Aparajita Flower Plants are the easiest and one of the most beautiful flowering plants that you can grow at home without a fuss.

That’s why I gave them the top position in 21 Amazing Plants For Terrace Garden you can have.

Also known as Butterfly pea, Clitoria ternatea, Bluebellvine & Asian pigeonwing surely attracts a lot of eyeball towards it.

This flowering creeper plant does require a bit of support to let itself grow.

What we have done for Aparajita at our home that you can surely follow is:

Guiding the plant on a structure
Photo Taken On a Sunny Winter Morning

Guide them on Jute rope and allow them to rest on a crisscross structure like the one you see in the image.

Without wasting any more time, Let’s see:

How to Grow Aparajita Flower Plant From Seeds In Pots

Beautfiul Aparajita Flower

Best Time to Grow Aparajita Plant

Aparajita loves warm weather and won’t do well in season that has any chance of frost.

So, the best time to grow Aparajita from seeds is March-April, this is the time when the mercury starts to rise and is most favorable.

Now, to grow it:

The first thing we need is a container

For growing Aparajita you don’t need a big container.

A grow bag or pot of 6-8 inch size will be enough for it.

Make 4-5 drainage holes in the bottom of the pot, this is very important as it allows excess water to pass through and easy circulation of air which is very vital in plants growth.

Make sure that you cover the drainage holes with small stones, so that the potting soil doesn’t escape through it.

Once you are done with the container.

Now, you will have to make the:  

Potting soil for Aparajita

Aparajita is an easy to grow flower plant which doesn’t have much specific requirement in terms of soil.

So the Potting Soil for Aparajita should look like this:

  • Garden Soil -1/3 part
  • Coco peat – 1/3 part
  • Compost – 1/3 part (cow dung or vermicompost)

Mix them well and leave for some time to settle down.

potting soil for gardening

Now fill the container with this potting soil leaving only few inches from the top.

While filling the soil make sure to press the mixture time to time so that, no air pockets get left.

Once it is done, move on to the next step.

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Sowing of Seeds

Once the container is filled with potting soil, now you have to sow the seeds.

(Note – Aparajita Flower goes faster from seeds compared to cuttings)

But where do you get the seeds from?

There are two ways you can get it, either buy it online or from any nursery or if someone near you already have an Aparajita plant then you can look for something like this.

Seeds of Aparajita flower
Get the one that are brownish in color

Slit it open from middle and you will get 5-6 seeds in each. Always get the brown one.

Now back to sowing of seeds.

Have a gap of 1-2 inches between each seed, so that it will be easier for you to take them out while transplanting them into their final container.

After sowing seeds, cover them with a thin layer of potting soil, then water it thoroughly & place the container in a location that receives partial sunlight.

Water it only when the soil feels dry.

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Germination Period (8-12 Days)

After 15-20 days, you will see that the seeds of Aparajita have germinated and have developed quite a few leaves and are now big enough to be transplanted into the main container.

For this take out the healthy saplings from the lot and fill another container of 8-inch size with the same composition of potting mix.

And bury the sapling into it & water it thoroughly.

Now put the container in a sunny location which receives at least 5-6 hours of sunlight.

Aparajita plant grows well under partial shade but for flowering they require a good amount of sunlight.

How to Water Aparajita Plant  

As Aparajita plant loves sunlight, so its water also gets evaporated very quickly.

For this you will need to water it frequently just make sure that you let the top few inches of the soil get dry before watering it.

If the top of the soil is wet, skip watering.

The idea is to keep the soil moist all the time.

Let the top soil dry out between watering.

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Aparajita Flower Blooming Time

If you follow everything correctly, Aparajita will take around 2-3 months for blooming from the time of sowing seeds.

Aparajita flower creeper

So, keep working on it patiently and you will get its beautiful flower.


Aparajita plant is not a heavy feeder, so you only need to add a little bit of compost (cow dung or vermicompost) every 35 – 40 days.

Mix the compost well into the potting soil and always remember to water it thoroughly after fertilizing.

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Aparajita Plant Care | How to Take Care of Aparajita Plant?

Aparajita Plant After Watering
After Watering


Biggest thing while caring for Aparajita Plant is properly watering it.

As, this plant loves to stay under sunlight the water does get evaporated swiftly but you should always insert your finger inside the soil to check if its dry or not.

If it is not dry then you shouldn’t water it.

And whenever you water it make sure to flood it, so that the water comes out of the drainage holes.

Aparajita Plant Not Flowering

If your Aparajita plant is not flowering then the main reason can be sunlight, if it doesn’t get proper amount of sunlight it doesn’t flower although it will grow well.

But won’t flower.

So, make sure your Aparajita flower plant is getting 6 hours of direct sunlight.

The other very obvious reason can be the season, Aparajita plant stops flowering during winter season so don’t get worried.

Guiding Aparajita plant on a structure
No Flowering in Winter Season

Once the temperature starts to rise, you will encounter its beautiful flower once again.


Although Aparajita plant doesn’t heavily depend on fertilizers to grow but to flower it will require a bit of food.

So, in order to take care of Aparajita flower plant, you will need to feed it with good food every 40 days.

For fertilization you can use cow dung or good quality vermicompost.

And always water after adding compost in the soil.

Choosing The Right Season

Sunlight is very important for Aparajita as its growth depends heavily on it.

So, avoid growing it in a season that doesn’t have much of sun in it or the temperature is cold.

Like monsoon or winter season.

Wrapping It Up

I hope this article helped you knowing everything that you will require to grow Aparajita plant at home, if you still have any doubts do make sure to ask them through the comment section.

Do share your results with everyone.

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