9 Best Indoor Plant Stands For Multiple Plants In India

Searching for the best indoor plant stands for multiple plants in India?

Bringing in plants inside our house is the new cool.

In addition to a plethora of health benefits, they absolutely take the interior game to the next level. 

But for that, you need to place them in such a way that improvises the look of the room.

You just can’t simply place them anywhere as it will rather make your interior look messy.

So, how do you make it work for you?

The obvious solution is getting Indoor Plant Stands for your multiple plants

But choosing an indoor plant stands from so many options out there is not easy and takes away so much time.

So, for your convenience.

Today, I am going to show you the: 

9 Best Indoor Plant Stands For Multiple Plants In India

Indoor Plant Stands For Multiple Plants In India

Green Gardenia Iron Plant Stand


This indoor plant stand is just perfect for your living room.

It looks amazing & you can place up to 6 pots on this plant stand. 

Its build quality is very sturdy and needs no assembling.

And the iron used is rust-proof, so you don’t have to worry about spilling water over it.

You can even place it outdoors as well.

One thing which made me rank this indoor plant stand for multiple plants at the top is because this product is made keeping the problems in mind.

Its legs are intentionally curved, so you can even place it over expensive mats, rugs, floors or tiles and it won’t damage them at all.

Which is just so well thought out and brilliant. (You can order it from here)

Kundi 6 Tier Plant Stands for Indoors


This one from Kundi is one of the most popular indoor plants that stand out there.

A sturdy built spacious indoor plant stand which has 6 spots to place pots.

It is quite sober in looks and does the job pretty well. (Get it from here)

If you are not looking for something bold but still want a good-looking pot stand this one is surely for you.

Crafter Metal Plant Stand With Planter Pot


This is one of the classiest indoor plant stands available in India. 

If you are looking to give an aesthetic touch to your home décor, this indoor plant stand is the right one for you. 

It comes with 3 plant stands and their pot as well (a win-win situation).

Both are made of wrought iron which is rustproof and quite long-lasting.

Its USP is the elegant look that it carries. (Get it from here)

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GIG Handicrafts Metal Pot Stand For Multiple Plants


I have always been a fan of this type of indoor plant stands for multiple plants.

Usually, I have seen these types of cycle-shaped plant stands in restaurants where it totally changes the décor and stands out quite nicely.

Adding this in your guest room or the front portion of the house will surely attract a lot of eyeballs toward it. 

It can house 3 pots and is quite spacious.

If you are looking for something that looks really out of the box then this one is surely for you. ( You can get it from here)

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Sharpex Wooden Indoor Plant Stands For Multiple Plants In India


This wooden indoor plant stand from Sharpex is of premium quality and looks very attractive.

There is a different vibe to wooden products, such is with it and this plant stand has got everything to be on your top list.

It adds a rustic feel to the place wherever it is placed. (Get it from here)

You can place up to 5 pots on it, its legs are perfectly made and don’t shake.

It is able to handle quite a load, so you can place all your heavy pots on it without worry.

Trust Basket 3 Step Indoor Plant Stand India


This one perfectly stands true for multiple plant indoor stands in India.

It comes with 3 steps all of which can be used to place plant pots.

This plant stand is very easy to assemble and can easily accommodate 9 – 15 pots (depending on their size)

Trust Basket is a popular gardening brand, so you know that you will be getting a quality product.

This indoor plant stand is a must for gardening freaks, who just can’t stop buying more and more plants. ( You can order it here)

The Edge Interior – Solid Wood Multi-Layer Plant Stand


Another wooden indoor plant stand which is made of 100% teak wood has space for 6-8 pots.

It has that classy wooden look to it which is surely going to blend very well with light-colored walls. 

With premium quality, this indoor pot stand has a solid base, so it won’t shake and fall easily.

Perfect for all the old-school types out there.  ( Get one for your home today)

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Crafter Metal Indoor Plant Stand


Perfect for small indoor plants, this golden pot stand is surely going to be an eye-catcher.

It comes with 3 different stands and pots with height in increasing order.

When placed together in accordance with their height, it looks very amazing.

Perfect for small space, goes well with both dark and light-colored walls. (Link to buy it)

Livzing Multipurpose Bamboo Wooden Plant Stand Holder


This one again stands true for, indoor plants stand for multiple plants.

As this bamboo-based wooden pot stand has 6 tiers and can easily make space for 10 – 12 pots.

This plant stand is made of 100% bamboo, so you can be assured that it is not going to get damaged for many years.

Because bamboo is famous for its toughness and durability. 

Goes very well against light color walls beside a sofa. (get one for your room)


These were the top 9 indoor plant stands for multiple plants in India.

I hope you have found the one that suits your house the best.

Do let me know which one you like the most.