Calathea Setosa – Plant Care (Never Never Plant Guide)

Calathea Setosa is a lovely houseplant with long striped leaves that make it stand out.

Although popularly known as Calathea, it is crucial to clarify that this plant belongs to Ctenanthe Genus.

And is actually called Ctenanthe Setosa

In this post, you will learn a lot of things about Calathea Setosa and most importantly how to care for it.  

Calathea Setosa (Never Never Plant)

Let us first learn some:

Interesting Facts About Calathea Setosa 

  • This plant is also popularly known as Never Never Plant
  • It belongs to the Marantaceae family hence it is also a Prayer plant.
  • It will open up its leaves to soak up sunlight and fold them once there is no sunlight, which seems like it is praying.

Let’s get into the fun part. 

Calathea Setosa Care – How do you Care for Calathea Setosa 

Calathea Setosa Care

Humid Environment – Never Never Plant Care 

This plant is native to tropical rainforests, where the humidity levels are higher.  

To replicate the same environment you can get a humidifier or keep it over a pebble tray. 

The water evaporated from the pebble tray increases the humidity level around it providing this plant the perfect environment. 

Low humidity levels have been seen to restrict the growth of this plant. 

If your calathea setosa is also not growing, the low humidity level can very well be the reason behind it.

Generally, it is advised to keep the humidity level to 40% for this plant to live the happiest.

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Type of Potting Soil   

Potting soil for Calathea should be nutrient-rich, well-draining, and porous in nature. 

As these plants love to stay in moist environments coco peat is a must for it. 

Coco peat helps in retaining the moisture for a long time and is quite porous in nature allowing the plant to breathe properly.  

Adding perlite makes the soil even more porous and helps in draining the excess water quickly and preventing overwatering.

The best potting mixture for Calathea Sethosa is: 

  • Garden Soil – 1 part
  • Coco peat – 1 part
  • Perlite – 1/2 part
  • Vermicompost – 2 part 

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Watering Routine – Calathea Setosa care

Being from a tropical region, Never Never Plant thrives the best in moist soil.

You can water it every once or twice in a week, before watering just touch the upper layer of the soil to see if it’s dry.  

Whenever you water it, water it thoroughly so that water runs out of the drainage holes.

If you feel that the soil is dry then water it otherwise you can leave it that way.

Its leaves will start to curl if you forget to water them and the soil becomes dry to a great extent. 

Although don’t keep it overly wet as it will promote root rot and damage the plants. 

In the winter you will need to reduce the watering frequency as the plant will not absorb the same amount of water.

Type of Water – Calathea Setosa Care 

In its native environment, this plant is adaptive to rainwater.

Rainwater is considered naturally soft water that doesn’t have high mineral content. 

So, if you water it with “Hard water” excess mineral content will start to build up in the soil and its leaves making it hard for the plant to breathe. 

That is why you should always water this plant with distilled water. 

Not even soft water as it contains high levels of sodium (salt) which can fool the plant that it has taken enough water, but in reality causes it to die of thirst. 

Calathea Setosa Light Requirement 

In their natural habitat, these plants grow under the shade of large plants where they get enough filtered sunlight. 

But they are untouched by the direct sunlight. 

So, the best place for calathea setosa is to keep it in a location where it can get indirect bright-medium sunlight or filtered sunlight but stays away from harsh direct sun rays. 

Too much sunlight will burn the beautiful foliage of the plant and too little will cause leaf variegation to disappear. 

Temperature – Never Never Plant Care

Temperature also plays an important role in the care for Calathea Setosa. 

In the harsh winter season, this plant will get stressed due to dry air and similarly in hot weather due to hot air. 

Also, don’t keep it directly in front of the Air Conditioner or Heater. 

The best temperature for Never Never plants is between 65-75 degrees Fahrenheit which we humans also enjoy the best.

Common Problems With Calathea Setosa 

Calathea Setosa Brown Tips 

The reason behind Calathea Setosa Brown Tips can be shallow watering and a less humid environment. 

Shallow watering can cause brown tips in Never Never plant, so to avoid it, always water it fully as much as the water runs out of the drainage holes. 

Another reason can be less humidity, if that is the case you suppose then consider buying a humidifier or putting a pebble tray under the pot. 

It will certainly help. 

Setosa Leaves Starting To Curl 

This is a prime case of underwatering, this plant highly requires moist soil and if kept underwater its leaves will start to curl. 

Give it a nice bath and let it recover.

Spots on Leaves 

If you encounter spots on the leaves of your plant, it can very well be caused by the mineral build-up due to hard water. 

This plant does best with distilled water or rainwater. 

You can wipe off the leaves with a dampened cloth but to avoid it from happening again water it with distilled water.

Frequently Asked Questions? 

Is Calathea Setosa an Indoor Plant? 

Yes, Calathea Setosa is a perfect indoor plant that enjoys filtered sunlight and a moderately warm temperature (65-75 degrees Fahrenheit). 

Final Words:

This was it for the Calathea Setosa (Never Never Plant). 

I hope you have learned enough about the plant and its care requirements to grow it without any problem. 

If you still have any questions that I forget to answer do let me know in the comment section.

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