Growing Spinach At Home In Pots (Step By Step) | Palak Plant

If you are curious about finding answers to things like:

Can we grow spinach at home?

Is it possible to grow spinach in pots?

The answer to both the question is, “Yes”.

In fact, Spinach (Palak) is one of the easiest and fastest growing vegetables you can grow in pots.
And today, I am going to share everything on growing spinach at home, so keep reading till the end.

Without further ado, let’s look at the whole process of growing this nutritious vegetable.

Growing Spinach at Home (Step by Step) in Pots

growing spinach in pots

Best Time To Grow Spinach | Spinach Plant Growing Time

Spinach seeds germinate in cooler temperature (10 – 22°C).

So, the ideal time to grow spinach in India is Oct – Nov and Mar – April.

When the temperature remains cool throughout the day.

Also, Palak plant requires a good amount of sunlight, so avoid growing it in monsoon season.

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Things Required to Grow Palak In Pots

  • Good Quality Seeds
  • Wide Container (12*12 Inch) or use a tub or bucket
  • Rich Potting Soil
  • Water Sprayer
  • Fertilizer or Compost (every 20-25 days) high in nitrogen.
  • Scissor for harvesting

Spinach Container Size

Different size containers

For growing Palak it is better to use, wide containers be it grow bags or pots.
Because the more space you have the more seeds you can sow and expect more harvest.

You can even use, Big Tubs or Buckets for growing Palak plant.

An ideal Spinach Container Size will be 12*12 inch.

Remember to make, 4-5 drainage holes in the bottom of container for flushing out excess water and allowing air circulation.

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How to Prepare Potting Mix for Spinach

potting soil for gardening

Spinach is a heavy feeder and thus requires rich growing medium, so to prepare potting soil for Palak.

You can take:

  • Garden Soil – 60%
  • Compost – 40% (Vermi compost or Cow dung

If the garden soil in your area is sticky then you can add 20% gravels (bajri) in it.

And now the potting mix will look something like this:

  • Garden Soil – 40%
  • Gravels – 20%
  • Compost – 40%

Now, fill the potting mix inside the container leaving 1-2 inch from the top.

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Sowing of Seeds:  

Before sowing seeds, water the soil evenly to make it moist.

Then sow the seeds 2-3 inches apart so that they don’t end up fighting for nutrition and grow unhealthy or even not grow at all.

After this add a thin layer of potting soil over the seeds.

And water it gently again with the help of water sprayer so that you don’t disturb the seeds.

Now keep the container in full sun and water it regularly to keep the soil moist.

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Germination Time of Spinach Plant

Palak plant usually germinates within 6-8 days of time after sowing of seeds.

germination of spinach palnt

After 4-5 days of germination, you can thin the plants.

Which means you can remove all the saplings that look unhealthy and only keep the healthier ones in the lot.

So, that they get proper amount of food and not have to share it.

Fertilization of Palak Plant

After 20-25 days you will see that the plant has started to grow rapidly and now is the perfect time to add some more nutrition in the soil to keep them healthy.

Spinach Seedlings

So, add cow dung or vermicompost in a gap of 20 days and mix it well with the soil and then water it gently.

Spinach plant loves nitrogen rich compost (like dried leaves).

How to Water Spinach Plants? How Often to Water Palak Plant?

As spinach requires a good amount of sunlight, the water intake is also high.

You will need to water it every day, but make sure to just water it enough to make the soil moist.

watering palak plant

Never flood spinach plant, if lots of water comes out of the drainage hole every time you water it then you are in a for a trouble.

In summer seasons, when the sun is very harsh, you might need to water it twice a day.

All you have to do before watering is to feel if the soil has got dry or not. If its dry then add a bit of water in the soil.

Sunlight Requirement

In moderate temperature (10-28°c), Palak plant can handle 6 hours of direct sunlight and will thrive well under it.

But if the mercury starts to touch, more than 30°c then you can consider keeping it under shade during afternoon when it is at its peak.

So, keep your spinach plant in a location that receives good amount of morning sunlight and then stays under shade for the rest of the day.

Harvesting Spinach

Spinach is one of the fastest growing vegetable and is ready to be harvested within 2 months period.

Whenever you feel like your spinach plants have matured enough to be eaten.

Harvested Palak

Use a sharp scissor and cut it 1-2 inches above from the soil, and wash it thoroughly for eating purpose.

In this method, you can then further add a bit of compost and except to get more spinach leaves in next few days.


This was it.

I hope this simple, easy to follow guide on growing spinach in pots covered everything you needed to know.

If you still have any doubts then make sure to comment below.