Looking for the best indoor plants in India? You have come to the right place.

Adding indoor plants to your house is always going to bring a lot of joy and positivity.

They work as a stress buster and simultaneously keep you busy in a healthy way. 

Today, I am going to share with you the best Indoor Plant in India that also does not demand a lot of care.

So, you can enjoy them without getting too worried about their health status.

Indoor plants in India
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17 Best Indoor Indian Plants – Best Indoor Plants in India

Monstera Deliciosa (Best Indoor Plants in India)  

Best indoor plants in India
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This tropical plant is an absolute treat to the eyes, with its huge leaves that are uniquely ripped from between giving it an out of the world look. 

Monstera Deliciosa is a perfect indoor plant as it can survive in partial sunlight, and can be placed near a window. 

Keep the soil moist most of the time and it will thrive. 

Speciality – Looks very attractive.

Ponytail Palm – Indoor Indian Plant

Ponytail palm
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Ponytail palm is yet another gem of indoor plants you can have in india. 

With a huge trunk and multiple leaves similar to that of a hair strand which is the reason behind its name. 

It needs to be flooded with water only when the top layer of the soil is completely dry.

Speciality – Indeed looks like a ponytail and can store a lot of water in its caudex.

Areca Palm  

Areca Palm - Easy to grow indoor plant in india
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Areca palm kept in a room instantly adds a tropical vibe to it.

This plant grows quite big in size when compared to other indoor plants I have mentioned in this list. 

Areca palm does require moist soil, so you will have to be careful to not let the soil dry out completely because that will surely make it tough for the plant to survive.

Speciality – Changes the interior game to a great extent.

Peace Lily (Best flowering Indian Indoor Plant)

indoor plants in india
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If you are looking for a flowering indoor plant that can survive in low sunlight conditions then there is no match for a peace lily.

It produces beautiful white flowers and requires very little maintenance. 

Although its leaves are a bit poisonous so you need to keep the children or pets away from it. 

Speciality – Get to enjoy the gorgeous flowers it.

Zebra Haworthia (Indoor Plant in India)

Zebra haworthia - succulent plant india
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Zebra Haworthia is a classy succulent that looks somewhat like aloe vera but has white stripes like zebra. 

So now you know how they got their name. 

Zebra Haworthia is a small indoor plant which you can keep on the window sill or over a table near the window and water when the upper layer gets dry. 

Speciality – Don’t take up a lot of space, requires minimal watering.

Christmas Cactus 

christmas cactus best indoor plant india
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Christmas cactus is a flowering succulent that usually flowers near Christmas time, that is why they are popularly known as such. 

They produce beautiful red-coloured flowers from the tip of their stem. 

Requires very less water and indirect sunlight.

Speciality – Although succulent but does well in low light conditions.

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Dracaena (Dragon Tree)  

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Dracaena is a famous ornamental indoor plant which looks very funky and adds a positive vibe to its surroundings, with its sword-like leaves growing in clusters. 

It grows quite big in height so it’s perfect for rooms with higher ceilings. 

You will definitely love to have it inside your home.

Speciality- Very off the beat look.

Monstera adansonii

Indoor plant in India
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Monstera Adansonii is a unique indoor plant to have, with huge holes in its leaves.

It looks weirdly attractive.

Adansonii prefers bright indirect sunlight and has less watering needs as it only needs to be watered when the top layer gets dry.

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ZZ plant   

Zz indoor plant
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If you are someone who can’t look after the plants but still wants a little touch of nature in your house then the Zz plant is the best fit for you. 

You just simply buy them and forget.

This is how easy it is to maintain them, just keep them under indirect light and water them whenever you feel like it. 

Speciality – Requires almost no maintenance.

Snake Plant – Best Indoor Plants in India

Snake Plant indoor plant
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Snake plants are one of the most grown indoor plants and I like to call them the king of indoor plants. 

Because of its little maintenance, low sunlight requirement and aesthetic looks. 

Its blade-like leaves growing in clusters add a beautiful touch to the environment neighbouring it. 

Speciality – Handles low light conditions very well. Looks aesthetic.

Spider Plant  – Best Indian Indoor Plant

Spider Plant
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Spider plants are one the easiest indoor plants to grow and care for.

They are perfect for hanging pots & can be placed in indirect sunlight. 

Spider plants go on to produce small babies which can be cut and replanted. 

Speciality – Produces small babies that look very amazing.

Aloe Vera – Useful Indoor Plants in India

Aloe vera healthiest indoor plants in india
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Aloe vera needs no introduction, with immense use this indoor plant has been the most popular plant out there. 

Although easy to care for but their watering schedule needs to be monitored perfectly or else you can get them to rot very easily. 

Light sunlight and watering only when the top layer dries are the key to keeping this plant healthy.

Speciality- Has many health benefits. Can be eaten raw and applied over the face.

Jade plant – Cutest Indoor Plants in India

Cutest Indoor plants in India
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Jade plants are cute little succulents that look like a miniature version of some big tree. 

They can be kept in a 4-5 inch pot and you can place them at any location which receives partial sunlight and water them sparingly.  They are one of the best types of succulents in India.

If kept in very harsh sunlight conditions their leaves will start to turn reddish which is usually the sign to move them to a little bit shady area.

Speciality – Looks very juicy & requires very low space. Keep on adding its offspring.

Croton – Indoor Plant in India

Croton Plant
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Crotons are definitely a good choice for indoor plants in India.

They prefer low light conditions and frequent misting. It doesn’t require a lot of care.

The best thing about croton is the colour of its leaves. 

Speciality – Leaves change colour according to the intensity of sunlight.

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Pothos (Money Plant) 

Money plant - popular indoor plant in india
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Money plants are widely grown indoor plants in India because of their easy to grow nature and low maintenance. 

You can easily guide them along a trail or just grow them in hanging pots. 

Money plants like to stay in bright but indirect sunlight and frequent misting keeps them happy.

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Speciality – The money plant can be grown easily from cuttings in both soil and water.

Prayer Plant 

A prayer plant is an insanely unique indoor plant you can add to your home. 

Not because of its pigmented leaves but because of the fact its leaves keep on adjusting according to sunlight intensity which is astonishing to look at. 

It is called a prayer plant because the folding leaves look similar to that of hands while praying. 

Rubber Plant

Rubber plants are an excellent choice for indoor plants in India.

They do good in bright indirect sunlight and can be placed near windows. 

Also, they help in cleaning the air to a great extent. 

Over to you 

I hope this article was able to help you find out the best indoor plant choice you have in India. 

If you have any other queries do make sure to comment down below and I will get back to you as soon as possible. 

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