Alocasia Hilo Beauty Guide: Care (Why it droops)

Alocasia Hilo beauty is a gorgeous tropical plant that is a perfect houseplant for intermediate and advanced plant parents. 

It is also known as “Elephant Ear” because of the big sized leaves it rocks. 

Recently there has been a debate going on to classify this plant as a Caladium. 

And it’s scientific name cements this position as it is called – Caladium Praetermissum

Today, in this post you will get to learn more about this plant and how to care for it. 

Hilo Alocasia Beauty Information

It has been given the name Hilo, because it is believed to be a native of the Hilo region of Hawaii. 

It is a tropical plant that enjoys a warm humid environment and thrives the best in it. 

The height of this plant can reach somewhere between 3-4 feet and its leaves can grow as big as 2-3 feet. 

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Alocasia Hilo Beauty Care 

To care for Alocasia Hilo Beauty, you need to take care of the lightning, watering, pot size and temperature of the place it is kept in. 

Let’s look at some important Alocasia Hilo beauty care factors in detail: 


One of the major care factors for Alocasia Hilo Beauty is to keep it warm. 

The place it should be kept in should have a temperature above 18C/85F temperature. 

As they are a tropical plant, if the temperature goes below this, these plants will go dormant. 


The ideal sunlight requirement for Hilo Beauty is to get bright indirect sunlight. 

Being from a tropical region they are accustomed to grow in the shade of other plants. 

So, indirect sunlight is best for them. 

You can keep it in morning direct light sunlight for 1-2 hours for better growth. 

South facing windows are a great spot for them. 


These plants appreciate regular watering but don’t over do it.

As it can lead to overwatering which can be very dangerous for this plant. 

Allow the top layer of the soil to dry out between watering. 

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Alocasia Hilo Beauty Drooping? 

Drooping of Alocasia Hilo Beauty can happen due to temperature drop, location change, repotting, lighting and watering issues. 

  • In case of the temperature drop this plant can go dormant and will droop and look lifeless. It requires warm temperature to thrive best.
  • If its location has been changed recently (nursery –  to your home) give it some time to adapt to the new environment.
  • Kept in a location where it doesn’t receive bright direct sunlight this can make your plant droop. Move it to a location where it receives bright indirect sunlight. 
  • Too much watering can cause overwatering which starts to rot the stem system. When this happens the plant is not able to absorb water and goes droopy and if not taken care the leaves start to turn yellowish

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Humid Environment 

These plants are originally from a tropical region where humidity levels are quite high. 

To replicate the same environment you can keep a pebbles tray under the pot although I wouldn’t suggest misting.

The water inside the pebbles tray evaporates and raises the humidity level.

This can provide an ideal environment for your Alocasia Hilo Beauty. 

Pot Size 

Size of the pot in which this plant is kept will also play an important role in its care routine. 

If you keep it in a comparatively big sized pot, it can promote overwatering as the plant will not be able to absorb the amount of water, it is fed. 

So, always choose a pot that goes according to the size of the plant. 

Also, make sure to make some holes at the bottom for proper drainage and passage of air. 

Final Words 

I hope this short and to the point guide has given you enough information on Alocasia Hilo Beauty to properly take care of it. 

If you need any more assistance, do make sure to comment down below and I will reach out to you soon. 

Happy Gardening.