If you are wondering: Can we grow Giloy plant at home?

Then, you will be surprised to know how easy it is to grow this magical plant at home.

How to grow a Giloy Plant? 

To grow a Giloy plant, you can use its stem, cutting or seeds. Plant it in normal garden soil, and put the container under partial shade. Keep the soil moist. Once it starts to grow big, move it to direct sunlight &  provide it with a trellis support or guide it on a nearby big plant.

How to grow giloy plant at home
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Today, I will share how you can grow a giloy plant at home. 

The most amazing thing about the Giloy plant is that it can be grown from its stems, cuttings and even seeds. 

It is also known as Heart leaved Moonseed in English, Guduchi and Amrutha in different regions of India.

Let’s dive into action.

How to Grow Giloy Plant at Home (Step by Step)

Table of Content 

Best Season To Grow Giloy Plant

How to Grow Giloy Plant From Stem

Grow Giloy From Cutting

How to grow Giloy From Seeds

Things Required

Giloy Plant Care

Best Season/Time to grow Giloy Plant 

The best season/time to grow a Giloy plant is in the monsoon. 

This is also the time when giloy plants produce fruit, which is a source of giloy seeds & can be used to grow it. 

How to grow Giloy Plant from Stem 

To grow a giloy plant from the stem, take stem cuttings from the end part of the giloy plant, then fill a pot with soil and insert these stem cuttings in it and water it gently to make the soil moist, then keep the pot in partial shade away from direct light. 

Let’s see the whole process in detail:

How to take stem cuttings of a Giloy plant? 

how to grow giloy plant from stems
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The cuttings you take should be around 20-25 cm in length and have at least 3-4 leaf nodes on it. New growth will appear from these nodes. 

Preparing the Container 

Take a container of 8 inch with drainage holes.
Make potting soil by mixing Garden Soil & Compost (like this), and fill it inside the container (pot or grow bag). 


Once it is done, now simply insert the stem inside the soil in such a way the leaf nodes are out of the soil then water it enough that the soil becomes moist. 

Now keep this container in a partially shaded area that gets medium to bright indirect sunlight, but protecting it from direct sun.  

Only thing you need to do now is to keep the soil moist.

After a week or two, you will see new leaves coming out of the nodes. 

As it starts to grow big, you can guide the vine on a bigger plant.

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Growing Giloy From Cutting  

For growing giloy from cutting, you need to take a few cuttings from the leaf nodes, and make a cut at the bottom of these cutting and dip it in rooting hormone and then plant it in soil. Maintaining its moisture. 

How to grow giloy from cuttings
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Growing it from cutting is different from the stem method, as in that we needed to cut the whole stem but in this method we are only taking cuttings from the leaf nodes that had already started to grow.  

Check for branches that are growing from the leaf nodes of the giloy plant, carefully cut it from the nodes and then make another cut at the bottom and dip it in rooting hormone (like this one). 

This will promote root growth easily. 

Giloy Cuttings in Soil
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After this simply plant it in the pot and water it gently. 

Keep it in partial shade.

How to Grow Guduchi from Seeds

To grow Giloy from seeds, simply take the seeds, prepare potting soil by mixing garden soil and compost. Sprinkle the seeds all over it and lightly cover it with more soil. After this simply water it to make the soil moist and keep it in a partial shade. After 7-10 days the seeds will germinate. 

If you already have a giloy plant at your home or nearby, you will see that during monsoon season it produces green colored fruit which turn yellowish and finally reddish in color with time. 

Growing Giloy From Seeds
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Once it has turned red, you can simply pluck it and get seeds out of it. 

Simply wash them and they are ready to use. 

If you don’t have access to giloy seeds, you can order it from here (amazon). 

Now once you have got your seeds, now comes the fun part. 

Simply take a container of 6 inch, make some drainage holes in it. 

Fill it with potting soil (Garden Soil & Vermicompost) and make a few holes in the soil at some gap with your finger. 

Now insert the seeds in these holes and cover it. 

After all this, water it and keep it in a bright lit location away from direct sunlight. 

And maintain the moisture in the soil by watering it regularly. 

You will see results within 10 days.

Things Required   


You will need any of these three things.

Rooting Hormone  

Rooting hormone will only be required when you grow Giloy from cuttings, it is used to promote root growth. You can get a good like this from amazon.


For growing a giloy plant, you need not be worried much about the soil as it can grow in almost any type of soil.

For this you can use: 

Garden Soil – 75%

Compost or Vermicompost – 25% (best quality one like this)


For containers, you can either use a pot or grow bags of 6-10 inch size depending on the number of giloy plants you are planning to grow. 

Whichever type of container you choose, make sure it has 3-4 drainage holes at the bottom. 

This will help in proper air circulation inside the container and allow excess water to pass.

Giloy Plant Care

For Giloy plant care you have to take be careful of the following things.

SunlightFull Sunlight ( 5-6 hours direct ), partial in summers.
WaterOnly water when top few inches dry
FertilizerVery light fertilizer in Spring and Summers
SupportInsert a trellis or guide on nearby plant
ContainerMust have drainage holes

Wrapping Up

I hope you were able to understand every method of growing giloy plant at home.

If you still want more clarification on any topic, do comment below your queries.

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