5 Best Home Hydroponics Kit in India

Hydroponics technology has made it possible to turn a small room into farmland that too without needing a handful of soil. 

In Hydroponics, you can use gravel, sand & even liquid to grow plants but it requires a certain type of kit to carry forward the mission. 

In this post, I will share with you the best home hydroponics kit available in India for both beginners and a bit advanced gardeners/farmers. 

I will also provide you with a link to buy or check its price.

So let’s get right into it. 

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5 Best Hydroponics Kit in India  

City Green  

One of the best-selling hydroponics kits in the market is this one from City Green. It is perfect for beginners who want to try their hands at Hydroponics. 

This kit contains: 

  • Aeration Pump With Air Stone
  • Sample Seeds Varieties
  • Seed Germination Plugs
  • 300 ml hydroponics fertilizer 
  • 2” Net Pots
  • Fly Ash Pebbles

You can check the prices of the 2 varients here:

5 Planter Set for Beginners
40 Planter Set


The second home hydroponics kit on the list is by Pindfresh. Their Pindpipe which is basically the pipe in which you insert the Net Pots is of premium quality and also made with food-grade PVC. 

This kit contains: 

  • 1 Pindpipe
  • 2 Stands
  • 5 Net Pots
  • Aeration Pump
  • 1 Pouch Clay Balls
  • 1 Stick to check water levels. 

Pindfresh has 2 variants of hydroponics kit whose price you can check here:

5 Planter Set For Starters
10 Plants Set

Lano Agritech Hydroponics Kit 

This hydroponic kit by Lano Agritech is a complete package. It is best for those people who don’t get sunlight at their home as they provide you with a grow light. 

The grow light also can be height adjusted if you need more intensity you can move it close to the plant or vice versa.  

Also, once you become their customer you can even consult them for any type of queries or gain knowledge.

This kit contains: 

  • Grow Light
  • TDS Meter 
  • Ph Tester
  • Net Pot
  • Fertilizer  

You can check its price & buy it here.

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Agro Experts  

This kit is not for the beginner-level person who is just starting with hydroponics but is titled more towards someone who has been successful in growing plants through this technique and now wants to step up to the next level. 

This kit comes with 4 pipes & contains 28 planters holes in which net pots can be inserted. 

Apart from this, the kit contains: 

  • EC & Ph Meter 
  • 28 Net Pots
  • Submersible Motor 
  • Clay Pebbles
  • Seeds
  • Coco Peat Disc
  • Neem Oil 

And more. 

Their customer support is also top-notch, which makes it a good buy. You can buy and check its price here.

We Hydroponics

This one is the best quality home hydroponics kit for advanced-level gardeners. 

It comes with 28 planters and looks quite premium and sturdy built. 

Kit Contains: 

  • 3-inch Net Pot
  • Clay Pebbles
  • Bucket 
  • Coco Disc

Buy it here.

How to Use Hydroponics Kit?

I can understand that you might not be aware of using a hydroponics kit and how to actually start growing plants from it.

So, I will explain the whole process simply.

The first thing you need to do is, take out the coco disc, this is our growing medium that replaces the soil.

Suppose, you buy a 5 planter kit and then take out 5 coco discs.

Take these disc in a flat tray or something similar to that and water it. After some time you will find that the disc will grow bigger in size.

Insert the seeds around 1/2 cm inside coco peat and water it lightly. The germination usually happens in 7-10 days. Once the seeds germinate and turn into a sapling.

Now open the pipe-like structure and add 2 liters of water to it and add 2-4 ml of fertilizer that comes with the kit. Set up the air pump as this allows proper flow of oxygen in the water which is very vital for plant growth.

Take out the Net Pots and place them inside the hole in the pipe and then insert the coco disc with the sapling inside the Net pot and that’s pretty much it.

You will be ready to harvest your very own fresh and healthy vegetable at home in 45 days.


I hope this guide has helped you find the best home hydroponics kit for yourself. If you still have any doubts about using it or anything related to it.

Please make sure to comment down below and I will try to help you out as soon as possible.