Petunia Flower Season In India – How to Grow & Care for it? 

Petunia is one of the gorgeous plants that you can introduce to your home garden. It is an annual flowering plant that blooms profusely. 

In this guide, you will learn about Petunia in detail. 

Petunia in India

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Petunia Flower Season in India? 

Petunia flower season in India is the Spring Season (Feb – May). It will begin to bloom shortly after winter when the weather begins to warm up and will keep on producing until the monsoon arrives. 

How to grow Petunia From Seeds? 

Petunia flower season in India

To grow Petunia from seeds, you first need to know: 

Petunia Sowing time in India? 

The best time to grow petunia from seeds is September – October so that the plant is ready to be transplanted to its final container by Nov – Dec. 

What things are required to germinate its seeds?

  • 4 – Inch Pot
  • Potting mix (Organic Compost & Garden Soil in the ratio of 2:1)
  • Water Sprinkler

Fill the pot with potting mix, lightly sprinkle some water and then sow one seed per pot in the center and lightly press it. 

Keep this pot away from direct sunlight but somewhere where it can receive a good amount of indirect sunlight/heat. 

As this helps in germinating the seeds. Petunia seeds take around 7-15 days to germinate. 

Transplanting the Sapling 

Once the sapling grows to a height of 2-3 inches, it is ready to be transplanted into the final container.  

You need a wide container for growing petunias and make sure to always grow one sapling per pot as it will quickly cover the whole pot within a short period. 

Petunia doesn’t have very deep roots so a wide pot works like a charm. Take a pot that is 10 inches wide and 5 inches deep and make a few holes at the bottom for the flow of air and let excess water pass easily.

For this, you need to create potting soil with specific ingredients and ratios.

Preparing Potting Soil For Petunia 

It requires rich and well-draining soil. So you use the following composition: 

Once you have made this potting soil, fill it in the pot and carefully take out the sapling and insert it. Keep this pot in full sunlight. 

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Petunia Care in India 

Quick Table for Petunia Care Guide India 

SunlightFull Sunlight (4-5 hours)
WateringModerate, only when the upper layer dries up.
Potting SoilOrganically Rich & Fast Draining.
FertilizerA good amount of fertilizer before the flowering season.Possibly vermicompost.


Petunia loves to be under sunlight and prefers direct sunlight for 4-5 hours every day. You can keep it under shade during afternoons but apart from that time, you should allow your petunias to soak in the sun day all day long as it helps them to flower better. 


It requires moderate watering and too much water will cause severe root rot. So, it’s better to only water it when the top layer gets dried up and water just enough to make the soil moist. 

One more important thing to care about while watering is to never water over the flower and leaves of petunia but rather a water directly over the soil. 

Potting Soil

The potting soil you make or buy for petunia needs to be fast draining as it cannot tolerate standing water.
If you make your own soil, then follow the soil composition which I have shared above.


Petunia blooms profusely and thus require a good amount of fertilizer as well. If you have already added 30% good quality vermicompost in the potting soil it will do the work. 

But if somehow your plant is only producing green leaves in abundance & no flower then you should add potassium & phosphorus-rich fertilizer to it. 


To help your plant produce flowers in abundance and stay bushy, you should remove all the dead flowers and leaves every day to create room for new flowers. 


Petunia is a must-have plant for people who are looking for a quick shower of flowers. 

If you are facing any problems currently with your plant or need more clarity on any of the topics, make sure to comment down below.