Do Haworthia Die After Flowering? What to do with haworthia stalk?

A flowering haworthia is one of the most unique things you will ever witness. Its flower stalk grows exceptionally long, almost 10X its size and is blessed with white flowers.

But the bigger question is: 

Do haworthia die after flowering?
No, haworthia doesn’t die after flowering, in fact a flowering haworthia means, it is getting the ideal growing condition and care and is loving the environment it is placed in.

Haworthia is a beautiful small houseplant that will just sit all day long for years and suddenly one day you will see its about to bloom. 

Seeing a haworthia flower is a rare site and most of the time people don’t have much information on what to do with it. (Just so you know if yours did – You are a one lucky soul)

If you are one of those who have no idea about what to do with flowering haworthia, then bury yourself in this article and read till the end.

do haworthia die after flowering

Does Haworthia Bloom?

Yes, haworthia do bloom but it totally depends on your luck mostly. If you provide it the ideal condition it might bloom but don’t have much expectation.

Some people have experienced haworthia to bloom just within 4 months after they got it from the nursery, but mostly it takes around 2-3 years for it to flower and some never do.

Haworthia blooms during the summer season and is quite fascinating to look at.

The flower stalk doesn’t grow from the leaves but from the stem part.

Once it has bloomed it keep on blooming from time to time.

How to keep a haworthia flowering stem healthy? 

When your haworthia is blooming, it needs to skosh more water during its flowering period.

As the flower stem grows extraordinarily long it needs enough water to hold up.

So, if you see that your flower stem has started to wilt, increase the amount of watering.

What to do with haworthia flower stalk? 

what to do with haworthia flower stalk

Once the flower has bloomed and died. You should cut back the flower stalk, leaving only 1-2 cm above the stem from where it emerged. 

Yet, be careful while cutting it & not damage the plant.

After a few days, it will dry up and then you can remove it fully.

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How to get haworthia to flower? 

Don’t expect your haworthia to flower right after you bought it from the nursery or any online store. 

Flowering in haworthia usually takes place after the plant has matured enough, and has lived for more than 2-3 years. 

Furthermore, blooming in haworthia is more of a luck factor than any other thing, so if yours has bloomed, find yourself lucky.

Although, one common thing in all the flowering haworthia is that they got proper care like:

Bright Indirect Sunlight 

Haworthia is a succulent and does the best under bright indirect sunlight, as direct sunlight can burn the leaves.

Although weak morning sunlight will do a miraculous job, & your plant will certainly love it.

It is a small plant which can be placed on a window sill to provide it the right type of light requirement. 

One thing which I have found common while researching why certain haworthia bloomed was that almost all of them were getting a good amount of sunlight.

Just Enough Water 

Being a succulent, haworthia doesn’t require much water and overwatering will certainly start troubling your plant.

On the other hand, haworthia is one of those succulents which cannot handle drought conditions very well, and will start to wilt if not given water in time. 

So, make sure you only the top 1-2 inches of the soil to dry out between watering. 

You will need to hold back watering even more in the winter season as the plant goes dormant. 

Pot with good drainage 

Haworthia with good drainage

Drainage is very important when it comes to haworthia, as it cannot tolerate stagnant water.

So, make sure your pot has a drainage hole for excess water to flush and which also allows good air circulation. 

Up – Pot 

When you see that your haworthia has started to make pups, it is time to up-pot it. Which simply means moving them to a bigger container.

Because the pups grow way down the root system and come all the way up to the top. 

Once you start seeing them, it’s time to give your plant a bigger home for new pups to form. 

Final Words 

Fortunately, your haworthia won’t die after flowering, if this is what was keeping you all stressed out.

I have tried to answer everything related to it, but if somehow your question is still answered then do make sure to comment down. 

And I will help you as soon as possible.