Best Seaweed Fertilizer in India [Organic & Trustworthy]

Seaweed fertilizers are nutrient rich organic fertilizer that are extracted from marine plants which helps in boosting plants growth.

They are easy to use and does the work in lesser time.

If you are looking for the best seaweed fertilizer in India, you have come to the right place.

I am going to walk you through the best liquid seaweed fertilizer available in India.

Best Seaweed Fertilizer In India For Plants

1. Organic Dew – Top Seaweed Fertilizer in India 

This Seaweed Fertilizer from “Organic Dew” has been the most used and in-demand product for a long time.

Obviously, because of its continuous excellent result in the plant’s growth.

It helps in enriching the soil, protecting it from frost, and can even be used for faster seed germination and as a rooting hormone.

With so much in the bag, you cannot go wrong with it.

If you are looking for a no-nonsense product, you should get this one for your plants.

2. Go Garden – Best Liquid Seaweed Fertilizer India

The second one on the list is from Go Garden, which is a renowned brand for gardening related stuff in India.

Its seaweed fertilizer has been the most loved fertilizers of all time, with positive reviews pouring in.

What makes people love this product so much: 

  • It doesn’t smell bad.
  • Most cost effective one out there.
  • Works like a charm.
  • Good after sale support

So, if you want a trustworthy product, you should get this one for you.

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3. Urbanhouse – Best Liquid Fertilizer

The next one on the list is from Urbanhouse.

This liquid fertilizer has bagged quite a good response from its user and continues to do so.

You will certainly love this one as it can be used for various purposes like:

  • Root Growth
  • Seed Germination
  • Plants Growth
  • Protecting Plant From Disease

It is one of the best seaweed fertilizer for plants and should be in your top list. You can get it from here.

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4. HomeCrop Biosmart – Good Quality Liquid Fertilizer

HomeCrop is a trusted brand that is dedicated towards making kitchen gardening in India easier than ever before.

And has quite a good number of quality products in the market.

Their liquid seaweed fertilizer is one of them.

Use it over all your struggling plants or unhealthy ones and you will see the result in a few weeks.

If you want to be assured of the quality and the people behind it.

You should get this one for sure.

How to Use Liquid Seaweed Fertilizer?

Using liquid seaweed fertilizer is very easy and that is one of its qualities which has made it so popular.

All you have to do use it is:

Mix the required amount of fertilizer in water (always given over the bottle it comes in) and usually it is something like.

Add 5ml of liquid fertilizer in 1 liter of water.

Mix it well and then pour this mixture inside a good quality garden sprayer or watering can.

How a pressure sprayer works

And either water it directly over the soil or just spray over the plant.

That’s how easy it is to use it.

Important Things to know before using it

Be Very Cautious of The Quantity Used

Almost all the seaweed fertilizer comes with a certain quantity of diluting it with water.

And mostly it says add like 3ml of liquid fertilizer in 1 ltr of water.

So, whatever quantity is given over it, never exceed it & even try to use a little lesser than that.

If the instruction says, add 3ml of it, then add only 2ml in 1 liter water.

As these fertilizers are quite strong in nature.

Shake Well Before Use

There are chances that when you get your fertilizer for the first time and open it.

It might not seem perfectly liquidy.

Add a few drops of water before using it for the first time and shake well.

Do Not use in sunlight  

If you apply it during the time when the sun is shining bright it will burn the leaves of the plant.

So, the perfect time to use it, is to apply it in the evening after sunset or early morning.

To give it the time to get absorbed.

Apply 2 weeks before active period 

Apply liquid fertilizer 10-15 days before the flowering period, fruit or vegetable bearing time of your plant.

It will provide your plant with required nutrients and is probably the best time to feed it.

Have a Gap of 15 days between applying 

Don’t apply these type of liquid fertilizer very frequently as it is very strong and can damage the plant if given in more quantity.

So, always provide a gap of at least 15 days between using it on your plant.

Benefits of Seaweed Fertilizer

There are many benefits of using seaweed fertilizers over other fertilizer: 

  • Reduces the work by great margin. Simply mix it with water and either water over the soil or just spray with help of garden sprayer.
  • Rich in nutrition required by plants.
  • Easily absorbed by the plants as they don’t have to go through a long break-down process as any other fertilizer. 
  • Organic matter, so no harmful effect over the soil and plant.

With so many benefits on its side, it is wise to use these fertilizers.

Wrapping Up

I hope this post will help you find the best seaweed fertilizer for your plants and help them grow healthy.

Feel free to drop your questions in the comment section.