anyhow, if you have any other queries related to it, feel free to drop them in the comment section.

And also share it with your plant lover friends so that they also get benefitted from it.

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