How To Make Money Plant Stick At Home [Easily]

Money plants are the undisputed king of houseplants that you will find easily in every nature loving human beings’ house.

There are many types of money plant & each one of them seems to have their own unique touch.

but all of them have one thing in common that is they all are creepers.

So, if you let them grow naturally, they will grow parallel to the ground and won’t grow that healthy because the farther they crawl the lesser water they get. As you can see in the above image.

And If I am guessing it right, you don’t want these little beauties to be unhealthy.

Also, in today’s generation when there is so much of space crisis it is not a good idea to let them crawl and invade other plants space.

So, how do you tackle this problem efficiently?

The solution to this problem is money plant stick that is actually a support stick which guide them in the upward direction rather letting them go along the ground.

And today in this post I am going to share with you – How you can make money plant support stick easily at home.

Make Money Plant Stick at Home [Easily]

When you provide the support of coir stick to money plant it not only guides the plant upwards but also keep its water thirst under check.

As you must be aware that coconut coir is very good at retaining the moisture for a good period of time.

So, it also helps in making money plant healthier and bushier.

Money Plant Stick

Things you will require to make money plant stick at home

  • PVC pipe or Wooden Stick
  • Coconut husk
  • Jute sack or green net
  • Rope  

Process of making money plant coir stick

  • First thing is to take the PVC pipe and lay it on the ground.
  • Then take the jute sack or green net and put it’s one part under the pipe.
  • Make sure the size of sack is smaller than the pipe.
  • Now start to roll the Pipe and while doing so keep filling the coconut husk evenly.
  • Roll it again and then add the husk.
  • Keep repeating the same process until the whole sack is covered on the pipe.
  • After then tie it firmly with the help of rope.
Money Plant Bushy

And voila your money plant coir support stick is made.

Once the stick is made, now we need to place the stick.

Get the pot in which you are going to plant the money plant and then insert this stick inside the soil.

Guide the money plant over it and tie its leaves very gently on the coir stick.

Once this is done you can water the coir stick thoroughly and your plants will love you for it.

Benefits of Coir Stick

  • Helps in making money plant bushy
  • Never let it go out of water
  • You don’t need to stress on watering it again and again
  • Saves space
  • Guides it in direction you want.


I hope these simple steps will help you make your own coir stick at home. If you want me to elaborate more on any point, do let me know through the comment section.

If it did help you in anyway, share it with your friends and family member who will find it useful.