Croton Plant Care in India – Exclusive Tips

Emitting a splash of different color is what makes Croton plant stand out from the rest and makes people add this gorgeous plant to their collection.

But how do you care for this tropical plant & keep it intact is what you are going to learn today.

Croton Plant Care in India?

Croton plant care in India, its location should not be changed frequently, plant it in a nutrition rich potting mix with good moisture retention capacity. Exposure to full sun ( 5-6 hours) & protecting from the harsh afternoon sunlight and water it to keep the soil moist.

In this article you are going to learn the ins and outs of caring for Croton plant in India.

Croton Plant Care in India in Pots

Table of Content

Avoid Frequent Position Change

How to Plant Croton Plant in India

Sunlight Requirement

How to Water Croton?

Providing Humid Environment

How to Fertilize

Protect From Pest


Croton Plant Care in India – Brief Overview

SunlightFull to Partial
WaterModerately ( Keep soil moist)
HumidityHigh levels
Potting MixNutrition rich & fast draining

Avoid Frequent Change In Location – Croton Plant Care in India

One of the biggest croton plant care tips is to not move it often.

Croton plants don’t handle frequent changes in location very well & will start dropping leaves to let you know they are not enjoying it.

If you are one of those plant freaks who loves to keep moving their plant from one location to another, you will have a hard time keeping your croton plant healthy. 

It also experiences shock while repotting and transplanting it into a new container, and might drop a few leaves, but this is pretty normal and if given proper care it will adapt to its situation very soon.   

Potting Mix – How to Plant Croton Plant in India

To plant croton plant in India, a potting mix high in nutrition with good moisture retention capacity is what croton craves for. On top of that the potting mix should be able to drain out excess water and not stay in the pot. 

Be very sure to make drainage holes in the container to let surplus water pass through it.

For this you should make a potting mix of: 

Coco Peat – 40% (you can get it from here)

Compost or Vermicompost – 35% (a good quality like this one)

Sand – 25% (get river sand from here)

Sunlight Requirement For Croton Care

Croton is a tropical plant that requires partial or indirect sunlight to grow.

In their natural environment, they grow in the shade of other plants, so it is best to keep them under shade and only expose them to light morning sunlight.

If they are kept in direct sunlight, the leaves will start to turn bright reddish/brownish in color trying to speak to you that they need a bit of shade.

If kept in the same position, it leaves will get burnt very soon.

During the peak summer season when the sunlight is at its pinnacle, this is the time when you should keep it under some sort of shade like a green net (like this one) as this much heat can burn the leaves. 

If you encounter that your plant’s leaves are suddenly turning brown it can very well be due to exposure to harsh sunlight.  

So avoid exposing it to afternoon sunlight. 

How to Water – Croton Plant Care in India

Croton is a tropical plant and thus loves to stay in humid environments.  

For this you should always try to keep its soil moist.  

But this doesn’t mean you should not allow the soil to dry out between watering, this is equally important for its proper care. 

Because, when you allow the soil to dry out between watering, the roots get the time to get in contact with air and stay healthy. 

If the soil is kept constantly moist, the roots cannot breathe and start to suffocate, this later promotes root rot which can be fatal for your croton plant.  

On the other hand,

If your plants leaves are wilting then it can be caused due to less watering, check the soil if it’s too dry then increase the frequency of watering. 

When the soil is left to dry out completely the plants start to shed leaves. 

In this situation you will need to soak the plant in water for a good period of time to revive it back.

So how to water croton plants the right way? 

To water croton plants wait for the top 20%-30% of the soil to get dry and then flood it with water until it comes out of the drainage holes. 

In the winter season, the plant will absorb less water so you will need to decrease the frequency.

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Providing Humid Environment

As croton is a tropical plant, it needs a good amount of humidity to stay in great shape. 

How a pressure sprayer works
Garden Sprayer/Pressure Sprayer

To provide it with humidity, you can frequently mist the plant with the help of a garden sprayer (a good like this) in the morning or evening time. 

Misting also helps in removing dust particles from the leaves and allows them to soak in water particles.

How to Fertilize

Croton plants don’t demand a high amount of fertilizer and will do quite well even without it. 

But if you want to make it bushier, you can feed it with organic nutrition rich fertilizer (like this one) during its active growth period ( spring and summer season) to give it a growth boost. 

Never fertilize it during the winter season, as it won’t be able to absorb the nutrition and might get burnt from it.  

Because during winters, it goes into dormancy (inactive period).

Protect From Pest 

Croton plants often get attacked with mealybugs, scales and mites.

So, it is best to keep checking under the leaves for any such pest or if you see any web like structure it can very well be done by pests. 

To get rid of them, you can spray the leaves with diluted neem oil every 20-25 days until they are fully gone. 


This is not a care tip for croton plants, but for you. 

Every part of croton is poisonous including its seeds, so be very careful when you are around it. 

And it is best to keep it out of range from childrens and pets.  

When you work on it, like adding fertilizer, pruning or repotting it, make sure to wash your hands properly afterwards.

Wrapping Up 

I hope this simple to follow guide on croton plant care in India, will help you take proper care of your plant.

If you still have any doubts or by chance I missed on any point do make sure to comment below.