Chandni Plant is known by many names such as Tagar Flower, Crape Jasmine, Crepe Jasmine and East India Rosebay etc.

By whatever name you call it,

This attractive plant got is name Chandni (Moonlight) because it blooms under moonlight.

“And when its white flowers open up in the dark to the contrasting green leaves it is a sight that houses forever in your mind.”

Beautiful Chandni flower

Any nature lover will love to have this beautiful 365 days flowering plant in their home.

Today in this post I will tell you everything on:

How to Grow and Care for Chandni Plant

A Quick Overview Of Growing Tagar Flower Plant.

Soil Ph4.8 – 6 ( slightly acidic)
Sunlight RequirementDirect – Partial
Flowering seasonThroughout ( except winters)
Best Time To GrowMar – Oct

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Ideal Season/Temperature for Growing Chandni Plant

This plant is native to India and thus loves warm weather.

So temperature ranging anywhere between 20-35 degree Celsius will be a good fit for it.

Best Season to Grow Chandni Plant will be:

March – Early May and then Aug – Early Oct.

Avoid any season that has chance of frost. 

Note: You can grow it during monsoons as well, but if you are growing it directly on the ground then make sure the water doesn’t stay near the roots for a long time as it will cause root rot.

If growing in pots then keep the pot under shade to avoid getting overwatered by rain.

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Potting Soil For Tagar Plant

Chandni plant doesn’t ask for much when it comes to soil requirements and can be grown in almost any type of soil.

Unless it has too much of clay content which is sticky in nature and isn’t favorable for Tagar plant.

If that’s not the case with you:

Then A Potting Mix of:

  • Normal Garden Soil – 60%
  • Coco peat – 10%
  • Compost – 25% (Cow Dung)
  • Neem Khali – 5%

Will work well for it.

Otherwise, to reduce the stickiness:

Add (15% -20%) gravel and sand with the Garden soil (40%) to make it less sticky and also improving its draining capacity.

You can also add perlite which is used to make the soil porous.

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Choosing the right size container

Chandni plant if left to grow freely, turn into a full-fledged tree reaching height of 8-10 feet.

Which is not possible if you are growing it in a confined space like balcony garden or small terrace garden.

In this case, you will have to keep its height under radar and regularly prune it to a desirable size.

Chandni Plant growing in pot

For it, you should always choose a medium to big size grow bag (14 inch at least) or pot for this plant as its root like to go deep into the soil.

Make a drainage hole at the bottom of the container for air circulation and passage of excess of water.

Chandni Plant Sunlight Requirement

Chandni/Tagar Plant prefers sunlight and will thrive the best under full sun.

chandani flower as hedge

So, choose a sunny spot for growing Chandni plant, partial sunlight can work as well.

But they won’t do good under shade.

How To Water Chandni/Tagar Plant?

Flood it with water until the water seeps out of the drainage holes.

Tagar Plant loves to be watered, so you must keep its water thirst under check.

And let it dry completely for the next time.

Steps to Grow Chandni Plant From Cutting 

Well, to be honest, it is a very easy to be grown plant just follow these simple steps.

For this you will need to get 3-4 cuttings from a healthy plant that are tender in nature.

Cut them just near the node and you will be good to go.

Make sure the cutting are tender and greener in color…!!!

Because these tender cuttings will have higher moisture content in them and will grow easily. 

Take a small pot filled with the right type of potting soil, as I told above and insert these cutting into it and then water it thoroughly.

Although Chandni plant/Tagar plant loves full sun but these small cuttings are still to develop roots, so they should be placed in bright but indirect sunlight.

Otherwise, the tender cuttings will lose its moisture content and may not grow.

After some period, it will start to grow and develop roots and should be placed in a big container and moved to a location which receives direct sunlight.

Tagar Plant/Crepe Jasmine Can Handle Repotting Very well.

Chandni Plant Care Tips

Winter Care Tips For Chandni Flower

As I told you above this plant is the king of summers and doesn’t do very well in the winters.

So, if your Chandni plants leaves are turning yellow and there is no flowering and it is the winter season.

Don’t worry, this is quite normal and you haven’t done anything wrong.

It goes into dormancy (gets inactive) during winter, starts to turn yellowish.

And, revives again once winters are over as the soil gets warmer.

If you are growing it in a pot then one thing you can do is take it inside house during night.

Making Soil Acidic – Pro Chandni Plant Care Tip

Is your plant struggling to grow?

The reason can be the ph level of the soil, Chandni plant likes a slightly acidic soil.

To make the soil acidic, you can simply make a solution of:

1 Tablespoon vinegar in a 1-liter bottle and use it next time you water the plant.

Tackling Pest

It can be attacked by pest and which ends up eating the leaves and making holes in it.

For this you should regularly keep looking for such leaves and remove them.

You can make organic home-made pesticide from Neem oil and spray it over the leaves.

2 Important Things to Note while using Neem Pesticide:

  • Spray Neem oil during evening and night time only, because if exposed to sunlight in short duration it can burn the leaves.
  • Keep a gap of 20-25 days between the sprays. Do not spray pesticide in short intervals.

Container Size

If you don’t provide it with a big enough container its root will start suffocate and the plants health will deteriorate.

So, make sure you keep repotting it to bigger container, whenever you feel it has outgrown for the present one.


This is the most important Chandni plant care tip.

Never keep you Chandni plant under shade, as this plant will suffer to grow in such conditions.

This plant needs at least 4 hours of direct sunlight every day.

Watering Care For Chandani Plant

Although it loves to be flooded with water, but it cannot handle overwatering.

So, make sure that before watering it, you always check if the soil has got dry or not.

If it feels moist and sticky. Do not water it, otherwise it will cause root rot.

Over To You

I hope this guide will help you grow your tagar plant at home.

If you have any more question then do make sure to ask them in the comment section.


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