Begum Bahar Flower Plant – How to Care for It? (Best Tips)

Begum Bahar flower is a flowering plant that produces gorgeous purple colored flowers. 

It is known by many names like Princess flower & Purple Glory and is a native of Brazil but adapts well in the Indian conditions. 

If you are having trouble caring for this plant you have come to the right place.

How to Take Care of Begum Bahar Plant?

Begum Bahar plant care requires a moderate amount of watering, rich nutritious soil that has good drainage capacity, and full sunlight for 5-6 hours, but should be protected from harsh sunlight. 

Begum Bahar Flower

Begum Bahar Flower Season In India

The Begum Bahar flowering season starts from March – May. 

It also flowers in the light winter season (Oct – Dec) but not that much as compared to the spring season.  

During this season provide it with a good amount of fertilizer for more profuse flowering.

Begum Bahar Plant Care – Tips to keep it Healthy

Begum Bahar Plant Care

Allow It to Adapt  

The first and the foremost thing you need to do when you buy a begum bahar flower plant from a nursery is to allow it to get used to the new conditions.  

Keep it in the same pot under shade for 2 days and get used to the new environment. 

After that you can repot it into a 6-8 inch container (with drainage holes) depending on the size of the plant and its root ball. 

And then gradually expose it to sunlight. 1 hour for the first time then increase the time gradually.

This will help the plant adapt to the conditions much better. 

What most of the people do wrong is, they buy the plant and the very same day re-pot it into a new container & put it in direct sunlight. 

This will almost certainly kill your plant, so please slow down and allow it to adapt.

Watering Needs  

The most important part in caring for the Begum Bahar plant is knowing how to water it properly. 

Begum Bahar requires deep but periodic watering.

So, allow the soil to dry out for a good portion and then water it so much that it comes out of the drainage holes. 

You will need to increase the frequency of watering in the hot season when water tends to evaporate quickly and simultaneously decrease it in the winters.

Make sure you are not keeping the soil wet rather it needs to be moist for most of the time.

You can also add a layer of mulch during the summer season which will help in retaining the moisture of the soil. 

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Sunlight Requirement  (Begum Bahar Flower Care)

Begum Bahar plant needs a good amount of sunlight that is at least 5-6 hours(direct sunlight).  

It will do mostly fine under it, but during summer season you should keep it in such a place that it is under shade during the afternoon. 

As the intense sunlight can burn the plant beyond recovery. 

If your begum bahar plant is not flowering, try moving it into a spot that gets a good amount of sunlight because it won’t flower if it is devoid of sunlight.

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Potting Soil  

Begum Bahar requires a well draining rich nutritious soil that can hold moisture for a good amount of time and is loose enough for the plant to expand its roots freely.

The idea is to never let it get waterlogged as it will cause rotting which has some role of watering as well. 

But the soil needs to flush out any amount of excess water quickly and only maintain the moisture that this plant loves. 

If you make your own potting soil at home, then use the following composition: 

  • Garden Soil – 30%
  • Coco Peat – 25%
  • Vermicompost – 30%
  • Sand – 15%

Otherwise, I would recommend this potting soil for Begum Bahar Plant.


Begum Bahar flower plant doesn’t require a lot of fertilizer but you should feed it with fertilizer before its flowering season. 

So, the best time to feed it is February and October. 

For this you can well rotted cow dung, vermicompost or homemade fertilizer from kitchen waste. 

Provide it in a gap of 20 days, and water it immediately so that it can release nutrients and also not burn the plant. 

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Pinching the tips of stem after the flowering season has past will encourage more growth and make the plant bushier. 

Remove any dead branches as they take away nutrition for no use. 

Final Words 

Begum Bahar is an amazing plant that you can grow indoors in pots. 

I hope this guide will help you keep it healthy and thriving. 

If you have any other query, do make sure to comment below.

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      1. Hi
        My favorite colour flower plant begum bahar under stress, all leaves dried up after repotting, kindly advise how to save this plant, shows green stem after scratches, i took out all old dried buds n leaves, kept under semi shade, thanks in advance

      2. When a plant is repotted, it takes time for root to get settled in the new environment, so your plant is not taking water as it used in the previous environment, that’s why it is drying up.

        Also it can go under transplant shock, if you somehow used a different potting soil this will also take time for the plant to adapt to.

        Keep it in the same spot where it was earlier to give it the same environment.

        Apart from that give it time to get settled in the new environment and its root to form properly.

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