Indoor Flowering Plants Without Sunlight India (Absolute Best)

Not everyone has the luxury of sunlight blessing their home, especially in this era 🙁

If you are one of those, does that mean you cannot enjoy the blooms of indoor flowering plants? 

Obviously not!!!

There are many indoor flowering plants that grow without sunlight or minimal. 

And today, I am going to share it with you.

But, before we move on, I want to clear one thing that every plant requires some amount of sunlight; however low light conditions they can handle, each of them would require a minimal amount of sunlight.

So, don’t keep them devoid of sunlight, find a spot that receives filtered sunlight.

Let’s dive right in. 

Indoor Flowering Plants Without Sunlight India 

Peace lily 

Peace Lily In India - Taking care of peace lily

Peace lily is a gorgeous plant with extraordinarily beautiful flowers that can grow pretty well without sunlight. 

It is a tropical plant thus requires a high amount of moisture, for which you should regularly mist it. 

Apart from its flowers, its deep green leaves are also worthy to bring this plant indoors. 

You should check this guide which I wrote on Peace Lily Care to keep it healthy and flowering.

Brahma Kamal (Queen of Night Cactus)  

Brahma kamal plant care and grow

Attached with so many legends Brahma Kamal is popular because it flowers during the night time. 

This plant requires minimal sunlight or no sunlight and can be placed on a windowsill. 

Seeing it flower is tricky because you might need to trade your sleep for it, but it is worth it. 

I have written a detailed guide on growing and caring for the Brahma Kamal plant.

Anthurium – Indoor Flowering Plants That Grow Without Sunlight India

Anthurium - most amazing Indoor Flowering Plants Without Sunlight India

Anthurium produces unique heart- shaped leaf like flowers which are just so amazing to have around you. 

This plant can be called as perfect plant that requires no sunlight. 

It also has great air purifying capacity so it’s a win-win situation to have this plant in your house.

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Bromeliad is another indoor flowering plant that can grow without sunlight and will bless you with its astonishing bright colored flowers. 

Other than that it requires well draining soil that can hold moisture for a long time. 

This plant grows in the shade of bigger plants in its natural environment.

Christmas Cactus (Indoor Flowering Plant That Grow Without Sunlight)

As the name suggests this plant is a cactus, and they are generally seen as a desert plant that loves sunlight. 

But Christmas cactus is just the opposite of it. 

If exposed to direct sunlight, its leaves will start to burn. 

It needs only indirect sunlight and flowers near Christmas time, and thus got its name.

The flower grows at the tip of its stem which looks so beautiful.

Euphorbia Milii (Crown of Thorns) 

Crown of thorns

This plant surely justifies its name, covered with thorns all over its stem and topped with beautiful red flowers. 

It does look like a crown of thorns. 

This plant has almost no maintenance and you can keep it under shade for a major part of the year but do expose it to bright filtered light in the winters. 

Because it needs sunlight to produce flowers during this time.  

Place it in such a location that kids and pets are out of its reach because it can do serious damage if handled improperly.

Poinsettia – Indoor Flowering Plants Without Sunlight India

Poinsettia - Indoor Flowering Plants Without Sunlight India

Last but not the least indoor flowering plant that can grow without sunlight in my list is Poinsettia. 

This gorgeous plant is popular for its red colored flowers that can make anyone fall for them. 

It requires a humid environment and bright but indirect sunlight to grow. 

Their flowering season comes close to Christmas and they go into dormancy in the spring season.

You can check this guide on best seaweed fertilizer for plants in India, and feed your indoor flowering plants with it.

Final Words 

I hope this article has given you an idea about the indoor flowering plants which you can grow even if your place gets very little sunlight. 

If you have any doubts regarding these plants and how to take care of them, feel free to ask them in the comment section.

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