Krishna Kamal Flower – Vastu, Benefits, Good or Bad!

Krishna Kamal Plant has one of the most unique & extremely gorgeous looking flowers. 

It is known as Passion Flower in English.   

This plant has religious importance to it as well due to its analogy with Mahabharat. 

Krishna Kamal Plant

As the five yellow petals are said to be the Pandavas surrounded by 100 blue filaments (Kauravas). The yellow-green stamens are supposed to be Sudarshan Chakra that belonged to Krishna Ji. 

And due to this analogy, it got its name.

In this post, you will learn to grow this mystical plant at home, its benefits, and how to care for it. 

Table of Content 

  • Flowering Season of Krishna Kamal
  • Krishna Kamal Plant Care
  • Vastu & Benefits of Krishna Kamal Plant 
  • How to grow at Home?

Krishna Kamal Flowering Season? 

The flowering season of Krishna Kamal is Summers. This is the time when you get to experience the beautiful blooms of krishna kamal. 

Its flowers are fragrant and look magical to be honest.

Make sure to provide it with good sunlight during this period and fertilize it with good compost (like this one). 

Although don’t expose it to the harsh afternoon sunlight as it can hurt the plant.  

Krishna Kamal Plant Care 

Krishna Kamal Flower

Why is my Krishna Kamal Not Flowering? 

The reason behind Krishna Kamal not flowering is because of not providing it enough direct sunlight. Krishna kamal plant requires 4-6 hours of direct sunlight to bloom properly. 

Another reason can be not feeding it with good fertilizer during its blooming period. 

This plant requires regular feeding, for this you can feed it with a good fertilizer like this in a gap of 15-20 days. 


Krishna Kamal is a sun-loving plant and does the best with 4-6 hours of direct sunlight.

So, pick a spot where it enjoys the sun for a good amount of time. 

But make sure it is not exposed to the afternoon sun in the summers as it can damage the leaves & flowers of the plant. 


The soil for the Krishna kamal plant should be rich, and well-draining but also be able to hold moisture for a long time. 

You can add vermicompost from time to time to keep this plant healthy and also adding mulch helps a lot as it retains moisture for a longer time. 

I would recommend this potting soil for Krishna Kamal and good vermicompost like this one

Apart from that, you can make your own potting soil at home with the following ratio: 

  • Garden Soil – 30%
  • Coco Peat – 30%
  • Vermicompost – 30%
  • Sand – 10%

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How to Water It? 

It requires moist soil to thrive the best, for this you should regularly water it whenever the top layer of the soil gets dry.  

Water it deeply so that water comes out of the drainage holes.

Add some mulch during the summer season to retain moisture. 

These plants cannot handle drought-like situations, so never let the soil dry to a great extent or else you can lose this plant. 

You should water it every time the soil feels dry to the touch.  

The frequency of watering will get lesser in winter as the plant won’t absorb much water. 

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Passion flowers are heavy feeders and it is best to keep feeding them with good compost every 2 months for healthier growth and increase the frequency just before their blooming season. 

You can feed them with all-purpose fertilizer for overall growth or make your own compost at home from kitchen waste.

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Krishna Kamal Flower Benefits & Vastu

Benefits of Krishna Kamal 

  • Tea made with Krishna kamal flowers helps in anxiety, insomnia, and pain.  
  • Also, its fragrance is supposed to bring positivity to the surroundings, and a good mood.
Vastu & Benefits of Krishna Kamal

According to Vastu, the Krishna Kamal plant should be placed in an East or South East location.

How to Grow Krishna Kamal at Home? 

You can grow Krishna Kamal plants at home in pots, through seeds or cutting methods. 

Seed Method

To grow it from seeds, you need a few mature seeds and allow them to dry, the best time to grow it is the spring season. 

Before sowing the seeds, soak them overnight for a better germination rate. 

Take a small pot, fill it with rich potting soil and sprinkle the seeds over it. 

Gently tap them, and avoid burying them inside the soil as they need a lot of light to germinate.

Now lightly sprinkle it and make sure to not dislocate the seeds. 

Cover the pot with a plastic bag to retain moisture.

And keep it in partial shade so that it is never exposed to direct sunlight in this fragile stage. 

It will start germinating in 15-20 days if everything goes well.


For the cutting method, you need a few healthy cuttings of 6 inches, again prepare a pot and sow these cuttings in it.  

And keep these cuttings away from direct sunlight and maintain moist soil for most of the time.  

Although it is best to buy this plant from a local nursery as it takes a painfully long time to grow it from either of the methods.  


I hope you have learned a lot of interesting things about Krishna Kamal Plant through this article.

Do make sure to ask any questions if you have and also tell me your favorite thing about this plant.

Until then happy gardening.