Mogra flower plant is by far the best fragrant plant you can grow in your home garden. 

It can be easily grown in pots and doesn’t demand a lot of attention. 

The best method to grow a Mogra plant is from cutting, and this is what I am going to share with you in this post.

Mogra Flower
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Mogra Flowering Season

Mogra flowering season starts from spring and stays late till autumn (March – October).

It stops flowering in the winter season and goes into dormancy.

How to Grow Mogra Plant From Cutting

Grow mogra plant from cutting
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Take Cuttings (#Step 1) 

The first step is to take cuttings from a mogra plant.  

For this, choose a stem that is greener in color and is semi hard. 

Now, with the help of a pruner, take a cutting just below a leaf node, the cutting should be 4-5 inches in length. 

Remove the leaves from the bottom part of the cuttings (if any), because these leaves will take up a lot of nutrition which the cutting needs to use in developing roots. 

Anyways, you can keep 1-2 leaves on the top part of the cutting. 

Planting the Cutting (How to grow Mogra Plant # Step 2)

Preparing the Pot 

Get a pot of 6-8 inches in size, make a few drainage holes at the bottom. 

Fill it with fast draining, rich potting soil and then evenly moist the soil. (I recommend getting this soil for Mogra)

Now make small holes in the soil with the help of any pointed object (like pencil), for each cutting, make sure to have some gap between each hole. 

Encouraging Root Growth 

Now, take your cuttings and dip its bottom part in a rooting hormone. (recommended rooting hormone)

This will help in faster development of the root.

After this insert all the cuttings carefully inside the small holes you made. 

The cutting should be buried at least ⅓ rd  of its size. 

Now cover these cuttings with a plastic bag, to maintain the moisture and heat and place the pot in a location where it can receive indirect sunlight for 5-6 hours a day. 

Don’t place the planted cuttings in direct sunlight. 

And water it whenever you feel the soil has lost moisture.

Root Growth 

Mogra cuttings take around 4-6 weeks to develop roots and then you can transplant the cuttings into individual containers. 

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Transplanting ( Step 3)

Preparing the container 

For the final container, choose a pot of 10-12 inches in size and make a drainage hole in the bottom. 

Fill it with a fertile potting soil with good drainage capacity (you can always add sand and perlite to increase the drainage). 

I highly recommend this potting soil for growing Mogra plants. 

Transferring the cuttings

Now, carefully scoop out the cuttings with the help of a trowel along with their root ball. 

Make a hole in the potting soil of the final container and insert the cutting in it.

After this gently press the soil around its root ball to make the soil firm around it and remove any air pockets.

Expose the plant to light morning sunlight for the first few days as it recovers from the shock of transplantation and then gradually take it out in direct sun all day.

Water mogra plants whenever the soil feel dry to touch and maintain its moisture. It needs more water in spring & summer season and very less water in winter season.

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How to get more flowers in the Mogra Plant?

To get more flowers in the Mogra plant you need to do 2 things: Fertilize it with phosphorus rich fertilizer, Prune the branches after bloom.

how to get more flowers in mogra
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Feed it with Fertilizer

Mogra plant requires a high amount of fertilizer to produce blooms so if you want more blooms in your mogra plant.

Consider feeding it with a phosphorus rich fertilizer, I have found this amazing fertilizer that you should definitely try. 

Feed your plant in the active growing season of Spring and Summer. 

Regularly Prune 

After your plant has bloomed, prune the branches to encourage growth of new branches. 

Because the more branches the more flowers it can produce. 

Wrapping Up

I hope this guide has helped you understand, how you can grow mogra plant at home.

But if you are still having any doubts, make sure to ask that in the comment section.

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