Do you want to keep plants in your bedroom in India? 

And searching for something like:

Which indoor plant is good for bedrooms in India?

Then finally, you have landed at the right spot.

When we think of bringing in plants inside our bedroom, mostly our aim is to get more oxygen from them.

But do you know? 

On top of making your bedroom’s environment oxygen rich & filling it with positive vibes,

best bedroom plants in india

These indoor plants also help in removing a lot of harmful pollutants that are secretly living with us and causing adverse effects on our health.


You might be shocked to know that the air quality inside our house is far worse than outside, so bringing in plants inside your bedroom is a great step to tackle it.  

That takes us to the bigger question:

Which are the best bedroom plants in India?

In this post, I am going to share with you the best plants for bedroom in India which I have selected on the basis of 4 things: 

  • Low Maintenance 
  • Can Adapt To Low Light Conditions
  • Absorbs Harmful Pollutants
  • Looks Beautiful

12 Amazing Bedroom Plants In India

Peace Lily  

air purifying indoor plant for bedroom india

Peace Lily is a gorgeous flowering plant which is one of the best plants when it comes to absorbing harmful pollutants and purifying the air.

This plant grows under shade and doesn’t require much attention.

Which makes it the best bedroom plants out there.

On top of that, if you give it proper food (fertilizer/compost) it will bless you with its stunning flowers.

Word of Caution – They are toxic to both pets and humans, so keep it out of reach from both pets and children.

Most Air Purifying Plants For Indian Houses

Snake Plant 

indoor plant for bedroom india

Another strikingly beautiful plant that is perfect for your bedroom is Snake Plant.

These plants can thrive under low light conditions and are an excellent source of oxygen.

If you are looking for an air purifying plant for your bedroom in India, you should get this one asap. 

Apart from that snake plant doesn’t require that care and can be easily propagated.

Get one for your home.


Anthurium - most amazing plant with red leaves

This jaw dropping plant with red leaves is extremely gorgeous and requires a bit of caring but is totally worth it. 

It can survive in low light conditions but if you can place it in a bright indirect sunlight it will thrive healthy and bless you with its beauty. 

A seriously not to miss plant for your bedroom.

Surreal Indoor Plants With Red Leaves

Zz Plant

 indoor plant for bedroom India

I am a huge fan of the Zz plant, such an attractive plant this is.

Zz plants are the easiest plant out there when it comes to caring for them.

I call them the “get one and forget” plants. Because of their almost zero-maintenance.

It is just the right type of plant for your bedroom which will add to its beauty and can grow well with little sunlight. 

Areca Palm 

bedroom plant india

Another charismatic plant that is a good fit for a bedroom is Areca Palm.

It will instantly change the interior game of your bedroom with its tropical vibe.

Areca Palm is known to have good air purifying capacity and certainly looks good.

Amazing Indoor Plant Stands For Multiple Plants

Monstera Adansonii 

Perfect plant for bedroom

Popularly known as the broken heart plant, it has become quite a famous houseplant in India in recent years.

Because of the holes in its leaves, which looks both amazing and intriguing at the same time. 

This plant can tolerate low light conditions and look super astonishing inside the bedroom. 

Spider Plant 

Spider Plant - best office desk plant in india

Wherever you place this plant, it brings a happy vibe attached to itself.

Spider plants are phenomenal plants that can be grown easily in hanging baskets, pots or even in normal water bottles.

They are such easy to grow indoor plants, but they do require some sunlight to survive.

So, if you want to have them in your bedroom, place it near the windowsill.

Rubber Plant  

Amazing indoor bedroom plant

Rubber Plants emits such a different vibe around themselves.

With a very interesting dark green colored foliage, this plant is surely going to take your heart away.

It requires indirect sunlight to survive so you can place it near a window and enjoy its beauty.

This plant is an excellent source of oxygen which feeds on carbon dioxide.

Aloe Vera 

best bedroom plant india

Aloe is a succulent that requires very less maintenance. 

And, I won’t be wrong to say that, the less you care for it the happier and healthier it will be.  

All you need to make sure is that it gets its fair share of indirect sunlight everyday and water it only when its soil seems dry to touch.

This plant is one of the most common houseplant and that comes with tons of benefits as well.

Best Office Desk Plants in India

Money Plant 

Money plants in Water

One of the most popular indoor plants found in indian bedrooms is money plant.

It requires bright but indirect sunlight to grow.

Can be grown in both water and soil in almost any type of container. (water bottles, cups, pots….)

This plant good air purifying ability as well and on top of that it is believed to bring prosperity to the house where it is grown.

So, always a good option to have money plant around you.


Indoor Mosquito Repellent Plant

Lavender is enjoyed as a bedroom plant all over the globe, mostly because of their smell and purple colored flowers.

If I call it one of the most breathtaking plants out there, I am sure you won’t argue with me. (or will you?) 

This plant can live pretty well in low light conditions but to use it to its full extent you will need to expose it to direct sunlight for at least 3-4 hours a day. 

So, if your bedroom has a window you can place it there and let it sunbath.

Mosquito Repellant Indoor Plants

Lucky Bamboo  

Lucky bamboo is considered very lucky (you might have guessed that by now) and can be easily found in many houses because of its easy growing nature.

It is a no-fuss plant, which can be grown easily in water and the care you need to give it is:

Keep changing its water regularly. (not allowing it to rot)

And keep it in indirect sunlight every now & then for 2-3 hours.


I hope this guide has helped you choose the perfect plant for your bedroom.

These were the 12 best bedroom plants for an Indian bedroom in my opinion.

If you would like to add in your thoughts and your favorite plants, do comment down.


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