How To Make Money Plant Bushy – Awesome Tips

How to make money plant bushy?
To make money plant bushy, you need to keep it in a location where it gets bright indirect sunlight all day long. Prune it during its active season (spring season) which will encourage more leaves and make money plant look bushier. On top of that feed it with seaweed fertilizer.

Money plants are no doubt one of the most popular houseplants, having a legend attached to them of attracting prosperity.

On top of that, it is a great air purifying indoor plant as well.

So, it is a win-win situation to grow money plant at home, but how do you make money plant bushier and look super amazing?

This is what, you are going to learn today through this post.

How To Make Money Plant Bushy – Amazing Tips

Make Money Plant Bushy

Bright Indirect Sunlight

Keep your money plant in a location from where it can receive bright indirect sunlight all day long and this will significantly make the plant more bushier and leaves much bigger.

I have a lot of money plant growing indoors and experienced that the plant which gets more brighter indirect sunlight are bushier compared to the ones that are kept in shady area or low light area.

Feed it with Fertilizer

In order to grow money plant bushier, provide it with organic nutritious matter.

As money plants are leaf producing plant they require high level of nitrogen in order to grow more leaves.

For this you can feed it with dried leaves (in crushed form) as they are rich in nitrogen.


One organic fertilizer that works like a charm for money plant is seaweed fertilizer (a good quality one like this), mix 1-2 ml of seaweed fertilizer in 1liter water and use it for watering your money plant and you will see the result in no time.

Note – Provide fertilizer during spring and summer season as this is the active growing season of money plant.

Provide Humidity

Another thing you should do to make money plant bushy is to provide it with humid environment and as they grow best in such conditions.

For this you should regularly mist it with the help of a garden sprayer (like this one).


Guide it on a Coco Peat Stick

Grow Money Plant Bushy
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As the coco peat stick like the one you see in the image above (you can get it from here), helps in retaining moisture and keep the humid level high.

How to make money plant leaves bigger?

To make money plant leaves bigger, provide it bright indirect sunlight, high humidity, feed it with nitrogen rich fertilizer and water it less. Giving it less water is they key to bigger money plant leaves. Only water it when the soil becomes dry.

As bigger leaves naturally makes money plant look more bushier.

Add Rice Water – Grow Money Plant Bushy

One of the awesome way through which I grow my money plant bushy is by regularly feeding it with rice water.

Rice water is simply the leftover water that you get after rinsing rice, usually we throw away this water, but not anymore as this is very nutritious for your money plant.

So, the next time you make rice, collect the leftover water in a container and feed your money plant with it.


Pruner For Gardening

Pruning is one of the well-known techniques of gardening, if you are new to gardening, you might not be aware of it.

It is basically cutting the stems to keep the plant in shape as well as force growth new and healthier growth.

And this works like a charm for money plant.

During the active growth period of money plant that is springtime.

Use a sterilized pruner or sharp scissor to cut of the stems and remove any dry or wilted leaves as they are taking unnecessary nutrition. ( you can checkout this complete guide on pruning money plant)

This will help in boosting new healthier leaves.

Aloe Vera Magic – Make Money Plant Bushy

If you have access to pure Aloe Vera, take a small slice of it and mix it with 500 ml of water and spray this mixture over the leaves of money plant.

This is a secret I also learnt from someone else which worked like a charm.

If you want to make your money plant look greener and healthier, do use this technique.

How to Make Money Plant Bushy in Water

Money plants in Water
Our money plants growing in water

To make money plant bushy in water, make sure to change its water every 4-5 days.

As this allows proper levels of oxygen in the water which is necessary for its growth.

If you encounter any white colored substance in water change it immediately and rinse the container thoroughly.

Because, it can very well be fungus.

Pruning technique will also come handy here.


So, these were all the tips to grow your money plant healthier, if you liked the article.

Do share it with your family members and help them make their money plant bushier.

Happy Gardening.

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    1. Sea weed solutions are quite potent. That’s why you should only apply it in a gap of 3-4 months or else the plant can get damaged.

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