Growing Vegetables at Home in Pots [Ultimate Guide]

Growing vegetables in pots in India has never been this easy, with all the gardening-related items available at our fingertips.

You can start growing vegetables at home on the terrace, balcony, or even the front portion of your house. The key here is to get an ample amount of sunlight.

The rest of it can be managed.


If you are someone who is new to gardening & still wondering:

  • Which are the easiest vegetables to grow in pots in India?
  • How to grow vegetables at home in pots in India?

Then you have landed at the right place.

In this guide, I will share with you easy vegetables to grow in pots in India & also tell you about all the things that will be required for growing vegetables in pots in India.

Guide to Growing Vegetables at Home in Pots

For your convenience, I have divided this post into 3 parts, so it’s easier for you to understand

Coriander: (Dhaniya)

I recently grew coriander at home and was surprised to see how easy it is to grow them.

All I did was sprinkle the seed in a pot and forget about it because the potting soil used was only red soil nothing else so I didn’t expect it to grow but within 3 days it was all covered with small green little life.

Growing coriander at home

But don’t grow them in normal soil because I can clearly see them struggle to grow properly but a small pot with good potting soil and 2-3 hours of sunlight will do the work.


tomato plant

One of the most found plants in all Indian home gardens is tomatoes as they are easy to grow in pots & are used extensively in day-to-day life.

Just make sure to water them precisely too little or too much will damage the fruit.

You can get seeds for it from already available tomatoes at home, just slice it in 4 parts and get the seeds out.

I wrote a step-by-step guide on growing tomatoes at home, that you can go through.


There are slim chances when we talk about vegetables and not mention potatoes.

It is undoubtedly one of the most used vegetables in India and the best part is it can be grown easily at home in pots.

As it grows under the soil, get a deep container for it and place it in a location that receives a good amount of sunlight.

Bottle Gourd

lauki after harvesting

Another easy vegetable to grow in pots in India is the Bottle gourd or Lauki.

It is a very healthy vegetable and its curry is enjoyed all over India.

You can check this guide on – How to grow lauki/bottle gourd at home


Spinach Seedlings

Just like coriander spinach are also very easy to grow and also doesn’t require a big pot.

A wide pot is recommended for them. I have also written a detailed article on growing spinach at home, that is very easy to follow.

Bitter Gourd

This is also an easy vegetable to grow at home which is a climber and doesn’t need much attention.

bitter gourd plant at home

In order to make the germination process faster, soak its seed in water overnight before sowing.


Growing Methi At Home

Methi is considered a medicinal vegetable that can be grown easily in pots at home in India.

This vegetable loves to grow under direct sunlight with potting soil with good drainage.

You can check my complete guide on growing methi in pots.

Ridged Gourd: (Turai)

Ridge gourd - Easy Vegetable To Grow in Pots In India

This is another very easy-to-grow vegetable in the pot at home as it won’t require much attention.

But as it is a climber plant you will need to guide it to some higher location and believe me it will start to give you vegetables very soon. The one you see in the image is from my home.

Water it once whenever the soil gets dry.

Lady Finger/Okra

Lady’s finger is yet another vegetable that can be grown easily in pots without much fuss.

You need to provide it with good nutritious soil & enough sunlight to give you okra.

I have also written a step-by-step guide to growing Lady Finger in pots.


For growing carrots in a pot, you will need a 24-inch-deep pot or grow bag as carrots grows under the soil.

Fill it with the potting soil and sprinkle the seeds, once the top of the carrot is visible, they are ready to be harvested.

Things You Will Require To Grow Vegetables In Pots In India


The container that you use for gardening should not be heavy as it has 2 disadvantages:

  • It puts a lot of burden on the structure (terrace or the balcony wherever you are placing it)
  • If you ever need to move the pots, then it gets really tough. (trust me ☹)

So, avoid cement pots, big old tubs and any such thing that is very heavy.

pots for gardening at home

The best option for containers that you should use for gardening at home is growing bags.

As they can withstand the sunlight for a longer period of time, don’t absorb water unlike clay pots, and are lightweight.

The second important thing you need to know about containers is making drainage holes.

Every pot you use must have at least 4-5 drainage holes.

These holes allow excess water to flow out and also help in the aeration of the roots.

If these holes are not made then the roots of the plant start rotting and ultimately the plant dies.

Potting soil

The growing medium or the potting soil used to grow the plants at home will play an important factor.

potting soil for gardening

You can buy pre-made potting soil online & one of the best soil available online is this one that comes with required fertilizers.


You can choose to make your own potting soil at home.


watering plants

This is one of the places where new gardeners make mistakes.

Never use a pipe to water your plants in pots, it is good for backward gardening but not for container gardening.

Always use watering cans like this one or a garden sprayer to water plants in pots, because the pressure of a normal pipe is too harsh for plants in pots and there is high chance that the root might get damaged.

Only water your plant when a few inches of soil has got dry.

Both overwatering and underwatering can cause damage to the plant so be very careful of it.


Every plant needs a good amount of sunlight to grow.

That is around 3-4 hours.

So, choose a location that has at least this much amount of sunlight, and if the sunlight is too harsh then consider buying a good quality green net like this one.

Otherwise, the plant may suffer sunburnt and never grow.

That is all you needed to know for growing vegetables in pots at home in India.

How to Grow Vegetables in Pots In India

Know that you have known about the easiest vegetable that can be grown in pots in India and the things required for it.

Let’s jump to the final step which is – How To Grow Vegetables At Home In Pots?

For growing vegetables in pots, the first thing you need to do is to check, if this is the right season to grow that particular vegetable or not. If it is then prepare the soil according to it, fill it inside the container and sow the seeds. Keep watering it as it needs and provide it with fertilizer from time to time. That’s it.


This was an easy guide on growing your own vegetables at home in pots which I think is very crucial for everyone seeing the use of chemicals in the farming industry.

I hope you got your answers through this post. If you still need any answers on anything related to it.

Please comment and I will get back to you as soon as possible.