Indoor plants create a peaceful aura inside our house.

Just having them in our sight fills us with so much of positive energy.

Not only do these indoor plants add to the beautification of our house but also improves our health in many ways.

So, having them is always a win- win situation, but most of the people have a tight schedule and cannot dedicate a lot of time to take care of them.

If you are one of those:

Don’t worry there are lots of low maintenance indoor plants in India that you can surely bring to your house.

But, before we move on to our list there is one important thing, I want to share with you is, that however low light favoring plant there is, every plant requires a little bit of sunlight as it is essential for them to make food.

There is no indoor plant that can manage to live with complete sunlight deficiency, I know there are lot of people who are sharing things like this but I can assure you they don’t have any idea about plants and how they function.

Now let’s get right into the action.

15 Easy to Grow Indoor Plants in India – Low Maintenance Indoor Plants

Snake Plant:

I know I am getting a bit overwhelmed here but “Snake plant” is one heck of an indoor plant that I want every Indian to have in their house.

Snake Plant - Low maintenance indoor plant

But why do I love it so much?


  • It is one of the easiest indoor plants to grow.
  • Purifies the air for you. Considered the top purifier by NASA.
  • Even if you forget to water it for days, it won’t be angry at you.
  • Has an aesthetic appeal to it.
  • Thrives well under low light conditions.

Grow and Care For Beautiful Chandni Plant

Spider plant

This one is very attractive; the first time I saw it in our house, I was so drawn towards their shape.

I prefer them for hanging basket just close to a place which gets good sunlight or just like our house right at the main entrance so whenever anyone enters.

They just can’t stop staring.

Spider Plant - Easy to grow indoor plants in India

Their leaves get so big after a time that they tend to grow downwards which is so amazing.

If you don’t prefer hanging basket then windowsill will also be a great spot for them.

They are a low maintenance indoor plants which requires a bit of spraying now and then.

Peace Lily

When it comes to beautiful and easy to grow indoor plants. Peace lily has to be the top contender without a doubt.

They survive well in low light conditions but if you have a spot in your house that receives indirect light, they will flourish like anything.

Peace lily - Most aesthetic indoor flowering plant
Our army of Peace Lilly

The white flowers that it produces will surely become the eye catcher for anyone present in the same room as them.

The only thing you need to make sure is you keep its soil moist and they will keep adding to the beauty.

ZZ Plant – Low Maintenance Indoor Plant

It is one of those plant, which you grow and forget about them and will still find them in good shape.

Such low maintenance indoor plant ZZ is.

ZZ easy to grow indoor plant

If you are looking for a low light indoor plant then ZZ is your best bet.

From its name to its look this plant has everything to attract eyeballs towards it.

Aloe Vera – One Of the Easiest To Grow Indoor Plants In India

Well India is a country that gave Ayurveda to the world and Aloe Vera is one big part of it.

It is popularly known as Ghrita Kumari in Sanskrit & if I start to talk about its benefits, there will be no stopping.

Aloe Vera succulent in potting soil

Instead what you should know is that:

Aloe Vera Is a succulent, which means it doesn’t have stem and loves dry conditions so watering them is not a headache.

All you have to make sure is that:

It gets bright sunlight and they will survive just like that.

I remember there was a time when one of the Aloe Vera plants grew so big that it fell on its own weight.

So, you can be rest assured that they are very easy to grow indoor plants and doesn’t require that much of maintenance.

How to Take Care of Succulents In India

Money Plant

Money plant is no doubt the most popular houseplants in India because they are very easy to grow as well as are thought to bring prosperity to the house they are grown in.

I don’t know if that is true or not but they do purify air to a lot of extent and are very simple to care for.

Money plant growing in soil

And the best part about having money plant is that you can grow them in both water and soil.

All you need to make your plant money plant thrive is bright indirect sunlight.

How to Make Money Plant Bushy

Periwinkle [Sadabahar]

With its beautiful pin wheel shaped flower and almost no maintenance this indoor plant has already made its place in the Indian homes.

Sadabahar flower

It is one of those plant which flowers throughout the year which is the literal meaning of its name Sadabahar (evergreen).

This easy to grow indoor plant will be a great addition to your home.

Learn to Grow Sadabahar And Care For It At Home

Areca Palm

Areca Palm is one of the low maintenance indoor plants that are going to stay with you for a long time as they have a life span of around 10 years.

Best for people who keep looking for an aesthetic interior designs.

Areca Palm - Easy to grow indoor plant in india

They add a strong appealing contrast if placed in front of light-colored walls due to their dark green colored leaves.

What you need to take care is avoid placing it under direct sunlight and water it enough so that its soil is moist enough, overwatering will create problem for this beauty.

Kalanchoe Pinnata or Patharchatta

One of the in demand houseplant these days is Patharchatta due to its amazing health benefits.

The best part about this plant is, this is one of the easiest if not the easiest plant to be grown indoors.

Patharchatta flower

And to top that, its flower is the most unique one you will find, that looks more like hanging grapes.

They survive well under low light conditions as well.

Dracaena Reflexa (Song of India)

This one is a very weirdly looking yet very attractive indoor plant to have which is very easy to grow and be taken care.

To me it looks like someone with a very funky hairdo.


Don’t you think so? Do let me know your thought in the comment section.

It doesn’t require that much of water a little spray on the leaves and soil will do the work.

Place them in a place that receives indirect sunlight.

Weeping Fig

If you are hearing its name for the first time let me tell you an interesting fact about them.

They do full justice to their name.

Weeping Fig

These plants require a good amount of light if grown indoors and failed to do they will start to shed their leaves.

So, if you are not taking care of them properly, they will surely let you know.

But apart from that these absolute beauties won’t ask for much maintenance.

Dieffenbachia or Dumbcane

Contrary to its pronunciation this plant is quite easy to grow and can handle low light conditions pretty well.

It loves to be watered thoroughly on the base (not over the leaves) and get dry between the next one.


If you see its leaves drooling which means you are not providing it enough water.

You can keep this plant under shade as indirect light will be enough for it.


Want to add colors to your house?

Then I can’t recommend a better easy to grow indoor plant than Croton.

Croton Indoor Plant

They have a very interesting color which will surely please anyone’s eyes.

It is one of the easiest houseplants to grow which can last without watering for a several days and loves sunlight.

Jade plant

Definitely the cutest out there.

Jade plant is thought to be a lucky plant which is a succulent just like Aloe Vera.

This little beauty loves sun and only needs to be watered only when the soil is dry.

Jade Plant

Make sure the potting soil for its fast draining as it doesn’t like to stand in moist soil.

Apart from that they are quite low maintenance indoor plant and picture worthy.


Marigold is one hell of a beauty, and will surely make a good indoor plant.

In India, this flowering plant has a different status. As it is widely used in Garlands.


For keeping Marigold as indoor plant you will have to find a place that receives direct sunlight as this plant loves to bath under sun.

And keep watering it time to time and this plant will keep showering you with beautiful flowers.


These were the easiest indoor plant you can grow in Indian climate, if you want me to find more of them & add to this list.

Do let me know in the comment section.

Also tell me your favorite pick from the lot.


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