Laxmi Kamal Plant: Benefits, Vastu & Care

Laxmi Kamal Plant is one of the highly celebrated plants in India as it is supposed to be a form of Goddess Laxmi – The wealth goddess.  

This plant is exceptionally beautiful and has a rosette-like structure. Equipped with cute little fleshy leaves it is native to Mexico, where it grows under the shade of rocks. 

Laxmi Kamal Plant

In this article you will learn about:

  1. Laxmi Vishnu Kamal plant benefits
  2. How to care for it
  3. Laxmi Kamal Plant Vastu 

Let’s dive right into it.

Laxmi Vishnu Kamal Plant Benefits  

Laxmi Vishnu Kamal Plant Benefits

1. Believed to bring prosperity
One of the widely known beliefs attached to the Vishnu Laxmi Kamal plant is that it attracts prosperity to the house in which it is grown or kept.

2. Adds a touch of positivity 
Whether it adds to one’s wealth or not, it sure does add positivity to the surrounding which is one of the important Laxmi Vishnu Kamal plant benefits. You can even keep it on your work desk so as to feel refreshed and lively.

3. Makes a cute indoor plant
It is a cute little succulent plant that makes a great indoor plant for the Indian climate. You can keep it inside your living room near the window sill or just anywhere where it can receive bright filtered sunlight.

4. Easy to care
This plant doesn’t demand a lot of attention from your end and is quite easy to care for. If you provide it good potting soil, water whenever the soil gets dry, and provide it moderate sunlight. It will stay healthy and keep spreading positivity all around.

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These were the few Laxmi Vishnu Kamal Plant benefits that make it a great option for you to consider getting it for your home or office desk. 

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Laxmi Kamal Plant Vastu  

According to Vastu, it is suggested to keep Laxmi Kamal Plant in the Ishan Kon/Disha (North-East Direction) to reap its benefits.

Laxmi Kamal Plant Care 

Potting Soil  

The Vishnu Kamal plant is a type of succulent and thus requires fast draining and porous soil. The soil should be such that it can flush out excess water swiftly. If the soil is not able to do so and the plant has to sit in standing water, it gets root rot very easily and can get messy to a point that you might lose it. 

So for proper Laxmi plant care, the soil should have a good amount of coco peat (for porosity) & sand for faster drainage.  

I recommend this amazing succulent potting mix for this plant. 


You need to be very careful while watering the Vishnu Laxmi Kamal plant, as too much watering can cause root rot in the plant which starts with the yellowing of leaves and then slowly turning brown in color. 

The golden rule to water this plant is to water only when the top 1 inches of the soil feels dry to touch and while watering it make sure to water enough that the water comes out of the drainage holes. 

Do not water over its leaves but directly over the soil. Because due to its leaves structure the water droplets stay on the top of the leaves and cause rot in that particular place. 

For watering it you should use a long neck watering can like this one.  

You will need to adjust the watering routine during summer (increase frequency) and winter season (water only when the topsoil gets dry).


Laxmi kamal plant appreciates a good amount of filtered bright sunlight. It can handle direct sunlight except for the harsh afternoon sunlight during summers. 

The best place to keep this plant is somewhere it can receive morning direct sunlight and then gets to enjoy filtered bright sunlight (like a window sill). 

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Final Say 

In all, I can say that it is a beautiful plant that you should totally add to your Indoor plant collection.

I have tried to cover all the important points related to this plant & provide you the complete information but if somehow, I missed any point you are free to ask them in the comment section. 

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