Madhumalti flower plant is one of the gorgeous flowering plant you can grow at your home.

Blessed with mild sweet smell, Madhumalti is fairly easy to care after.

Madhumalti plant is also known as Rangoon Creeper & Chinese Honeysuckle in English.

How to Grow Madhumalti Plant?

To grow Madhumalti plant, you need a few healthy cuttings, prepare a container by filling it with potting soil that has good drainage capacity and insert the cuttings in it. Keep the soil moist all the time & place it in a warm place that gets filtered sunlight.

Madhumalti Flower
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If you are looking for an ornamental plant which demands very less maintenance, you can’t go wrong with Madhumalti flower plant.

Madhumalti Bel (vine) can be guided along the fence or allowed to grow around the main gate to welcome yourself with the sweet fragrance of it.

Toady, I will tell you how you can grow Madhumalti or Rangoon Creeper Plant and take care of them for proper growth and flowering.

Madhumalti Flowering Season/Time

Madhumalti flowering season starts from March – June & then again from Aug – Oct.

Madhumalti Flowering Season/Time
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Madhumalti plant is a 365 day flowering plants which means that it blooms year after year.

Its flowering season is usually during time when the temperature is a bit warm. When the temperature drops the size of the flower will also reduces.

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How To Grow Madhumalti Plant From Cutting

To grow Madhumalti from cutting, you need 5-6 inches long healthy cuttings that has no flower buds. Get a small pot with a drainage hole and fill it with soil, make the soil moist by lightly watering it, now dip the cuttings in rooting hormone and then insert the cutting inside the soil.

This flowering creeper plant is best grown from cutting method, as it doesn’t produce seeds.

Madhumalti plant can be easily grown in either pots or directly on the ground, and doesn’t require a very precisely made potting soil.

But to be on the safe side I recommend you to go with this amazing potting soil when growing it in pots, as you are providing it an artificial environment.

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Madhumalti Flower – Steps To Grow

Get Cuttings (#Step 1)

It should be healthy and greener in color which implies that it will have adequate water content.

The size of the cutting should be 4-5 inches long, and not have any flower buds.

It can have leaves on it. 

Once you have got the cuttings let’s move to the second part.

Preparing the Pot (#Step 2)

Get a 6 inch pot, make a drainage hole at the bottom and fill it with potting soil.

After this make the soil moist by lightly watering it.

Applying Rooting Hormone (#Step 3 – How to grow Madhumalti plant from cutting)

Simply take the cuttings and dip the bottom part inside the rooting hormone.

This will speed up the process of root formation.

Planting Cuttings (#Step 4)

Now, simply insert the cuttings inside this soil, leaving 2 leaf nodes outside the soil and one buried in it.

Water it again lightly.

And keep it in a location where it receives partial sunlight for 3-4 hours.

Keep the soil moist by watering it with light showers in the root for proper growth.

How Long Will It Take the Cuttings to Develop Roots?

How to Grow Madhumalti From Cutting
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If everything goes well, then it will take 25-30 days for the cutting to develop enough strong root system to be transplanted into the final container.

Just make sure during the process of growing root, if the cutting produces any flower bud, remove it as soon as you see it.

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As it is a creeper plant it would require some support to grow freely.

You can consider these trellis for your plant support from amazon (affiliate links):

Coir Stick Support

The most amazing part about Madhumalti flower is that it keeps on changing color. It starts with white colored flower then shifts to pinkish white and finally settles with red.

Madhumalti Plant Care

Madhumalti plant care
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Water RoutineRequires good amount of water. Try to keep the soil moist especially in summer
SunlightBright direct sunlight (except afternoon)
Potting SoilRich soil with good drainage
FertilizerAll purpose organic fertilizer before & during flowering season

Madhumalti plant care includes watering it frequently and not allowing the soil to dry, providing it full sunlight and fertilizer during its flowering season. A trellis support once it grows big enough and start crawling.

Lets get into details:

Water Frequently (Madhumalti Plant Care)

As Madhumalti Bel blooms during summer season, it requires a lot of water intake.

So, you might need to water it twice a day daily.

Morning and Evening are the best time to water plants, as sun don’t suck up most of the water.


Rangoon Creeper loves sunlight and will flower the best in Sunlight.

Consider moving them to a spot where they can receive direct sunlight.

Although make sure the spot is under partial shade during Afternoon as the harsh afternoon light can damage the plant.

Why is Madhumalti Not Flowering

Madhumalti plant not flowering is caused due to two main reasons:

  • Not Providing Enough Sunlight
  • Feeding it with Nitrogen rich fertilizer

Lack of Sunlight

As I told you above, Madhumalti plant loves to be under sunlight and requires it to produce flower so if you have kept your plant deprived of sunlight then it is the main reason behind it not flowering.

It need 4-5 hours of sunlight to flower.

Nitrogen Rich Fertilizer

If you keep feeding it with nitrogen rich fertilizer then the plant will have amazing lush green leaves but won’t be able to flower.

As it needs phosphorus to do that, so I would recommend you feeding your Madhumalti plant with this fertilizer during its flowering season and see the magic.

Make sure to water it as soon as you apply fertilizer.

Potting Soil (Madhumalti Plant Care)

If you are growing Madhumalti bel in a pot then make sure the potting soil is fast draining & has enough coco peat in it.

Which will ensure that moisture is retained for a longer time, otherwise you will have to water it even more frequently.

You can also add mulch on top of the soil to stop excessive evaporation of water.

Final Words

I hope this simple easy to follow guide will help you to grow Rangoon creeper plant at home and beautify your surroundings.

Still if you have any doubts and facing some problem with your Madhumalti then make sure to comment down below and I will be more than happy to solve it.

6 thoughts on “Madhumalti Flower- How To Grow & Care For It?”

  1. Hi,
    I have grown Madhumalti in a pot. It has given me heavy bloom 2 times but now it is not giving any bloom. I can see buds are there but it’s taking a long time to grow.

    1. Did you change the pot, it might be root bound. Meaning it has grown bigger than its present pot and needs a bigger house to breathe and grow properly.

      Do let me know.

  2. Madhumalti dried up in winter. All the Leaves fell off. Will it bloom again? On cutting branches are green inside. So I guess it is viable. Shall I wait for it to produce leaves or it will not. Please advise.

    1. Did you not water it properly during winters?

      This is one of the common mistake people make with Madhumalti and the leaves fall off.

      To provide you with a solution I need to know what caused it.

      1. Very informative. Thank You. I am intending to grow Madhumalti plant in a pot. Please advise what would be the dimensions of the pot please.

      2. When you are starting with the cuttings, you need the smallest sized pot. And this is true for most of the plant cuttings. As the plant grows, increase the pot size gradually.
        A 4-6 inch pot size is good for cuttings.

        Bigger the pot, more soil is there which absorbs more water that causes overwatering and hence the plant dies.

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