12 Amazing Terrace Garden Ideas [How to Start]

To set up a garden on your rooftop, you need to look for Terrace Garden Ideas and take inspiration from them.

This guide will not help you with the most amazing small terrace garden ideas but also help you start a terrace garden from scratch.

Terrace Garden Ideas - Small Terrace Garden Ideas
Here is a photo of our own terrace garden. Doesn’t this look amazing?

Whether you are starting a terrace garden for the first time or trying to change the way your current one looks, in both scenarios you will be benefited from this guide

So, let’s get into the action

Terrace Garden Ideas

Picking the Right Type of Plant

Pick plants that you can look after. Depending on the knowledge you have.

Because caring for some plants can be tough and losing them in front of your eyes will not be a sight you would want to experience.

Start with plants that don’t demand much maintenance.

You can look at these terrace garden plants that even beginners can grow.

Terrace Garden Ideas

Another thing you should be considering while choosing the plant should be the size of the plant, tall plants generally look better but it mostly depends on personal preference.

So, be sure of the height of the plant as well.

Climber & Creeper Plants For Fence (Terrace Garden Ideas India)

Most of the climber plants are low maintenance and look very great when guided along the fence or balcony.

It gives a very attractive look to your house when seen from the outside.

Take a lot at these – 11 Creeper Plants in India which you can grow in your terrace garden.

Matching Furniture For Your Terrace Garden

Having a terrace garden and not enjoying it fully is not something you are going to do.


Small terrace Garden Ideas

For this, you should get some furniture for your garden like a rocking chair to read your favorite books. A table and a few chairs to enjoy your morning tea or breakfast.

Arrange the furniture in such a way that it aligns with your garden’s theme.

Add colors (Terrace Garden Ideas India)

To make your garden look more attractive, you can grow various types of flowering plants.

I would like you to check 365 days flowering plants in India so that it will always keep your garden full of blooms.

Seeing a garden full of blooms is always a treat for the eyes and growing plants like Rajnigandha flower, and Mogra will make it a pleasing experience by releasing a sweet smell into the surrounding.

Terrace Gardening in India (Terrace Garden Ideas India)

1. Have A Proper Drainage System

When you are going to have a garden on your terrace.

You need to understand the fact that, there will be a lot of water involved in it.


If your terrace doesn’t have a proper drainage system, the water will stay on the rooftop and will start to create problems of seepage and make the structure weak, which you certainly don’t want.

So, while setting up your garden, check that the water is easily flushed out of the terrace.

This is one of the most important steps for setting up a terrace garden.

You can even get your terrace waterproofed by professionals if you want, but it can get quite expensive.

And in most cases, it won’t be necessary and you can do it on your own cheaply.

You must be wondering, so…

How can I make my Terrace Waterproof?

To make your terrace waterproof, get a good quality tarpaulin sheet (like this one), and spread it over your terrace properly so that water can be guided to the drainage holes. This tarpaulin sheet won’t allow water to get in contact with the terrace.

2. Does Your Terrace Gets Proper Sunlight or Not?

The second thing you need to check in order to set up a terrace garden is to see:
Whether your terrace gets ample sunlight or not?

Because sunlight will play an important role in your plant’s growth.

So, you have to analyze, which part of your terrace gets the most sunlight and which doesn’t.

Which one gets more sunlight during Sunrise and which part gets sunlight in the evening or say late afternoon.

A major part of India (excluding the hill stations) has to face harsh summer seasons this intense sunlight can burn your plants so investing in a good quality green net will ensure that the light piercing through it is not that harsh and keep the environment cool.

It will also save your plants from getting overwatered during the rainy season.

Once you have decided on the spot now is the time to move to the third step.

3. Preparing A Rough Sketch (Terrace Garden Ideas India)

Once you have seen the sunlight pattern on your rooftop and understood which part of your terrace gets sunlight at what time and which one gets the most amount of sunlight.

You can then prepare a rough sketch of what you want your terrace garden to look like.

In what places are you going to place your plant’s containers?

Creating a rough sketch will save you from a lot of headaches once your start to bring in plants.

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4. Deciding What To Grow

Now we have come to the interesting part of deciding what you want to grow on your terrace garden.

Surprisingly enough you can grow almost all types of plants these days on your rooftop garden.

But in the beginning, start with a few plants and get used to of the whole process.

Terrace Garden Plants that we are personally growing

Vegetables You Can Grow at Home

Fruits That You Can Grow in Pots

Tools required for Terrace Gardening in India

Tools For Terrace Gardening In India

In order to build a terrace garden successfully, you will surely need the help of some gardening tools.

I am only going to tell you the ones that are really necessary for your terrace gardening journey.


This is a very handy tool when it comes to gardening, as you are regularly required to dig the soil for applying fertilizer, making room for air, and removing weeds.

A trowel helps you in digging the soil and applying useful things.


Pruning is a very healthy practice in gardening. It keeps your plants healthy and bushy.

Pruning is basically, cutting off dead branches or unnecessary branches that are taking up nutrition from the main branch.

This is where a Pruner comes into play. It is a sharp device that is used to cut twigs and small branches.


When you are involved in gardening, your hands come in direct contact with lots of different things like Potting soil, fertilizer, insecticide, and pesticides.

And many of them can cause trouble if ingested.

So wearing good quality gloves is very necessary when you are gardening.

Watering Can

Never, I repeat never water your plants with a normal pipe.

It will either uproot the plants or overwater them and both are fatal for your plants.

For this, you should always invest in a good watering can.

Essential items for Terrace Gardening in India

Now you are done with planning your terrace garden now comes the part where things get interesting.

What are the things you will require to make your terrace garden a reality?


Seeds of the vegetables/flowers you want to grow in your terrace garden.

This one obviously depends on you what you want to grow and the season you are starting in.

Because every plant has a different season for growing it.

Most of the time the seeds will be available in your Kitchen only.

So, let’s say you want to grow tomatoes then you can slice one tomato from your kitchen and get seeds from it.

There will be times when the seeds won’t be available in the house then you can buy them from any nursery or online.

Get this 45 Different Variety of Vegetable Seeds To Get Started

Right Type Of Container For Terrace Gardening

Choosing the right type of container for terrace gardening in India is very crucial.

You should keep these things in mind while deciding on containers:

Should be light in weight

As they are going to put a lot of weight on your terrace and you certainly need to change the location of your plants.
So either choose plastic to grow bags that are UV stabilized or go for plastic pots.

As both of these are lighter in weight. Do not start terrace gardening with cement pots.

Make Drainage Holes

Whenever you use a container, make a few holes in the bottom of the container.

This will help in flushing excess water out of the container as well as allow proper circulation of air.

Check this – Grow Bag Size Chart For Vegetables

Potting mix or Potting Soil
potting soil for gardening

Getting the right type of potting soil is very essential for terrace gardening, as the plants are grown in confined spaces where they get a limited amount of space to grow and breathe.

What do I mean by this is:

For terrace gardening in India you will most probably be using either a pot, grow bags, or buckets to grow your plants.

These things don’t provide the ideal conditions for a plant to grow because it doesn’t have the same amount of space as they get in nature and if you use normal soil it gets very tough for roots to grow freely. 

And ultimately the plant is not able to grow.

So, you require potting soil that allows the roots to breathe and grow freely.

The major ingredient in terrace gardening soil is coco peat, which is very fluffy in nature.

Potting Mix is available in local nurseries and online as well.

Some of the best quality potting soil available online are:

Potting Soil By Trust Basket

Bloombuddy Potting Soil (Good for Flowers)

Ugaoo Potting Mix

How To Maintain a Terrace Garden?

Taking Care of the Pest

When you grow plants then you are inviting little insects that munch on fresh leaves because they also know the benefits of it.

But in order for you to enjoy those healthy leaves, you need to care for these little insects called pests.

The majority of people start thinking so much about how are we going to take care of our terrace garden from pests and all so much that they never get started.

But the fun part is you won’t get them until you start.

If you have decided firmly to grow your own foods then there are many ways you to get rid of the pests.

You can make your own pest control solution at home or just get one online.

And this is where a neem oil comes into play.

If you encounter any pest attack, spray this neem oil.

But make sure to never spray any type of pesticide in the afternoon or morning as the sunlight will burn the leaves.

Always apply it late in the evening.


Watering plays one of the major roles in terrace gardening and this is where most beginners make the mistake.

They get too attached to their plant and start watering each plant the same way.

This is where the trouble starts but I am here to save you from it.

You need to understand that every plant has a different water requirement.

Some require a lot of water and others will flourish with very little.

But the basic idea is to keep the surface moist most of the time.

Only water when the top few inches of the soil feels dry allows the plant to breathe in between which is very essential.

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Sunlight also plays a major role in the growth of plants.

Different plants have different sunlight intake. So just make sure your terrace gets at least 4-6 hours of sunlight in a day and it will cover most of the plant’s intake.

You will also have to check that your plants are not getting exposed to harsh sunlight for a long period of time because that can burn your plant as well, if this happens move them under a shade.

Feeding with Fertilizer

Water and Sunlight are plants’ basic necessities without them, plants won’t grow.

But for proper and healthy growth they also require nutrition just like humans.

This is where Fertilizer comes into play.

You can either buy organic fertilizer for your plants or even make your own compost from kitchen waste.

Cow dung also works as great manure for plants.

Benefits of Terrace Gardening

Chemical Free Healthy Food

You are getting homegrown food at your table and I am telling you there is no match to the taste that these home-grown foods have.

The ones we get from the markets are mass-produced and are generally treated with chemicals and pesticides and are not taken care of the way you would want them to be.

you know it…right?

So, growing your own food in your terrace garden is certainly a great deal.

Keep Your House Cooler

When you have created a green environment on your terrace, it certainly keeps your house cooler than what it normally is.

It is one of the best ways to keep your house cooler in summer naturally. As the plants absorb most of the sunlight and don’t let the sunlight fall directly on the surface thus keeping it cool.

Oxygen Rich Environment

The carbon level in our environment is reaching new heights with the passing days, and the hunt for cleaner air is getting harder day by day.

By making a garden on a terrace, you are getting closer to oxygen-rich air.

Spending even half an hour in this rich air will have a positive impact on your health.

Looks Beautiful

There is no denying it when you have a garden on your rooftop. It certainly makes it 10 times beautiful.

What was once lifeless is now converted into a place full of life.


This was the complete guide on terrace gardening in India.

In case, I missed any point, do let me know in the comment section.

Or if you are facing any other issue with your rooftop garden, share that as well.